Sweeping Arpeggio Workout: Navigating Chord Changes



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What a valuable lesson. Not only do you get properly executed arpeggios, you get a really cool string skipping diminished arpeggio. These are hard to find on your own and showing proper execution is the icing on the cake. Dull and boring?...Try this lesson every day for two weeks. I'm absolutely sure you will find the value in it....



Someone's always gotta rag on stuff. Frank Gambale actually has similar routines in his "Chop Builder" tutorial, but I wouldn't dare call his arpeggio/economy playing dull or uninspiring.



Wow a very unique lesson that forces you to....yes kids, use some knowledge and someone has to dump on it. Tell ya what, here is your call out, make a better lesson that goes through the chords as such and transferable to every key "and" the more you practice it the faster you are at recall and response on the board.



Probably the worst lesson I saw on arpeggios in years. Dull and uninspiring. Figures he is involved with Guitar Center.


Great lesson!

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