The Sword Prepare to Release New Album



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Now The Sword return to the studio in their hometown of Austin, TX, where they are crafting their highly anticipated follow-up to what Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich declared “one of the best albums of the decade” to Rolling Stone magazine.
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Congratulations to The Sword for their new album. In the field of music industry, only some achieve fame. Every year, there are new singers being discover, like for instance through the reality talent show American Idol. But still, The Sword didn't fade, many people do love and idolize them, And speaking of American Idol, I don't think anything official is in place, but it appears Simon Cowell is likely to be replaced by the King of All Media. Howard Stern on American Idol – this is going to be a riot. I'd get payday loans to go see it in person – Baba Booey! Stern DID say that much on his show – but who knows? You never know in these sorts of things. When I see the press conference, I'll start believing it. That said, if Stern DOES replace Simon...this will get interesting. There will be bababooey.



"The Sword prepare to release new album", but the album will be release "later this year". That makes alot of sense. I thought "Age" and "Gods" were really good albums. They remind me of Black Sabbbath meets Motorhead meets Sleep. Well, can't wait to here it.

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