Bonnie Raitt en Bonnie Raitt Lays Down an Acoustic Blues — Video Finds <!--paging_filter--><p>I admit it. I just love Bonnie Raitt. </p> <p>Is there a more bad-ass female musician out there? I would argue she’s the queen of blues guitar.</p> <p>Raitt, now 65-years-old, is still as hot (and cool) as ever. She released her first album, <em>Bonnie Raitt</em> in 1971 and has been dishing it out ever since.</p> <p>She’s been nominated for and has one countless GRAMMY awards, including the GRAMMY for Best American Album in 2013 for her latest, <em>Slipstream</em>.</p> <p>There are so many killer performances by this soulful performer, but this one I particularly like. </p> <p>While she can typically be found sporting a Strat, here she performs “Love Me Like a Man” on acoustic guitar with lots of bluesy riffs and a killer solo thrown in for good measure. </p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>She’ll be touring this spring. Find out more at <a href=""></a></p> Acoustic Nation Bonnie Raitt Blogs Videos Tue, 20 Jan 2015 12:49:03 +0000 Laura B. Whitmore 23322 at Foy Vance Releases Music Video For "Closed Hand, Full of Friends" <!--paging_filter--><p>Following the release of his acclaimed new album <em>Joy Of Nothing</em>, Foy Vance's song "Closed Hand, Full Of Friends" now has a music video, directed by Gregg Houston of Babysweet Productions. The accompanying video was recently shot on the River Tay in Perthshire, accidentally causing a mystery case for the local Police that was picked up by BBC Scotland. </p> <p>Recorded in Donegal, Ireland and produced by Irish producer/musician/engineer Michael Keeney, <em>Joy Of Nothing</em> includes 10 original songs written and performed by Foy Vance and includes very special guest appearances by Ed Sheeran (on "Guiding Light") and Bonnie Raitt (on "You And I"). </p> <p>Originally from Bangor, Northern Ireland, Foy has spent a considerable amount of time on the road, touring with Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Foster, Snow Patrol (Foy also sang backing vocals on 'Fallen Empires' in 2011), Bonnie Raitt, and Ed Sheeran - who he supported on his UK &amp; US tours. Foy also scored Oscar-winning short-film 'The Shore' with David Holmes, who collaborated with Vance on his 2012 'Melrose EP'.</p> <p>Foy will be touring soon in support of the release of <em>Joy Of Nothing</em>. The tour, which is Vance's first proper headlining tour, will find him bringing his heartbreaking tunes to venues coast to coast, including shows at Hotel Café in Los Angeles, CA on October 28 and at Bowery Ballroom in New York on November 4. Vance's shows in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Toronto have already sold out weeks in advance.</p> <p>See the video for "Closed Hand, Full of Friends" here:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="465" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Joy Of Nothing Tracklisting:</p> <p>1. Closed Hand, Full of Friends<br /> 2. Joy Of Nothing<br /> 3. At Least My Heart Was Open<br /> 4. You and I (with Bonnie Raitt)<br /> 5. Feel For Me<br /> 6. Janey<br /> 7. Paper Prince<br /> 8. It Was Good<br /> 9. Regarding Your Lover<br /> 10. Guiding Light (feat. Ed Sheeran)</p> <p>Foy Vance Fall Tour<br /> 10/16/13 - Cafe 939 - Boston, MA<br /> 10/19/13 - Metro - Chicago, IL*<br /> 10/20/13 - Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI*<br /> 10/22/13 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN*<br /> 10/24/13 - The Basement - Nashville, TN (sold out)<br /> 10/26/13 - Holy Mountain - Austin, TX<br /> 10/28/13 - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA (sold out)<br /> 10/29/13 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA<br /> 10/31/13 - Bunk Bar - Portland, OR<br /> 11/1/13 - Columbia City Theater - Seattle, WA<br /> 11/2/13 - Electric Owl - Vancouver, Canada<br /> 11/4/13 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY<br /> 11/6/13 - The Drake Hotel - Toronto, ON (sold out)<br /> 11/8/13 - World Cafe - Philadelphia, PA<br /> 11/9/13 - Jammin Java - Vienna, VA</p> <p>*with Little Green Cars</p> <p>Find out more at <a href=""></a></p> acoustic guitar Acoustic Nation Bonnie Raitt Ed Sheeran folk music Foy Vance News songwriter Mon, 14 Oct 2013 18:06:22 +0000 Acoustic Nation 19464 at Guitar World's Top 15 Blues and Roots Rock Albums of 2012 <!--paging_filter--><p><a href="">Last year, this Top 15 list was dominated by new albums</a> by the head honchos of the Allman Brothers gang — Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks. </p> <p>This year, with no Allmans-related albums filling up the new-releases bin, the blues, blues-rock and roots-rock vacuum has been filled — rather handily — by top Texans ZZ Top and Gary Clark Jr. (pictured), habitual favorites Robert Cray and Bonnie Raitt and the powerful, exciting trad blues of the late Michael "Iron Man" Burks, who died of a heart attack earlier this year at age 54. </p> <p>And don't forget Jack White and his Third Man Records labelmates, Alabama Shakes, who prove the blues is still a vital force in the hands of true believers. </p> <p>This list also is testament to the fact that 2012 was a particularly strong year for traditional blues; if you're not familiar with some of the choices presented below, be sure to check them out when you can.</p> <p>And here's a shout out to Kentucky's Boscoe France, winner of Guitar Center's annual Battle of the Blues competition, the finals for which took place this summer in Los Angeles. <a href="">You can read more about him here.</a></p> <p>Anyway, here are <em>Guitar World</em>'s 15 favorite blues, blues-rock and roots-rock albums of 2012. </p> <p>See you in 2013!</p> <fieldset class="fieldgroup group-additional-content"><legend>Additional Content</legend><div class="field field-type-nodereference field-field-related-artist"> <div class="field-label"><p><strong>Related Artist:</strong>&nbsp;<p></div> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> <a href="/joe-bonamassa">Joe Bonamassa</a> </div> <div class="field-item even"> <a href="/zz-top">ZZ Top</a> </div> </div> </div> </fieldset> Bonnie Raitt Dr. John Gary Clark Jr. Joe Bonamassa Michael Robert Cray Walter Trout ZZ Top News Features Mon, 10 Dec 2012 20:04:56 +0000 Guitar World Staff, Intro by Damian Fanelli 17323 at Plugging In, Episode 4: The One Where I Kick Ass Live on Electric Guitar! <!--paging_filter--><p>I did it. I played electric guitar live with the band for the first time. And by golly, it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be. In fact, it was really fun! </p> <p>Honestly, even though I’ve played acoustic guitar for many years, most of the time when I perform live, my duties consist of singing only. No playing. Why? I dunno. It just happened that way. What I’m trying to say is, much of what follows can probably be applied to live acoustic performance, too. </p> <p>Anyway, on the road to live electrified performance, I did encounter a couple of conundrums. And they DID make me nervous. Here goes.</p> <p><strong>New behaviors</strong></p> <p>I just watched Bonnie Raitt play on <em>The Colbert Report</em>, and, much to my relief, she regularly looked down at her left hand to make sure she was in the right spot on the fretboard. You see, I’ve been working feverishly to get my chops to the point that I don’t have to look down as I sing and play simultaneously, moving my head away from the mic. Not so easy. </p> <p>This proved more troublesome than I expected! If Bonnie Raitt still has to look, this must just be a challenge for every human. Here are some tips I got from some of my now fellow live guitarist/singer buddies.</p> <p><strong>Practice blindfolded</strong></p> <p>When I asked my guitar teacher, Gino, about how to prepare for singing and playing live, he told me, “When you practice, don’t just close your eyes, actually blindfold yourself.” I was like, WHAT?! He knew I’d sneak a glance if I could. I admit, I didn’t use the blindfold, but I did close my eyes and play the song like a hundred times. </p> <p>It was that pesky C#m transition that was still kinda freaking me out. And the fact that I jump all the way to the 7th fret at the verse. So I just practiced those transitions over and over. Funny, too, that jumping to the C#m was actually easier to do by feel than by sight. Who knew!?</p> <p><strong>Pick a focal point and keep your eyes there</strong></p> <p>It’s true, you don’t perform with your eyes closed. So my next tip came from <em>Guitar World's</em> Paul Riario, who performs a ton. He said pick a focal point and just stare at that, and DON’T LOOK DOWN! I was like, that’s all well and good, but what happens when I’m on stage and there are a million things going on to distract me. Plus, I don’t wanna look like a wooden automaton! I guess if I did that then I need to hope that my teeny bit of peripheral vision helps. But I did try to keep looking forward when I practiced as much as possible.</p> <p><strong>Hold the guitar neck so it’s in front of you</strong></p> <p>My friend Brett gave me this advice, and at rehearsal it proved to KICK ASS. I swung the guitar a bit so that the neck was more in front of me and I could maybe even glance down without moving my head to at least see that I was on the right fret. Brett also advised sticking a piece of bright tape or something on that fret I needed to jump to so it was super-obvious. I liked this advice a whole lot.</p> <p>Unfortunately at the gig I had my mic up kinda high, because as a singer I find that helps me from going flat. Old trick. Look up a little and all will be well. But, duh, it’s not so easy to glance down at your guitar neck when your head is tilted up. Live and learn.</p> <p><strong>My education continues</strong></p> <p>We soundchecked the night before, as this gig was at an all-day festival, and most of our gear would be left on stage all day. But I took my Fender ’72 Pawn Shop guitar home with me. When I got to the gig, one of the other guitarists in the band said, “Give me your guitar, I’ll put it on stage and tune it for you.” Which, don’t get me wrong, was very nice. </p> <p>But when it was time to put my guitar on to play, I realized the clip-on tuner I like to use wasn’t clipped where I could view it, and I had to spend more time than I liked affixing it and tuning up. Luckily, John, who plays lead guitar, took over bantering duties for me while I was preparing. Next time I will tune up myself from the start, or at least check that everything is ready to roll the way I am used to it.</p> <p><strong>A string thing</strong></p> <p>I really wanted to change my strings before the gig, but was forewarned not to, as keeping new strings in tune can be tricky. Next time I will give myself adequate time to break in a new set of strings. ‘Cause I want to sound as amazing as possible!</p> <p><strong>Me, amplified</strong></p> <p>I love my 65amps London Pro guitar amp. I had it turned up to what I thought was loud during soundcheck. But you guys must know about volume creep. By the time we got to my electric guitar-playing debut, the band was louder than ever. I strummed a chord before we started and thought, “Nah, I need to be louder.” So I cranked it up another notch to 4. Yes, this IS one loud amp. It was a good thing I did, and it fit perfectly into the mix. </p> <p>In the end I was moderately successful at keeping my mouth toward the mic. I felt good, I had fun. I knew why people play guitar live. The thrill was there! And my next thought, of course, was WHEN CAN I DO THIS AGAIN?!</p> <p>In the next episode, I answer the age-old question: Why are tube amps so gosh darn heavy?!</p> <p>You can see me playing guitar live for the first time EVER with my band, Summer Music Project, in this video. BTW, I was so focused on playing well, that I actually messed up the lyrics of my OWN SONG! Lol. No kidding! I don’t think anyone noticed, though. Did you?</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><em>Laura B. Whitmore is a singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco bay area. A veteran music industry marketer, she has spent over two decades doing marketing, PR and artist relations for several guitar-related brands including Marshall and VOX. Her company, Mad Sun Marketing, represents 65amps, Dean Markley, Agile Partners, Guitar World and many more. Laura was instrumental in the launch of the Guitar World Lick of the Day app. She is the co-producer of the <a href="">Women's Music Summit</a> and the lead singer for the rock band, Summer Music Project. More at <a href=""></a></em></p> Bonnie Raitt Guitar Girl'd Guitar Girld Laura B. Whitmore Paul Riario Plugging In Summer Music Project Blogs Wed, 09 May 2012 17:33:18 +0000 Laura B. Whitmore 15666 at Bonnie Raitt's 80-Plus-Date Tour Extends with LA, Austin, Nashville <!--paging_filter--><p>Guitarist Bonnie Raitt has added 11 new dates to her 2012 Slipstream Tour, which now has swelled to more than 80 dates.</p> <p>Second nights also have been added in Chicago, Nashville and New York. Los Angeles, Austin and San Diego and other cities have been added to the fall leg of her tour.</p> <p>The first leg of Raitt's tour kicks off May 1. Get full tour dates <a href="">and ticketing info right here.</a></p> <p>Raitt's new album, <em>Slipstream</em>, will be released April 10 via Redwing Records.</p> <p><strong>Bonnie Raitt 2012 Tour: Fall Leg</strong></p> <p>August 18 – Kettering, OH – Fraze Pavilion+ (on sale now)<br /> August 22 – Milwaukee, WI – Marcus Center for the Performing Arts+ (on sale now)<br /> August 23 – St. Paul, MN – Minnesota State Fair+ (on sale 4/14)<br /> August 26 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre+ (on sale now)<br /> September 1 – Boise, ID – Idaho Botanical Garden+ (on sale 4/13)<br /> September 7 – Portland, OR – Edgefield Amphitheater+ (on sale 4/06)<br /> September 22 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre+ (on sale 4/14)<br /> September 25 – San Diego, CA – Humphreys Concerts^ (on sale 3/31)<br /> September 29 – Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theatre^ (on sale 4/13)<br /> October 3 – Austin, TX – ACL Live at The Moody Theatre (on sale 3/30)<br /> October 18 – Clearwater, FL – Jazz Holiday Festival^ (on sale now)<br /> October 20 – Live Oak, FL – Magnolia Music Festival^ (on sale 3/30)<br /> October 28 – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium^ (on sale 4/20)</p> <p>+with Mavis Staples<br /> ^opener TBA</p> Bonnie Raitt News Thu, 29 Mar 2012 13:42:54 +0000 Damian Fanelli 15165 at Bonnie Raitt Announces New Album, 'Slipstream,' and Her Own Label, Redwing Records <!--paging_filter--><p>Bonnie Raitt has joined the growing list of artists planning new releases in 2012. </p> <p>Her new album, <em>Slipstream</em>, will be out April 10. It will be her first new studio album in seven years and the debut album for her own label, Redwing Records.</p> <p>Most of <em>Slipstream</em> is self-produced and features Raitt's longtime touring band, which includes blogger <a href="">George Marinelli</a>. Four of the tracks were helmed by producer Joe Henry (Allen Toussaint, Solomon Burke) and showcase his own crew of musicians. Other guests include Bill Frisell, Al Anderson, Ireland's Paul Brady and Maia Sharp. </p> <p>The album's 12 tracks feature Raitt's renditions of songs by Henry, Bob Dylan and Loudon Wainwright III and features a reggae-fied version of Gerry Rafferty's "Right Down the Line."</p> <p>"Hearing myself in this new setting, how deep and effortlessly it went down, really inspired me to start a new record," Raitt says. "Working with Joe and his guys and then reuniting with mine really got my creative juices flowing again." </p> <p>Raitt will be touring in 2012, and dates will be announced soon.</p> <p><em>Slipstream</em> Track Listing:</p> <p>1. Used To Rule The World (Randall Bramblett)<br /> 2. Right Down The Line (Gerry Rafferty)<br /> 3. Million Miles (Bob Dylan)<br /> 4. You Can't Fail Me Now (Joseph Lee Henry/Loudon Wainwright III)<br /> 5. Down To You (<a href="">George Marinelli</a>/Bonnie Raitt/Randall Bramblett)<br /> 6. Take My Love With You (Gordon Kennedy/Wayne Kirkpatrick/Kelly Price)<br /> 7. Not Cause I Wanted To (Al Anderson/Bonnie Bishop)<br /> 8. Ain't Gonna Let You Go (Al Anderson/Bonnie Bramlett)<br /> 9. Marriage Made in Hollywood (Paul Brady/Michael O'Keefe)<br /> 10. Split Decision (Al Anderson/Gary Nicholson)<br /> 11. Standing in the Doorway (Bob Dylan)<br /> 12. God Only Knows (Joseph Lee Henry)</p> <p><em>Photo: Matt Mindlin</em></p> Bonnie Raitt News Tue, 03 Jan 2012 20:54:15 +0000 Damian Fanelli 14010 at