Take the Time: Practice Tips from John Petrucci of Dream Theater



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I remember when I was 15 my parents dropped the then price of 280 dollars for "rock discipline", the book and dvd Petrucci put together, and I would tinker around with some of the things in it, but I was so obsessed with speed my articulation was horrible, and it sounded terrible. I never had the focus to practice for long. A few years ago (I'm 24 now) I had a bad accident and shattered my wrist and never had it operated on, in addition to having spent 4 years in the army, so now I have a fused right wrist, and I only just recently a month ago decided I was going to pick back up the guitar. I remembered a lot of the exercises in that book, and started using them, and now I spend 2 hours a night after work just practicing, and up to 8 hours a day on my weekends. If this ever makes it to your desk, I just wanted to say thank you, John. Reading this article recently was one of the things that made me pick back up my guitar and force myself to practice, and to remember how good it feels to play again.


Now this is a helpful educational article I can share with my students and use myself! Thank you, GW! More content like this!



wow! some of this i would have never thought of, especially the part about making an organized practice agenda! Petrucci is the best!

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