Steve Morse Remembers Deep Purple Keyboardist Jon Lord



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Man, I loved Lon Lord, tghere was no equal to him. His keyboard was loud, vibrant, and just plain alive. I saw him twice in Berlin in 1969. He and Blackmore were the best froont men ever. Jon will be missed, I'm glad I got to see him up close at the Park in Berlin.

Doctor Splash



I really enjoyed hearing what Steve had to say about John. When we are listening to their music, we can often times forget that the musicians we admire are just regular people too. It was nice to hear about a different side of John that we as fans don't often hear about. This also goes to show what a class act Steve Morse is. Thanks for the insight and wisdom, Steve, and thanks for the music too.



It must be so difficult for someone like Steve Morse to sum up such a close friend in a couple of paragraphs, but he did a fine job. Jon will be sorely missed by music fans the world over. His B3 through a Marshall sound gave Purple their balls (bollocks?) and will be ringing from my Ipod or home stereo for the rest of my days. My thoughts and those of countless others are with Jon's family and friends at this difficult time. I scrolled through the endless messages on Jon's site last night and burst into tears at the sheer volume of remembrances. Some were deeply touching. He was dearly loved by so many. Cheers to an abnormally-talented, classic English gentleman. Thank you for the music, Mr. Lord. Bravisimo!

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