Study: Heavy Metal Fans More at Risk for Mental Illness?



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But how many of the same people used in the study came from broken homes, were awkward and ostracized or molested as children? (god forbid) Metal music is the effect, not the cause of depression and mental illness. Metal is cathartic to the vast majority of Metal fans, I would assume. It's country music that makes me wanna go homicidal!



I feel like thats really sterotypical to say, thats like me saying everyone who listens to rap is susceptible to being in a gang. I don't see how music can make you depressed, and if it does then why continue listening to it?


I don't believe this to be so. Nobody listens to Heavy Metal to be vulnerable. You listen to metal because it (should) make you feel indestructible and on top of the world. Or at least a sense of belonging.

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