Synth City: 10 Classic Guitar Synth Songs



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Stephen Quinn

Synths work well on Maiden's 'Somewhere in Time' album, and add a new dimension to the bands sound. Although not to everyone's liking, many songs can benefit form having synth if used carefully and effectively.



Here's a real funny story. An interviewer with a guitar mag asked the guitarist for Ministry about guitar synths. He said "Oh those things are for pussies, but of course we use them all the time" Lmao. Too each their own. I personally could live without them, they are fun to play with and if it inspires you to play. I say what the heck.



Listen to this song. All the guitars, trumpets and synths recorded on my Roland GR-55.



My own opinion but to be honest guitar synth just doesn't work for most of these songs. Hate the sound of it. But, of the songs listed here, the two songs it really works on is the Police and Iron Maiden.



To me, the best part of "Racing in A" isn't the synth stuff, it's Steve Hackett's incredible nylon-string work at the end (starting at about 3:52)

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