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Spinal Tap: The Unpublished Nigel Tufnel Interview!

Spinal Tap: The Unpublished Nigel Tufnel Interview!

GW The new song “Warmer Than Hell” actually has a nice riff. What is the inspiration for that song?
TUFNEL Again, you’re asking me to explain the creative process. Basically when people get together and write a song you start developing a riff or whatever, and you say, “Oh yeah, that fits in there.” It’s a nice repetitive thing. [sings riff] That just happened messing about. The rest of it, screeching and squalling, comes from messing about.

GW It’s a great new song for the repertoire.
TUFNEL I think we’re going to do it on television in a few weeks.

GW On what show?
TUFNEL Conan. The Conan man. I think we’re going to do that song. I don’t know how long it runs. On television they say it’s got to be two minutes and 19 seconds, or whatever it is, so we’ve got to see if we can make that song work. But that’s what we’re leaning toward, at the moment.

GW “Warmer Than Hell” seems to be about global warming. What are your personal thoughts about global warming?
TUFNEL Well, where are you now?

GW I’m in New Jersey.
TUFNEL Interesting. Your choice?

GW Not exactly.
TUFNEL Yeah. That’s nice. Open the window, if you’re lucky enough to have a window, and you tell me.

GW It’s actually rather cool today, about 61 degrees, and it’s already June.
TUFNEL Well, that’s what I’m saying. It’s quite nice out. I think some of it is people being frightened. People get excited and when they get excited they get overheated. They go, “Oh fuck! There’s something going on with the climate.” Now, I think that something is going on with the climate, for sure. I don’t know what it is but something is going on. I don’t know what to call it yet. I’m doing some research of my own on it.


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