Acoustic Guitars en Ibanez JS25ART Guitars Offer a Chance to Own Original Joe Satriani Artwork — and Great Instruments <!--paging_filter--><p>For longtime Ibanez fan Joe Satriani, sketching and drawing have always been as much of a creative outlet as his game-changing, guitar-driven rock music. </p> <p>These two different hemispheres of his artistry converge beautifully in Ibanez’s new, limited 25th anniversary edition of Joe’s iconic signature JS guitar, the JS25ART. The body of each guitar bears a full color illustration, hand drawn by Satriani himself. </p> <p>Each one is different and there are only 50 of them, 25 of which are slated for sale in the U.S. Offering a unique opportunity to be a guitar collector and art collector all in one, this very special JS edition commemorates the birth of Satriani’s Ibanez signature model 25 years ago. </p> <p>“Ibanez approached me and asked if I’d do something special for the 25th anniversary,” Satriani recalls. </p> <p>“They didn’t know what I was going to do, but I decided to illustrate some guitars myself. The idea took a lot of setup, because I had to figure out, ‘Am I going to paint them or use pens? What would the process be? Could I erase?’ So I wound up using these color pens. I spent about a week down in L.A. late in 2014 doing the illustrations and it was a lot of fun. But it was intense. With the pens, you can’t really put color on color. Nor can you erase. Some of the ones I did are more detailed; others are just line drawings. They’re all signed.” </p> <p>Technically speaking, the JS25ART embodies all the design refinements distilled over Satriani’s quarter century of collaboration with Ibanez. This includes a maple, JS Prestige neck with hand-rolled fret edges, Satriani’s signature DiMarzio pickups (the Satch Track and Mo’ Joe), a hi-pass filter on the volume pot, a coil tap on the tone pot and a low-profile Edge tremolo bridge. </p> <p>Longtime fans of Satriani’s visual art many recognize some of the bizarre faces and characters depicted on some of the guitars. Many of these characters are soon to come to life in an animated sci-series, tentatively titled <em>Crystal Planet,</em> that Satch is working on with fretless guitarist and digital animator Ned Evett.</p> <p><strong><em>Below, be sure to check out our comprehensive photo gallery of all of Ibanez's current signature Satch guitars, including electrics and acoustics!</em></strong></p> <p><strong>For more about Satch's signature Ibanez electric guitars, <a href=";cat_id=1&amp;series_id=27">head here</a>. For more about his acoustic models, <a href=";cat_id=3&amp;series_id=81">head here.</a> For more about Ibanez Guitars, visit <a href=""></a></strong></p> <fieldset class="fieldgroup group-additional-content"><legend>Additional Content</legend><div class="field field-type-nodereference field-field-related-artist"> <div class="field-label"><p><strong>Related Artist:</strong>&nbsp;<p></div> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> <a href="/joe-satriani">Joe Satriani</a> </div> </div> </div> </fieldset> April 2015 Ibanez Joe Satriani Acoustic Guitars Videos Electric Guitars News Features Gear Magazine Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:50:37 +0000 Alan Di Perna Martin Introduces Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition Guitar <!--paging_filter--><p>C.F. Martin &amp; Co. and multi-platinum singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran are teaming up for the second time to create another Signature Artist Edition guitar from the Martin Custom Shop, the Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition. </p> <p>In 2013, Martin Guitar and Sheeran unveiled their first collaboration, the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition, which sold out everywhere. </p> <p>The latest model will be available for pre-order starting February 17th. </p> <p>To find an Authorized Martin Dealer to pre-order the model, go to <a href=""></a></p> <p>Sheeran is once again donating 100% of his royalties from the sales of each guitar to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (<a href=""></a>), a UK-based charity in his hometown. The organization, whose Royal Patron is The Duchess of Cambridge, supports families and cares for young people with life-threatening conditions and provides services across several UK counties, including Suffolk, where Sheeran was raised.</p> <p>“It was a huge privilege working with the Martin team to create another Signature Edition guitar,” said Sheeran. “I’ve had the chance to bring the new model on the road with me already, and I’m excited that my fans will be able to purchase one of their own, with all the proceeds going to EACH, a charity very close to my heart.”</p> <p>Designed in collaboration with the Grammy-nominated artist and brand ambassador, the Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition features his signature “x” (Multiply) sign on the headstock and down the fretboard. The six times platinum-selling album’s logo is inlayed in solid koa on a solid spruce wood top. The model comes stage-ready, equipped with Fishman Isys T electronics, SP Lifespan Martin strings and a padded gig bag. </p> <p>“I take great pride in the relationship we have with Ed,” said Amani Duncan VP of Brand Marketing for C.F. Martin &amp; Co. “He is not only an incredible talent but also an extremely compassionate human being. Over 182 years, Martin Guitar has had the privilege of working alongside legendary Artists, and we are proud to be able to continue this long-standing tradition and musical journey with Ed Sheeran.”</p> <p>“This is the second time Ed Sheeran has launched a Martin Guitar Signature Edition in aid of EACH and we’re absolutely delighted that he has once again chosen to support us through sales of this special guitar!” said Graham Butland, EACH Chief Executive. </p> <p>“The first guitar was a real success and raised a significant amount of money for the charity. We’d like to thank Ed, C.F. Martin &amp; Co, and absolutely everyone involved in the project. Ed has been an Ambassador for the charity for almost a year and has shown us tremendous support in that time, donating clothes for online auctions and paying a visit to our Treehouse hospice in Ipswich. Not only will the guitar raise much-needed funds for the charity, but will also greatly raise the profile of EACH and the vital care and support we provide to life-threatened children, young people and their families.” </p> <p>Sheeran’s career has skyrocketed since his debut album in 2011. Most recently he performed his hit “Thinking Out Loud” on the Grammy stage alongside fellow Martin Guitar ambassador John Mayer. His second album, <em>x</em> ("Multiply") debuted at number one on both the U.S. and U.K. charts. For more information on Ed Sheeran: <a href=" "> </a></p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/Martin_Ed%20Sheeran.jpg" width="620" height="998" alt="Martin_Ed Sheeran.jpg" /></p> Acoustic Nation Martin Guitar News Gear Acoustic Guitars News Tue, 17 Feb 2015 18:05:19 +0000 Acoustic Nation NAMM 2015: Taylor Guitars 600 Series — Video <!--paging_filter--><p>Members of the <em>Guitar World</em> crew paid a visit to the Taylor Guitars booth at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.</p> <p>As you can see in the new video below, we got the run down on the company's new 600 Series guitars. That's master guitar designer (and killer guitarist) Andy Powers!</p> <p>For more about Taylor Guitars, visit <a href=""></a></p> <p><strong>For more NAMM 2015 coverage, visit <a href="">'s official NAMM 2015 Zone,</a> get updates on <a href="">Facebook</a> and photos and more on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Instagram.</a> It's like you're at the show!</strong></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> Acoustic Nation NAMM 2015 NAMM 2015 video News Taylor Guitars Gear Acoustic Guitars Videos Blogs Videos News Gear Sat, 24 Jan 2015 15:46:27 +0000 Guitar World Staff NAMM 2015: Taylor Guitars Introduces 600 Series, Maple’s Musical Revival <!--paging_filter--><p>Taylor Guitars is known for advancing the design of the acoustic guitar, setting a modern course for playability, tone and style. </p> <p>In 2014, the company unveiled a comprehensive redesign of its flagship rosewood/spruce 800 Series to industry and media accolades, adding to its legacy as one of Taylor’s most popular acoustic guitar offerings. </p> <p>This year Taylor has applied the same forward-thinking vision to its maple 600 Series, connecting maple’s rich musical history with its stable environmental outlook as an important tonewood of the future.</p> <p>The new 600 Series guitars elicit the best of the inherent tonal properties of maple. In 2014, Master Builder Andy Powers began to experiment with how far bracing, thickness, finish, and new seasoning processes like torrefaction, a wood roasting method, could enhance maple’s tone profile. </p> <p>“I wanted playing a maple guitar to be a more gratifying all-around experience,” he says. </p> <p>“I wanted a tone that was richer, more complex, with longer sustain, without giving up the linearity that I like about maple as a builder.” The result is a warmer, more dynamic, and more responsive instrument with more broadly appealing tonal properties than any maple guitar before it.</p> <p>As with the 800 Series, Powers reimagined each component of the maple 600s. Notable design innovations include:</p> <p><strong>Customized Wood Thicknesses and Bracing</strong>: The top and back thicknesses have been specially gauged for each body shape. Powers also optimized the bracing for each shape. The backs feature new maple-specific bracing profiles and patterns to enhance the responsiveness. As a result, he says, “the backs of these guitars work a lot like an archtop guitar or a violin if you were to delete its soundpost. These braces allow the back to move in a much warmer, stronger way. Players will hear more volume, more projection, and more low-end warmth than a maple guitar they’ve heard in the past.” The back and sides also undergo a special seasoning process to enhance the resonance and stability.</p> <p><strong>Torrefaction</strong>: This carefully controlled, high-temperature roasting process is applied to the Sitka spruce tops to give a new guitar an aged or played-in sound. By aging the wood on a molecular level, torrefaction makes the top warmer and more responsive. </p> <p>“There’s less resistance in the wood,” Powers explains. “As a result, it allows a more efficient energy transfer from the strings. A new piece of wood has quite a bit of resistance to moving. It’s not used to vibrating at a high frequency like that. An aged or played-in top is just waiting to be set in motion. For a player, it feels like the notes are just falling out of the guitar. As soon as you touch the strings, it takes hardly any effort; it doesn’t feel like you have to pry the sound out.”</p> <p><strong>Hand-Rubbed Color and Finish</strong>: Not only do the new 600s feature the same ultra-thin 3.5-mil clear gloss finish developed for the 800 Series, the maple back and sides boast an additional breakthrough: the inclusion of a proprietary hand-rubbed color application process that adds no additional thickness to the finish. The stain enhances maple’s visual aesthetic without causing any damping in the natural movement of the guitar body, helping to boost the tonal projection and sustain. The new color, “Brown Sugar,” complements the slightly darker color of the spruce tops, a result of the torrefaction process.</p> <p><strong>Protein Glue</strong>: The same protein glues used in the company’s redesigned 800 Series are used in the 600 Series for the critical tone-producing parts, namely for the “power train” components: the bracing and bridge to top joint.</p> <p><strong>Expression System 2 Pickup</strong>: The acoustic voicing enhancements designed for the new 600 Series translate into amplified form with Taylor’s new Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics. The ES2 incorporates three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors. These are installed behind the saddle, through the bridge, and effectively capture more of each guitar’s dynamic properties and acoustic energy.</p> <p><strong>First World Tonewood</strong>: Maple is a tonewood that can be harvested specifically for instruments here in the United States, a project that longtime tonewood partner Steve McMinn of Pacific Rim Tonewoods is undertaking. Given its geographical location, maple grows in politically and economically stable environments and is considered to be “conflict free” and well-managed. This is important to Taylor co- founder, Bob Taylor. </p> <p>“Now and in the future, maple forests will be among the healthiest and most sustainable sources of instrument wood,” he says. “This is a species from our own backyard that can be formed into world-class instruments for generations to come. So, it is an important wood for us as a forward-thinking instrument manufacturer. This redesign is our way of showing players how great a maple and spruce instrument can look and sound.”</p> <p>The newly redesigned 600 Series is available in the 614ce (Grand Auditorium), 616ce (Grand Symphony), 618ce (Grand Orchestra) and 656ce (12-String Grand Symphony). </p> <p>For more information, visit <a href=""></a></p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/Screen%20Shot%202015-01-23%20at%2010.57.34%20AM.png" width="620" height="466" alt="Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.57.34 AM.png" /></p> Acoustic Nation NAMM 2015 News Taylor Guitars Gear Acoustic Guitars Blogs News Gear Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:59:41 +0000 Guitar World Staff NAMM 2015: New Martin Guitars Custom Shop Models — Video <!--paging_filter--><p>Members of the <em>Guitar World</em> crew paid a visit to the Martin Guitars booth at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.</p> <p>As you can see in the new video below, we got the run down on the company's new Custom Shop models for this year's show. </p> <p>For more about Martin Guitars, visit <a href=""></a></p> <p><strong>For more NAMM 2015 coverage, visit <a href="">'s official NAMM 2015 Zone,</a> get updates on <a href="">Facebook</a> and photos and more on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Instagram.</a> It's like you're at the show!</strong></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> Acoustic Nation Martin Guitar NAMM 2015 NAMM 2015 video News Acoustic Guitars Videos Blogs Videos News Gear Fri, 23 Jan 2015 15:27:15 +0000 Guitar World Staff Guitar World at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show: It's That Time of Gear <!--paging_filter--><p><strong>Well, it's over, folks! The 2015 Winter NAMM Show took place Thursday, January 22, through Sunday, August 25, in Anaheim, California.</strong></p> <p>As always, <em>Guitar World</em> NAMM-ed it up, shooting photos and videos, gathering endless gear news and trying out (and gawking at) the coolest and newest guitars, amps, effects, devices for 2015.</p> <p>Check out the <a href="">NAMM 2015 section of</a> to catch all the latest gear news, which is still being posted, including our newest videos. We still recommend that you follow <em>Guitar World</em> via <a href="">Twitter</a>, <a href="">Instagram</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a> for access to even more photos.</p> <p>Our coverage will continue with a new round of videos for your viewing pleasure.</p> <p><strong>2015 Winter NAMM Show Wrap-Up</strong></p> <p>• <a href=""> NAMM Show coverage</a><br /> • <a href="">Twitter: NAMM Show photos and news | @GuitarWorld</a><br /> • <a href="">Facebook: NAMM Show photos and news</a><br /> • <a href="">Instagram: NAMM Show photos and more | @GuitarWorldMagazine</a></p> <p>If you have a potential gear addiction and just can't get enough NAMM news, check out <em>Guitar World</em>'s coverage of <a href="">NAMM 2014,</a> <a href="">NAMM 2013</a> and <a href="">NAMM 2012</a>.</p> <p><strong>For more about the NAMM Show, visit <a href=""></a>.</strong></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> Gear Spotlight NAMM 2015 NAMM Show new gear That Time of Gear Accessories Acoustic Guitars Videos Amps Bass Guitars Effects Electric Guitars Home Recording News Features Gear Wed, 21 Jan 2015 10:43:30 +0000 Guitar World Staff NAMM 2015: ESP Guitars Debuts Tombstone Acoustic Models <!--paging_filter--><p>ESP Guitars has introduced its new line of Tombstone acoustic guitars. The new guitars will make their debut at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show.</p> <p>From the company:</p> <p>“We’re very excited to have a dedicated brand for our acoustic instruments,” said Matt Masciandaro, ESP president and CEO.</p> <p>“For our dealers, Tombstone represents a new opportunity to carry a high-quality acoustic guitar brand with the build quality and dealer service for which ESP has been well known for the past 40 years. For our customers, Tombstone offers an affordable solution for the features, the sound, and the playability associated with much more expensive acoustic guitars.”</p> <p>Tombstone’s introductory offerings include the A-300E, A-430E, D-320E, D-430E, J-310E, J-430E, GL- J2E acoustic-electric guitars, and the JB-320E acoustic-electric bass, several of which are pictured in the photo gallery below. </p> <p>The A-300E and A-430E adopt an auditorium shape/size. Both guitars offer solid Sitka spruce tops. The A-300E offers mahogany back and sides in a Black finish, and a B-Band T-35 preamp with onboard tuner. The A-430E has rosewood back and sides in Natural Gloss finish, with a Fishman Isys+ preamp with onboard tuner. Both models use set- neck construction for fast, comfortable playing feel, and quality components like a GraphTech nut and saddle. </p> <p>The D-320E and D-430E have a traditional dreadnought shape. The D-320E features a solid red cedar top and ovangkol back and sides in Natural Satin finish, while the D-430E offers a solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides in Natural Gloss finish, gold hardware, and a Fishman Isys+ preamp. </p> <p>For players who like a jumbo-sized acoustic, the J-310E and J-430E are perfect choices. Both guitars have solid Sitka spruce tops. The J-310E offers sapelle back and sides in Natural Satin finish, while the J-430E has rosewood back and sides in Natural Gloss.</p> <p>The first Signature Series model in the Tombstone brand appropriately goes to George Lynch with the GL-J2E, a jumbo acoustic-electric with a solid Sitka spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, all in Tobacco Sunburst finish. It offers a unique 5-piece maple/walnut neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a Fishman Presys+ preamp. </p> <p>Tombstone’s first batch of new models also includes a bass, the JB-320E which offers a solid red cedar top, ovangkol back and sides, and a Fishman Presys+ preamp.</p> <p>For more information, visit <a href=""></a></p> Acoustic Nation ESP ESP Guitars NAMM 2015 News Gear Acoustic Guitars Bass Guitars Blogs News Gear Thu, 15 Jan 2015 21:22:34 +0000 Guitar World Staff NAMM 2015: D’Angelico Guitars Announces First-Ever Acoustic Line <!--paging_filter--><p>New York City-based D’Angelico Guitars has announced plans to introduce the company’s first-ever acoustic line at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim. </p> <p>From the company:</p> <p>D’Angelico’s acoustic line will consist of the following eight models: EX-63, Gramercy Grand Auditorium, Mercer Grand Auditorium, Lexington, Madison Jumbo, Brooklyn, Bowery and Mott Bass. </p> <p>Most of the D’Angelico acoustic models will feature gold Grover Imperial Tune-o-Matic tuners and the Fishman INK-4 onboard preamp and pickup system, complete with a built-in LED tuner. </p> <p>The acoustic models also feature FU-Tone brass bridge pins and D’Addario EXP-16 strings, giving the guitars a brilliant “glow” right out of the case. Most of D’Angelico’s acoustic models will be available in Natural, Vintage Sunburst, Cherry Sunburst, Black and Grey Black finishes. </p> <p>“The D’Angelico family continues to grow in 2015 with the introduction of our brand-new acoustic line, and we are proud of the acoustic instruments we have created,” said Brenden Cohen, CEO of D’Angelico Guitars. “These guitars cover a wide range of shapes and sizes, including mini, grand auditorium, dreadnought, jumbo, and even an acoustic bass. Using only premium tonewoods, each expertly crafted model offers a unique voice, catering to a wide variety of players.”</p> <p>The D’Angelico acoustic line will be released in early 2015 and will be showcased at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim January 22 to 25, 2015. Be sure to visit D’Angelico Guitars in Room 210 C. More information on each acoustic model can be found below.</p> <p><strong>D’Angelico EX-63 </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the EX-63, a non-cutaway archtop that boasts remarkable playability and comfort. Equipped with an internal mahogany block for resonance, the EX-63 is impressively loud and snarls when attacked aggressively. Elegance and function come together in a floating ebony bridge leading to D’Angelico’s signature stairstep tailpiece. Like each of D’Angelico’s new acoustic models, the EX-63 features a Piezo pickup system. </p> <p><strong>Gramercy Grand Auditorium (SG-200) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the Gramercy Grand Auditorium (SG-200). With a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, the Gramercy offers vivid depth. Finger-picking produces soft warmth, while hard strumming busts the sound open without sacrificing clarity. The Gramercy Grand Auditorium’s slim, C-shape neck brings comfort and balance. A truly dynamic instrument in its playability, the Gramercy can serve the mellow finger-style player, the frenetic rocker, and any player in between. </p> <p><strong>Mercer Grand Auditorium (SG-100) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the Mercer Grand Auditorium (SG-100), which boasts the duo of a slim, mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard with block mother-of-pearl inlays, creating subtle elegance and supreme playability. The sapele back and sides work in tandem with the solid Sitka spruce top to give the Mercer its bright clarity. Prepared to project, the Mercer comes with FU-Tone brass bridge pins, pickup system and built-in tuner. </p> <p><strong>Lexington (SD-300) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the Lexington (SD-300), a booming single-cutaway dreadnought that offers a powerful low-end so resonant that playing lush, full chords may very well become addictive. A solid Sitka spruce top meets a sapele back and sides to create the Lexington’s subtle elegance, complemented by a tortoise pickguard. The Lexington’s slim, mahogany neck makes for wonderful playability. Though capable of great projection, the Lexington’s high-end is uncompromised by its rich low-end, producing a consistently balanced sound and making it an excellent choice for a great variety of players. </p> <p><strong>Madison Jumbo (SJ-600) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the Madison Jumbo (SJ-600). Don’t let its size fool you into thinking it’s one dimensional: the Madison can play a quiet corner with hushed plucks or fill a hall with giant jangling. A flame maple back and sides meet a maple neck and Sitka spruce top to give the Madison its unique warmth. Like the rest of the D’Angelico acoustic family, the Madison features gold Grover Super Rotomatic tuners and the Fishman INK-4 onboard preamp, pick-up system, FU-Tone brass bridge pins, and built-in tuner. </p> <p><strong>Brooklyn (AS D-400) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the Brooklyn (AS D-400). The guitar’s rich, dreadnought shout is propelled by a sapele back, sides, and a solid Sitka spruce top. The Brooklyn’s mahogany neck is capped with a rosewood fingerboard where block mother-of-pearl inlays add the class of a fresh pair of wingtips. A Fishman INK-4 onboard preamp and brass bridge pins help the Brooklyn sing, providing maximum resonance. </p> <p><strong>Bowery (AS D-500) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce their flagship acoustic model, the Bowery (AS D-500). The Bowery features a single-cutaway dreadnought with a solid Sitka spruce top, and the guitar’s rosewood back and sides project the Bowery’s massive roar. But have no fear: a slim, C-shaped neck and rosewood fingerboard provide great comfort for the player. With the sleek additions of FU-Tone brass bridge pins, Fishman INK-4 onboard preamp, a tortoise pickguard and block mother-of-pearl inlays, the Bowery emerges as a true classic and the premier instrument in D’Angelico’s new acoustic series. </p> <p><strong>Mott Bass (SBG-700) </strong><br /> D’Angelico is proud to introduce the Mott Bass (SBG-700), as no family is complete without a bassman. The Mott Bass is where style, tradition and innovation meet. Robust in sound and stature, the bass features a solid Sitka spruce top with a flame maple back and sides. Never cumbersome, a rosewood fingerboard and slim, maple neck come together to create maximum comfort. Though able to stand its ground when kept acoustic, the Mott shines when amplified. As with its D’Angelico acoustic siblings, the Mott comes equipped with the Fishman INK-4 onboard preamp, pickup system, FU-Tone brass bridge pins, and built-in tuner, dead accurate even for the lowest lows. </p> <p>For more information on D’Angelico, visit <a href=""></a> </p> Acoustic Nation D'Angelico D'Angelico Guitars NAMM 2015 News Gear Acoustic Guitars Blogs News Gear Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:56:30 +0000 Guitar World Staff NAMM 2015: Martin Guitar Announces New Models and Vintage Tone System <!--paging_filter--><p>Martin guitar has announced its new offerings to be presented at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show next week.</p> <p>New models to be showcased include the CS-00041-15, CEO 8 and two new Authentics Series models. </p> <p>Details on the products featured at the showcase are below and complete product specs <a href="">can be found right here.</a></p> <p>Martin also will introduce its new Martin Vintage Tone System (VTS), which uses a unique recipe based on the historic torrefaction system. The VTS system acts much like a time machine in which craftsmen can target any decade and age the top and braces to the specific era. This focused method allows the team to re-create not only the pleasing visual aesthetics of an old guitar, but also reproduce the special tones previously reserved for vintage instruments.</p> <p><strong>JUNIOR SERIES:</strong><br /> · <strong>Dreadnought Junior:</strong> Martin introduces a new body size with the solid wood Dreadnought Junior, which is fashioned for player comfort, clear powerful tone and easy action. The affordably priced Dreadnought Junior is ideal for smaller players, students, travelers, or anyone who aspires to the clarity and depth of tone that has defined Martin instruments for more than 180 years. (MSRP: $799)</p> <p><strong>AUTHENTICS:</strong><br /> · <strong>OM-28 Authentic 1931:</strong> This guitar shares Martin’s significant 14-fret neck Orchestra Model innovation and is based on a rare 1931 OM-28 model originally owned by Mike Seeger. The specifications have been closely followed with the following exceptions: Madagascar rosewood replaces the rarer Brazilian rosewood, vintage gloss finish and torrefied Adirondack spruce top and braces – Martin’s Vintage Tone System (VTS) - used to replicate the aged appearance and tonality of the 1931 original. (MSRP: $8,499)</p> <p>· <strong> OM-45 De Luxe Authentic 1930:</strong> Drawing inspiration and specifications from the 1930 OM-45 Deluxe, only 11 guitars (like the original run made in 1930) are offered in this edition. Each is a hand-crafted replica of the original model featured in the Martin Guitar museum collection. The model boasts a torrefied Adirondack spruce top and braces - Martin’s Vintage Tone System (VTS) - to replicate the aged appearance and tonality of the 1930’s original and Brazilian rosewood back and sides. We also replaced elephant ivory on the guitar, which is in line with Martin’s advocacy with The Nature Conservancy’s Save Elephants campaign to bring awareness to the senseless slaughter of elephants for their ivory. Each guitar comes with a Harp Tone guitar case. (MSRP: $99,999)</p> <p><strong>CUSTOM SHOP:</strong><br /> · <strong>CS-00041-15:</strong> Limited to 75 special guitars, the Martin Custom Shop offers this stunning edition for 2015. The back and sides of brilliant orange and black grained solid cocobolo are combined with a torrefied Adirondack spruce top - Martin’s Vintage Tone System (VTS) - delicately scalloped with high performance bracing for a complex and vibrant tone - a perfect example of The Custom Shop’s skill and taste. (MSRP: $9,999)</p> <p><strong>LIMITED EDITIONS:</strong><br /> · <strong> D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo:</strong> The Purple Martin is the largest North American swallow and produces sounds that have been described as “throaty and rich,” much like the limited edition guitar that bears its name. A favorite theme of CEO &amp; Chairman Chris Martin, this 2015 version is the second in a series of Purple Martin Limited Editions. The black pickguard as well as the ebony fingerboard and bridge are all inlaid with a dramatic Purple Martin motif. With no more than 50 produced, each D-41 Purple Martin will bear an interior label personally signed by C. F. Martin IV and numbered in sequence with the edition total. (MSRP: $12,499)</p> <p>· <strong>SS-GP42-15:</strong> Martin’s Anaheim NAMM Show Special for 2015 is a spectacular stage performance guitar with an aged torrefied European spruce soundboard - Martin’s Vintage Tone System (VTS) - and highly flamed Hawaiian koa back and sides. Personally signed by C. F. Martin IV and numbered in sequence, no more than fifty of these special guitars will be offered. (MSRP: $10,999)</p> <p>·<strong> SSC-OM35-15:</strong> This is the second in a series of NAMM Show Special guitars created specifically for the Canadian marketplace. The unique style 35 3-piece back features solid cherry wings with a Pacific big leaf flamed maple center wedge. Each instrument bears an interior label signed by C. F. Martin IV and numbered in sequence. (MSRP: $4,699)</p> <p><strong>NEW MODELS:</strong><br /> · <strong> 000-15M Burst:</strong> The 000-15M Burst, constructed with solid mahogany top, back, sides and neck, is already an extremely popular and affordable Martin model, exhibiting a clear, powerful, expressive and balanced tone. With a beautifully applied sunburst, this model is joining its Dreadnought visual counterpart in the Martin line – the D-15M Burst. (MSRP: $1,849)</p> <p>· <strong>CEO 8:</strong> This is the eighth incarnation of C. F. Martin IV’s “CEO’s Choice” series, with favored specifications selected by Chris Martin. Martin’s largest acoustic body size, the Grand Jumbo, delivers great value for all of the included features. Each CEO-8 Special Edition comes with stage ready D-TAR Wave-length Multi-Source electronics and bears an interior label individually numbered in sequence and personally signed by C. F. Martin IV. (MSRP: $6,999)</p> <p>For more information, visit <a href="a href=""></a></p> Acoustic Nation Martin Martin Guitars NAMM 2015 News Gear Acoustic Guitars Blogs News Gear Mon, 12 Jan 2015 19:38:37 +0000 Guitar World Staff Cordoba Honors the Late Paco De Lucia with New Model <!--paging_filter--><p>On the heels of legendary guitarist Paco De Lucia’s tragic passing, Cordoba has released a new flamenco model, called the F7 Paco. Inspired by various instruments in De Lucia’s arsenal, the F7 Paco features non-traditional body woods for a flamenco guitar. </p> <p>Built with a solid Canadian cedar top and Indian rosewood back and sides, this guitar has a warmer, darker sound than traditional flamencos, which are typically built with brighter woods like spruce and cypress. </p> <p>The F7 Paco has the projection, response, and feel of a flamenco guitar, but the cedar/rosewood combination provides a softer attack, deep tone, and rich sustain. </p> <p>This guitar also features a traditional 52mm nut width, high gloss finish, clear Spanish golpeadores, Savarez strings, and includes a deluxe Cordoba gig bag.</p> <p>Cordoba F7 Paco Specs:<br /> Solid Canadian cedar top, Indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, maple binding, natural high gloss PU finish, 52mm nut width, 650mm scale length, clear Spanish golpeadores, Savarez Cristal Corum strings. Includes deluxe Cordoba gig bag.</p> <p>Street price: $529.99</p> <p>Learn more at <a href=""></a>.</p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/f7_paco_front.jpg" width="473" height="1200" alt="f7_paco_front.jpg" /></p> Acoustic Nation Cordoba NAMM 2015 News Gear Acoustic Guitars Mon, 12 Jan 2015 04:19:35 +0000 Acoustic Nation Cordoba Introduces Trio of Solid Top Mini Guitars <!--paging_filter--><p>Cordoba is proud to introduce the new Cordoba Mini, a uniquely sized travel instrument available with three different wood options. </p> <p>Designed to be the perfect companions for road trips, vacations, and hanging out at home, the Minis provide the playability of a full size nylon string guitar in a compact, lightweight body with an impressively loud voice. </p> <p>The Cordoba Minis are offered in the classic wood combinations of spruce/mahogany (Mini M) and spruce/rosewood (Mini R), with an exotic all-ovangkol option rounding out the trio (Mini O). </p> <p>The Minis feature a thin U-shaped neck and 50mm (1.96”) nut width, offering the comfortable feel and string spacing of a full size guitar. With a 510mm (20”) scale length, the Minis are tuned to A, and come strung with custom Aquila strings. Each Cordoba Mini has a solid top, matte finish, and includes a gig bag. </p> <p>Cordoba Mini M – Street $199.99<br /> Cordoba Mini R – Street $249.99<br /> Cordoba Mini O – Street $279.99</p> <p>Founded in 1997, Cordoba seeks to guide the evolution of acoustic guitars and ukuleles, blending traditional craftsmanship of the early master luthiers with modern developments. Inspired by the organic beauty and honesty of acoustic instruments, every Cordoba is lightweight, responsive, and a direct descendant of the Spanish tradition. Cordoba continues to challenge the definition of the acoustic guitar without sacrificing the authenticity of its heritage. </p> <p>Learn more at <a href=""></a>.</p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/image010.jpg" width="620" height="390" alt="image010.jpg" /></p> Acoustic Nation Cordoba NAMM 2015 News Gear Acoustic Guitars Mon, 12 Jan 2015 04:02:00 +0000 Acoustic Nation NAMM 2015: Martin Announces D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar <!--paging_filter--><p>C. F. Martin &amp; Co. is celebrating 50 years of its D-35 Dreadnought with a special model to debut at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show—the D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. </p> <p>The D-35 was first created by C.F. Martin &amp; Co. in 1965 and has gone on to be one of the most popular and replicated models of our time. </p> <p>With no more than 100 created, the D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model is constructed with Madagascar rosewood sides and back wings, a Brazilian rosewood back center wedge and headplate, FSC-certified European spruce top, ¼-inch non-scalloped X bracing and ivoroid bindings. </p> <p>Each model features an interior label personally signed by CEO &amp; Chairman Chris Martin IV (numbered in sequence with the edition total), a limited-edition D-35 Anniversary poster designed by <a href="">Hatch Show Print</a> (mailed when model is registered) and a 50th Anniversary booklet and warranty card. </p> <p>In addition to the Limited Edition Brazilian 50th Anniversary model offering, Martin is celebrating the milestone year with the inclusion of a special 50th Anniversary interior label seen through the sound hole of every stock model D-35 initiated during 2015. </p> <p><strong>MSRP:</strong> $6,999</p> <p>For more about this model, including extra photos and specs, visit <a href=""></a></p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/Screen%20Shot%202015-01-05%20at%205.18.14%20PM.png" width="620" height="249" alt="Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 5.18.14 PM.png" /></p> Acoustic Nation Martin Martin Guitars NAMM 2015 News Acoustic Guitars News Gear Mon, 05 Jan 2015 22:18:50 +0000 Guitar World Staff Jan Laurenz Plays BearTrax Alpen Tap Guitar — Video <!--paging_filter--><p>Today we bring you another totally-not-new video! </p> <p>However, it wound up in our inbox over the crazy-long holiday break, and we thought we'd share it anyway.</p> <p>It's a clip of a guitarist named Jan Laurenz performing a piece he identifies merely as an "old folk song." The catch, I suppose, is that he's playing it on a custom-made <a href="">BearTrax</a> tap guitar.</p> <p>This is a <a href="">12-string, semi-solid Alpen model</a>; you'll notice its 12 strings are spaced as they'd be spaced on a six-string guitar, so it has an ultra-wide neck. You'll also notice that Laurenz frets—but doesn't pluck—the melody line on the bottom six strings, while plucking the top six strings (he also taps on the top six strings mid-way through the performance).</p> <p>For more about Laurenz, follow him on <a href="">YouTube.</a> For more about this guitar, including several more photos and specs, <a href="">head here.</a> And no, I don't know Laurenz or the guys at BearTrax Guitars; I just think it's cool!</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> Acoustic Nation Beartrax Jan Laurenz Acoustic Guitars Videos Blogs Electric Guitars Videos News Gear Mon, 05 Jan 2015 16:35:12 +0000 Damian Fanelli Fender Releases Brown Derby and Top Hat Resonators <!--paging_filter--><p>Fender is proud to introduce two new instruments, the Brown Derby Resonator and Top Hat Resonator.</p> <p>Fender’s Brown Derby Resonator gives a jaunty tip of the hat to phenomenal round-neck reso-phonic sound and style.</p> <p>Pure resonator tone rings from the mahogany body and maple top, which features dual Fender “F” soundholes and a special Eastern European “Continental” cone of hand-spun aluminum. </p> <p>For an unmistakable Fender touch, a Telecaster headstock tops the mahogany neck, which also features a comfortable “C”-shaped profile and elegant French heel. Other fine appointments include a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with 16” radius and black binding, aged white body binding with black-and-white purfling, bone nut, maple biscuit bridge, nickel hardware, vintage-style tuners with aged white plastic buttons, and brown stain finish.</p> <p>Fender’s Top Hat Resonator is a handsomely attired round-neck reso-phonic guitar with a deep, rich tone to match its deep, rich style.</p> <p>Pure resonator tone rings from the satin black mahogany body and maple top, which features dual screened soundholes and a special Eastern European “Continental” cone of handspun aluminum. For an unmistakable Fender touch, a Telecaster headstock tops the mahogany neck, which also features a comfortable “C”-shaped profile and elegant French heel. Other fine appointments include a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with 16” radius and black binding, aged white body binding with black-and-white purfling, bone nut, maple biscuit bridge, nickel hardware, and vintage-style tuners with aged white plastic buttons.</p> <p>For more information, visit <a href=""></a>. </p> Acoustic Nation Fender FMIC Specialty Brands News Gear Acoustic Guitars News Gear Tue, 11 Nov 2014 22:33:13 +0000 Acoustic Nation Gear Review: Power Pins Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitars <!--paging_filter--><p>Bridge pins are examples of things you never think about—until something goes wrong. </p> <p>They have potential to break, get stuck or wear just enough to cause tuning issues. I’d suggest a quick once over every string change to keep them in check.</p> <p>Power Pins, a product of <a href="">Bigrock Engineering</a>, are new style of bridge pins that boast stability and enhanced tonal characteristics compared to plastic bridge pins. Power Pins actually mount onto the guitar’s bridge by tightening a nut with a supplied allen key. No modifications are needed, and the end result is greater string contact with your acoustic guitar’s bridge.</p> <p>My installation required no additional tools besides the kit’s supplied allen key. While I wouldn’t say it was a difficult install, give yourself at least a half hour and install the pins with all of the strings off your acoustic. </p> <p>First step was to unscrew the head of the pin and place the screw up through the bridge hole. The pins are marked for each string. Additional washers are included to secure proper height. </p> <p>Once in place, take the allen key and secure the pin. Just beyond finger-tight is plenty secure. The reason I suggest doing this without any strings on is you need to stick your hand through the sound hole into the body of the guitar to tighten the pin.</p> <p>The final step is installing strings on the new Power Pins. The ball of the string mounts to the back of the pin, and the string fits right along side of the Power Pin. The process is very similar to a top-loading electric guitar bridge.</p> <p>The guitar I used to demo was an off-the-shelf $200 Yamaha FS700s. Below are a few before and after shots. After a few hours of playtime with the Power Pins installed, stock strings and a few alternate tunings later no problems. Here’s a quick sound clip. </p> <p><iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false"></iframe></p> <p><strong>Web:</strong> <a href=""></a><br /> <strong>List Price</strong>: $64.99 for chrome</p> <p><em>You can't believe everything you read on the Internet, but Billy Voight is a gear reviewer, bassist and guitarist from Pennsylvania. He has Hartke bass amps and Walden acoustic guitars to thank for supplying some of the finest gear on his musical journey. Need Billy's help in creating noise for your next project? Drop him a line at</em></p> Bigrock Engineering Billy Voight Billy's Breakdown Accessories Acoustic Guitars Blogs News Gear Thu, 30 Oct 2014 18:59:09 +0000 Billy Voight