Interview: Stryper's Michael Sweet



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Back in the 80's, I was in Spitzer's Music in San Francisco. There was a copy of BAM (Bay Area Music) sitting on the counter. The cover had a picture of a blond girl, with very teased up hair (in the hair band style), lipstick and other kinds of cosmetics that I don't know the name of, and wearing an outfit that made me immediately think, "must be some kind of hooker wannabe".

Then I noticed a few chest hairs. Huh????????

It was Michael Sweet, and the cover story was about Stryper. Then I was astounded to learn it was a Jesus metal band.

Since that day, whenever I hear Stryper mentioned, that picture comes to mind . . .



hmmm... too bad Michael Sweet isn't blond and never has been! It might have been his brother, Robert Sweet on the magazine. He has blond hair

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