Stevie Ray Vaughan Wakes Up and Warms Up: Incredible 1986 Soundcheck — Video



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Savage Guitar Design

Damian Fanelli…..Hi! I’m the guy who shot the SRV footage…..This video was shot at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh in January 1986. I can get into the details later if you wish, but I must say that it was an enlightening afternoon with Stevie Ray.

SRV’s “beat to death” tour bus arrived only about 10 minutes or so before this sound check….The heater on the bus had died sometime en route to Pittsburgh and SRV was nearly “frozen” as he prepped for the sound check…..This check was for the stage monitors only. The crew had not even set up the main house sound system and it was already late in the afternoon.

Other quick notes……SRV was in his “street” clothes……Without getting into details, I’ll just say he was very much impaired……AND…….I was up close and personal with #1…..I cannot believe that guitar was even playable!

If I get the chance, I’ll write up a more detailed recollection for you.

Greg Savage


He was incredible man,even just after waking up.sorely missed.......R.I.P. SRV



Man I hate to say it but SRV was killer on or off the Devils dandruff! He is sorely missed.See you soon Lord of the Strings!






Oh my God.

1.) He's dressed for the stage, even though he just got up. Consummate performer.

2.) After the first flurry of notes on Scuttle Buttin', you realize that SRV didn't need to warm up.

3.) Man, I miss this guy.

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