Staged Fight: Slash's Eternal Guitar Solo "Upsets" Michael Jackson — Video



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Although I wasn't much of a GnR Fan I've always liked "SLASH" and thought of him as the only real talent in the band. Nobody else stood out in my books anyway. ROCK ON SLASH!!!


I'm sure that had Slash found out about Jackson's pedophiliac tendencies, I'm sure he would have never played with him in the first place.

I had no idea that just because someone calls themselves the "King" of pop, that their being a pedophile gets a huge pass.

If it were up to me, Jackson's videos and music would never see the light of day again, always reminding people of his sick and twisted life.

Fuck Michael Jackson and the pain and suffering he imposed on kids who just wanted to see their "hero", the disgusting piece of dog excrement.



The truth sucks! But after Appetite GNR sucked big time. I will say they pulled off a helluva one LP wonder! Use Your Credit Card One and Two? Spaghetti Incident? GnR lies? They were great in the studio with lots of help from either Roy Thomas Baker or Mike Clink. Should have called it take me down to overdub cut and paste city? Check your facts people before you get your panties in a twist. Randy Rhoads could out play Slash with 2 broken hands!And Randy's daddy wasn't a Music Industry Executive Slash's daddy was. Facts are simple they sucked lots of times live when they weren't 1-2 hours late to begin with. Izzy was a joke and Slash was the punch line.



Are we really hyping viral videos of the deceased now? You should be ashamed of yourselves, GW. I might have to seriously think about renewing my subscription. That was obviously part of the act. Especially when Slash can't keep a straight face. Please find something credible to write about.



Well, Plankie... let's see you bounce up there and do better. Slash was one of the bright spots in GnR. You don't really think that band could have rested on the laurels of Mr. Nasal himself, Axl Rose, do you?

Moreover, does anybody really think anything at a Jackson concert was unscripted?

Forget about it. If Jackson's security wanted him gone, he'd have been gone.



Hey PlankSpank,

Jealous much?

Slash is a true blues rock guitarist. I remember people saying the same crap about Jimmy Page when I was growing up.

If he sucks that bad, you must be the frigging sh*t. Why don't you post some of your guitar work and see what we have to say about it?




That solo sucked harder than Monica Blewinsky!!! Lmao



Slash was one of the worst players in the eighties. I've seen some footage of him where you just have to laugh. His daddy was a executive at Geffen records so he really wasn't going to fail. The producer for that record spent hundreds of hours cutting and pasting overdubs and other flubs!



Slash was hardly one of the worst players of any decade. If he was that bad he wouldn't be given as much credit as he's gotten over the years. GN'R was one of the most iconic bands of the 80s. You might not like them but they were better than you'll ever be...



Iconic? For being late? for sucking live? Iron Maiden smokes Gnr as does Priest Van Halen and fill in the blank! Lmao

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