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Springfield Rock City: Top 10 Rock Star Cameos on "The Simpsons"

Springfield Rock City: Top 10 Rock Star Cameos on

Outside of Saturday Night Live, no other current TV show can boast as many impressive musical guests as The Simpsons.

And The Simpsons has the edge because its many musical appearances are actually meant to be funny.

Scores of rock icons—including three Beatles, two Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica—have appeared on the show as eight-fingered, yellow-tinted versions of themselves, and often in bizarre situations: the Ramones performing for Mr. Burns' birthday party (Who the hell booked that gig?) ... former Beatle George Harrison pointing Homer toward a platter full of brownies ... Ted Nugent running for president ... Aerosmith agreeing to perform at Moe's Tavern when free pickled eggs are offered. Even the Moody Blues have been on the show!

And so, in honor of the show's 25 seasons and 500-plus episodes, here are 10 of our favorite rock-star cameo appearances on The Simpsons.

We apologize for the poor quality of some of the videos below; we think they're good enough to get the point across.

10. The Ramones
"Rosebud," Episode 85

New York City's original punk rockers perform at a special event in honor of Mr. Burns' umpteenth birthday. They start the set by screaming "I'd just like to say this gig sucks!" and end it with a warm and tender "Happy birthday, ya old bastard!"


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