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Stomping Ground: 30 of the Coolest New Stomp Boxes and Tried-and-True Favorites

Stomping Ground: 30 of the Coolest New Stomp Boxes and Tried-and-True Favorites

Guitar World presents a selection of the coolest new stomp boxes — and a few tried-and-true standbys no guitarist should be without.

Tech 21 Boost Overdrive

Celebrating the classic rock sounds of vintage overdrive pedals from the Seventies, the Boost Overdrive pumps up the midrange and adds sustain.

The sparkle control brings out upper harmonics for an open, snappy sound.

The Boost Overdrive is one in a series of four all-analog effects that includes the Boost Fuzz, Boost Distortion and Bass Boost Fuzz. Each features a Boost function, delivering up to 21dB of clean boost. All the pedals are made in the US.

LIST PRICE: $195 |


Eventide H9 Harmonizer

The H9 Harmonizer includes Eventide’s renowned studio-quality sound and the most popular effects from Eventide’s line of stomp boxes, including the new Ultra-Tap Delay effect. The H9 packs all the Eventide delay, modulation, pitch and reverb effects you need in a small footprint, along with a fast and accurate tuner. It even includes a remote-control app that lets you wirelessly audition and purchase new effects, edit, manage presets and set-up the H9 from an iPhone or iPad.


H9 top-plan-render_0.jpg

Strymon Mobius Multidimensional Modulation

The mad scientists at Strymon spent countless late nights in their labs forging a collection of the most organic, luscious and versatile modulation effects. The result is the Mobius Multidimensional Modulation, a pedal that captures the warmth and detail of iconic mod effects from the past five decades and pushes their boundaries for new sonic possibilities never heard before. Its sounds range from lush vintage chorus and classic pulsating tremolos to syrupy psychedelic phasers and bit-crushed warbles.


Mobius - Angle - Hi Res.jpg


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