Swart Super Space Tone 30 head and 2x12 cabinet



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Good amp! quality sound and nice look. It really brings harmonic richness and warmth. I found its characteristics while searching for essay writing service a few days ago. Thanks for the video!



Thanks for the video. It's super expensive though but I'm struggling to see if it's worth the money. I'm designing some car games on a limited budget but I may have to invest into something like this for the future.



Nice device. I'm using the same too and can advertise it to everybody. Especially I like full listing of all the features and characteristics, despite I saw them in some essay papers before. Thanks for the overview.



I have an SST30 and the review should really include a demo with EL34's...not to mention with a clean boost to show off how much these amps love a hot input.
I agree about comment regarding a demo with single coils.Throw a strat in the mix!
The other thing I appreciate is the low noise level relative to other amps.



Would be nice to hear this amp with a single coil guitar AND a double coil. Cut out all the talking in the begining (I know what a volume knob does) and you'd have time to demo more than one type of guitar through it. My guess is this amp would shine more with a Fender strat single coil.



This amp sounds really good.. Expensive, but definitely legit. It's a long ass demo so it must be good too. The reverb reminds me of early Led Zep days.

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