Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Lost Acoustic Blues" from 1987 — Video



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This is actually from 1983, and yes it is actually Stevie.

This is the original video posted on youtube.



Whoever it is did a damn fine job. When SRV was doing lots of the devils dandruff he stared at the floor quite a bit. So it could be him from back in the day.But without proof I cant say one way or the other.I've seen cats play like that before so there are people capable of mimicking anyone



Nah. With that video effect trying to make the video look old, the lens flare, and absolutely no facial shot, none, I am saying fake.

Watch the first video, then the second. You'll see. Somewhere after about 50 seconds in and for the next minute, it the imitation falls apart for a bit.

And the dude is wearing only one ring?? SRV has rings on all twelve fingers in the second video... LOL

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