LP http://www.guitarworld.com/taxonomy/term/4084/all/www.smarturl.it/www.smarturl.it/thtour en Top 20 Acoustic Videos of 2014 http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-top-twenty-acoustic-videos-2014 <!--paging_filter--><p>We’ve created our own, premiered some great ones, and searched out some really fabulous video finds.</p> <p>Now we've looked back through 2014 to find our favorite videos from this year.</p> <p>Check 'em out!</p> <p><strong>John Butler Performs "How You Sleep At Night" Live</strong></p> <p>Here's a video filmed live in the Acoustic Nation studio.</p> <p>It features John Butler performing "How You Sleep At Night," from his album <em>Flesh &amp; Blood.</em> </p> <p>Before he started he told us this was the first time he'd played this song solo live on acoustic. I'd say this performance was not too shabby!!</p> <p>The John Butler Trio's <em>Flesh &amp; Blood</em> released February 4, 2014, on Vanguard Records.</p> <p>Butler is one of the most successful musicians Australia has produced, with three albums reaching number one on the Australian charts. Butler was born in the United States and moved to Australia at an early age. He began playing the guitar at the age of sixteen. In 2002 Butler, along with several partners, formed their own record label. He is also an avid skateboarder and the co-founder of a grant program that seeks to improve artistic diversity in Australia where he resides with his wife and children.</p> <p>Check out "How You Sleep At Night."<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/tQwGpp2XI4U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>And check out our other video exclusives:</p> <p><a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-video-exclusive-john-butler-performs-spring-come-live">John Butler Performs "Spring To Come" live.</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-video-lesson-play-it-now-john-butler-teaches-us-play-spring-come">Butler teaches us how to play "Spring To Come" In this exclusive video lesson.</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-exclusive-interview-john-butler-talks-new-album-gear-songwriting-and-more">My in depth on camera interview with John Butler live in the Acoustic Nation studio.</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>15-Year-Old Guitarist Sarah Command Performs Andy McKee and Joe Satriani</strong></p> <p>We recently came across the talented Command Sisters, and these young ladies kind of blew my mind. </p> <p>Yes, they sing in lovely harmonies. Yes, they are talented songwriters and performers. But what really caught our eye were the undeniable guitar chops of young Sarah Command. This 15-year-old takes on original music and tackles pieces by masters like Andy McKee and Joe Satriani.</p> <p>This is, in no way, meant to diminish the contribution of her sister, 18-year-old Charlotte Command, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Together they are captivating; so much so that they recently won a competition sponsored by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. </p> <p>Defined as “country with soul” and “edgy/indie country-pop,” they hail from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. The Command Sisters have already caught the attention of the Nashville scene, earning them a publishing and production deal with renowned producer/songwriter David Mallory. They have won numerous accolades and have performed on stages large and small throughout North America. </p> <p>Here's Sarah Command playing "Drifting" by Andy McKee:</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/BPHX744wOMI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Here she performs Joe Satriani's "Midnight":</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/twiP3NTak8s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>And here she is with Charlotte jamming on an original tune called "Runway":</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/6uH944k7cek" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.thecommandsisters.com/">http://www.thecommandsisters.com</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>The Black Crowes' Rich Robinson Plays Two New Solo Songs</strong></p> <p>While Rich Robinson might be known primarily for his work with The Black Crowes, his solo work is gaining much attention these days — and for good reason.</p> <p>With two solo records under his belt already, his release <em>The Ceaseless Sight</em> represents the full maturation of Robinson as a songwriter, a vocalist, and a solo artist. </p> <p>The album was released June 3 via The End Records. </p> <p>“I've always approached writing songs for an album as part of a larger work,” says Robinson. “This album as a whole is one piece and how it fits into my whole body of work is the other. My new record follows the path of my musical journey I've been on for 25 years.” </p> <p>He continues, “I feel a strong connection to where I've been musically, but more importantly where I'm going."</p> <p>Below, watch Robinson perform two cuts from <em>The Ceaseless Sight</em> live from the Acoustic Nation studio. Enjoy!</p> <p><strong>"One Road Hill"</strong><br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/cgAicjY7ppE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>"In Comes The Night"</strong><br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/B8uY1qpBmAY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Keep up with Rich Robinson at <a href="http://www.richrobinson.net/">richrobinson.net</a>.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>Semi Precious Weapons Acoustic "Aviation High" </strong></p> <p>Known for their over-the-top live shows, Semi Precious Weapons pulls influences from a broad musical landscape, fusing their punk edge with high-octane dance and arena-ready pop. </p> <p>And as graduates of Berklee College of Music, these guys can play, too. </p> <p>SPW has risen to fame over the last couple years thanks partially to Lady Gaga, who took the band out on the year-and-a-half long <em>Monster Ball</em> tour.</p> <p>Recently relocating from NYC to Los Angeles, the band teamed up with renowned producer Tricky Stewart, known for his work with Beyonce, Rihanna and Frank Ocean. SPW worked with Stewart writing and recording for much of 2012 and 2013, before putting the finishing touches on their third full length, <em>Aviation</em>. </p> <p>“Working with our dream producer Tricky Stewart gave us the inspiration to use textures from all the different kinds of music we love, not just straight up rock and roll, which was really freeing,” says frontman Justin Tranter. “It made it so we didn't have rules while writing, it was just about what felt right.”</p> <p>An evolution of sound, <em>Aviation</em> blends the band’s dance punk and future rock approach with Stewart’s powerful pop and urban influenced production. SPW recently debuted their first single from the record, “Aviation High,” which has been climbing charts since. </p> <p>Below, the band treats us to an exclusive acoustic backstage performance of the song live in San Francisco, where Tranter is joined by guitarist Stevy Pyne and bassist Cole Whittle (on a Casio SK-1). </p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Ponw-wRLExE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>For more from Semi Precious Weapons, check out <a href="http://semipreciousweapons.com"> semipreciousweapons.com</a>. </p> <hr /> <strong>Tommy Emmanuel Does Double Duty on "Hellos and Goodbyes"</strong> <p>Are you seeing double? So am I!</p> <p>It's Tommy Emmanuel and ... Tommy Emmanuel in a duet with himself!</p> <p>If you think this might be gimmicky, think again. Emmanuel knows how to deliver an beautifully executed acoustic performance, and this one has double the goodness.</p> <p>The song, "Hellos and Goodbyes," was written for the album, <em>The Journey</em>, which went double platinum in Australia and won the Aria award for Best Adult Contemporary Album of the Year in 1994.</p> <p>According to Emmanuel, the title came to him in a dream. The next day, one of his friends called to say his father had died. His sister was in the same hospital and gave birth the same day. "Hellos and Goodbyes" indeed.</p> <p>Throughout his career, Emmanuel has played with many notable artists including Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, George Martin and John Denver. He picked up the guitar at age 4 and as you can tell, he hasn't put it down since.</p> <p>Keep up with Tommy at <a href="http://www.tommyemmanuel.com">tommyemmanuel.com</a>. </p> <p>Watch "Hellos and Goodbyes" here:</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/uh6wntiOXM4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>GoPro Footage of Mike Dawes Performing "The Impossible" </strong></p> <p>We've had a bit of fun with incredible guitarist Mike Dawes in 2014. </p> <p>If you haven't had a chance to check out our exclusive interview or, my favorite, Dawes' one-handed harmonics lesson, please do!</p> <p>We couldn't resist mounting a GoPro camera on the headstock of Dawes' guitar as he played his original composition, "The Impossible."</p> <p>We're sharing two versions here, one with a split screen so you can see him straight on and from the neck down, so to speak. This angle gives us an interesting view of his left-hand fingering and right-hand pyrotechnics.</p> <p>Check 'em both out! Find out more about Dawes at <a href="http://www.mikedawes.com">mikedawes.com</a>.</p> <p>Here's the split-screen video with traditional camera on the right and a GoPro mounted to the headstock on the left:</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ORdAmBMseIc?list=UUP7Sh8kRrFBoVIDUjrXK12g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Here's a version with just the GoPro footage. I think this is freaky enough that I want to see it on the full screen!</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/dBZYogqQ3_o?list=UUP7Sh8kRrFBoVIDUjrXK12g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Iron Horse Perform Bluegrass Version of Metallica's "Enter Sandman"</strong></p> <p>Below, check out a video of an Alabama bluegrass band named Iron Horse covering Metallica's "Enter Sandman."</p> <p>The track is from the band's latest album, <em>Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica</em>, which was released in mid-October 2013 by CMH Records.</p> <p>Here's some info from the press material:</p> <p>"Metallica’s thundering drums, heart-pounding guitars and anguished vocals tell the story of people lost in the hustle of modern society. Bluegrass music sings the tale of people stuck between heaven and hell, the farm and the city and love and hate. </p> <p>"In many ways, Metallica and bluegrass are brothers, one raised in the urban jungle and the other in the country. So what happens when these two estranged siblings get together? Here's the answer. Banjo and mandolin replace electric guitars, and high lonesome harmonies soar in place of growling vocals to create a surprising and moving tribute."</p> <p>What's truly satisfying is that this is a convincing bluegrass performance with some fine playing by everyone in the band (Note: The guitar solo starts at 1:50) and powerful vocals. These guys are the real deal, and this is not some slapped-together "cute" tribute album. </p> <p>For more about the album, visit <a href="http://www.cmhrecords.com/web/page.asp?pgs=product&amp;id=543">cmhrecords.com</a>. For more about Iron Horse, visit <a href="http://ironhorsebluegrass.com/the-band/">ironhorsebluegrass.com</a>.</p> <p><strong><em>Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica</em> Track Listing:</strong></p> <p>01. Unforgiven<br /> 02. Nothing Else Matters<br /> 03. Enter Sandman<br /> 04. Hero Of The Day<br /> 05. Fade To Black<br /> 06. One<br /> 07. Ride The Lightning<br /> 08. Wherever I May Roam<br /> 09. Fuel<br /> 10. The Four Horsemen</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/3c7bISLhVl8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Luna Li Performs Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan on the Gayageum, a Traditional Korean Instrument</strong></p> <p>Check out these videos of a young woman — Luna Lee — performing iconic tracks by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan on the gayageum, a traditional Korean zither-like instrument. </p> <p>The gayageum has 12 strings, although some variants have been made with 21 strings. It is probably the best-known traditional Korean musical instrument. (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gayageum">Thank you, Wikipedia!</a>).</p> <p>First, she tackles Vaughan's "Scuttle Buttin'," followed by Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)." Chances are Luna's a Vaughan fan, since both of these songs appear on his 1984 album, <em>Couldn't Stand the Weather.</em></p> <p>For more gayageum videos by Luna, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/luna422422/videos">head here.</a> She also covers Hendrix's "Bold As Love" and a few tracks by acoustic guru Tommy Emmanuel.</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JX-T0eBr31w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NfOHjeI-Bns" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Guitar Republic, “Funky Sexy Republic”</strong></p> <p>Here’s a kick ass performance by the acoustic guitar masters of Guitar Republic, “Funky Sexy Republic.”</p> <p>I can’t stop watching!</p> <p>Employing every technique you can think of—tapping, plucking, bowing, strumming, and more — this trio of Sergio Altamura, Stefano Barone and Pino Forastiere give it their all!</p> <p>Hailing from Italy, this trio continues to lend their unique talents to guitar exploration together and individually.</p> <p>Find out more at <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guitar-Republic/114496445234409?ref=br_tf">https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guitar-Republic/114496445234409?ref=br_tf</a></p> <p>Prepare for some awesomeness here:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ZCQCkcqTgqA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Kelly Zullo, "When We Get There"</strong></p> <p>Check out this sick acoustic guitar assault by Kelly Zullo.</p> <p>It’s the song “When We Get There” from the upcoming January 2015 release.</p> <p>Here Zullo uses some speedy finger work and hard hitting right hand technique while she sings at the same time. It’s kinda like tapping you head and rubbing your belly on fast forward.</p> <p>But she makes it look easy.</p> <p>Zullo shares these thoughts about the song, “Its perspective is based on how we are always striving to either get to our goals, heaven, hell (?) or someplace that will be the reward for our work and development. Essentially, however, we may get there and actually be ‘nowhere.’ Or greater yet, find that this is ‘there.’ It’s meant to convey our yearning for something more solid and stable, over a speedy and complex guitar riff, which is normally the pace of our lives. The verse is a blues meets bluegrass riff and the chorus is a percussive arpeggio of the chords.”</p> <p>Check it out here:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/GixXb3Gzwi4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Recorded at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza &amp; Live Music in Columbus, OH on August 26, 2014, Kelly Zullo &amp; The Phunkgrass’ live and honest CD features real time musicianship and crowd rapport. The high energy acoustic guitar stylings of Zullo, violin of Kristen Peters and upright bass contributions of Daniel DeSantis make up the trio formed in Columbus, OH. </p> <p>Their energetic performance fuses a fast acoustic funk approach to guitar with the purity of what is traditionally a bluegrass accompaniment. The award winning song “Firecracker” is performed with Columbus mega-guitarist Jim Volk.</p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.kellyzullo.com">www.kellyzullo.com</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Jinx, “Alive”</strong></p> <p>Here's a surprise in the best possible way!</p> <p>Jinx's new single "Alive" expertly combines hip-hop, pop, and acoustic guitar for this ebulliently triumphant song. Clappin', slappin', rappin' and acoustic guitar. And some excellently positive lyrics. I simply love everything about it.</p> <p>You'll need to wait a few seconds for the awesomeness to kick in. But don't give up!</p> <p>This video for the song was directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, who directed Macklemore's "Thrift Shop," "Can't Hold Us," and "Same Love" music videos. </p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/G7TNMY5QKWA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>For updates, please visit: <a href="http://www.jinxuniverse.com/">http://www.jinxuniverse.com/</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Eliot Bronson, “Just Came Back To Tell You I’m Leaving”</strong></p> <p>We caught up with singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson in Nashville, TN. </p> <p>Scheduled to perform later that evening at The Basement, Bronson was gracious enough to give us this special performance in a park across the street from the venue. </p> <p>Here, the Atlanta, GA-based artist plays us “Just Came Back To Tell You I’m Leaving,” a fiery track from his recently unveiled self titled album. </p> <p>Produced by Dave Cobb (Sturgill Simpson, Rival Sons, Jason Isbell, Nikki Lane), <em>Eliot Bronson</em> is a vibey, ten-song collection with an uncluttered production aesthetic that highlights Bronson’s songwriting and his achingly beautiful vocals.</p> <p>Check out “Just Came Back To Tell You I’m Leaving” below and stay tuned for one more live video. </p> <p>Bronson has a busy tour schedule this fall, and you can view dates and more at <a href="http://www.eliotbronson.com">www.eliotbronson.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HGt7K4sIbzA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Metallica Bassist Robert Trujillo's Classical Guitar Chops</strong></p> <p>OK, so you might be asking yourself, “Why is a metal bass player being featured on Acoustic Nation?” Wait for it. </p> <p>By now we’re all convinced Robert Trujillo is a monster bassist. The job of providing the low end in Metallica — a band known for their lineage of fantastic bass players — is no easy task. But Trujillo delivers. </p> <p>What you’ll discover today, however, is that Trujillo’s musicality stretches beyond the bass. That’s right, we’re talking classical guitar maestro over here. </p> <p>Below, check out Trujillo’s natural flamenco-style playing; it seems guitarist James Hetfield is pretty surprised as well. This footage is included in Metallica’s <em>Making Magnetic</em> DVD. </p> <p>Trujillo, along with Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett (who, as Hetfield jokingly jabs “is in jeopardy of losing his job”), proceed to work on a song spawned from Trujillo's riffing.</p> <p>A lover of flamenco guitar, Trujillo has been seen on stage jamming with classical guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela. Perhaps another video for another time. </p> <p>Enjoy!</p> <p>See what Metallica is up to at <a href="https://www.metallica.com/">metallica.com.</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/FJqqC7TD1vw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Fatai's Acoustic Cover of "Chandelier"</strong></p> <p>Here is a lovely acoustic version of the pop song “Chandelier,” originally performed by Sia. </p> <p>This sumptuous version by Fatai gives new meaning to the song, infusing it with heartfelt longing supported by some sweet fingerstyle guitar.</p> <p>Fatai Veamatahau is from Melbourne, Australia and was a semi-finalist of "The Voice Australia 2012."</p> <p>This very talented musician is now signed to Universal Music Australia - Mercury Records.</p> <p>Fatai began singing professionally with her family from the age of seven. In 2009, she began a solo career, singing to audiences at various festivals and community events</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/kwpxgnclqhE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Find out more at <a href=“https://www.facebook.com/FataiMusic”>https://www.facebook.com/FataiMusic</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Rodrigo y Gabriela, "The Soundmaker"</strong></p> <p>Hopefully by now you’ve watched our exclusive interview with acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. </p> <p>In the 3-part series, <em>Guitar World</em>’s Jimmy Brown chats with Rod y Gab about songwriting, gear, and their latest release, <em>9 Dead Alive</em>. </p> <p><a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-video-exclusive-interview-with-rodrigo-y-gabriela">Watch the interview here.</a></p> <p>Perhaps their most explosive and thrilling release to date, the record captures Rodrigo y Gabriela bursting with melodic and rhythmic invention.</p> <p>Opening track “The Soundmaker” is evidence of this raw energy. </p> <p>Below, be treated to an exclusive performance of the song, right from our studio!</p> <p>Check out <em>9 Dead Alive</em> tour dates and much more at <a href="http://www.rodgab.com">rodgab.com</a>. </p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/816lnWMf0Io" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Trevor Hall “Wish Man”</strong></p> <p>Singer songwriter Trevor Hall surprised his fans with the sudden release of his 12-track album <em>Chapter of the Forest</em> on June 17. </p> <p>And now the wonderfully good surprises continue!</p> <p>This one is a live acoustic video filmed at DeathStar Studios in Los Angeles. In it, Hall shares the story behind the song and then performs a live solo acoustic version.</p> <p>This soul searching song easily showcases Hall’s talent as a songwriter. But what I truly love is that this performance is somewhat Springsteen-like in its urgency and heartfelt intensity.</p> <p>Hall shares, “"Wish Man" is about being in the here and now. It's about recognizing the hidden angels of the earth and seeing the Divine in all people.”</p> <p>View it here:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QIzF-8CM3g8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lost Acoustic Blues”</strong></p> <p>If you want to see or hear Stevie Ray Vaughan playing acoustic guitar, you have limited options. </p> <p>There's his 1990 <em>MTV Unplugged</em> appearance, his posthumously released recording of "Life by the Drop," "Oreo Cookie Blues" (a 1985 Lonnie Mack recording) — and, well, maybe a few other dribs and draps here and there.</p> <p>Which is why this recently posted clip of Vaughan — you never see his face in the video, but come on — playing 12-bar blues in E (of course, it's really in Eb) on a six-string acoustic guitar is pretty special. The clip is titled "Lost Acoustic Blues."</p> <p>According to the info posted along with the video, the source is a 1987 French radio and TV interview. The clip was posted to YouTube in May 2013. Sorry we didn't notice it till now!</p> <p>And speaking of "Oreo Cookie Blues," check out a live clip of Vaughan and Mack performing the slow-blues piece in the mid-Eighties (bottom video). You can find the original studio recording of the tune on Mack's <em>Strike Like Lightning</em> album. For more about Vaughan's many guest appearances, check out <a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/top-five-studio-guest-appearances-stevie-ray-vaughan">The Top Five Studio Guest Appearances by Stevie Ray Vaughan</a>.</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/o4hfp93c_Ts" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Cs6Mpq_iufA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>LP, “Night Like This” Backstage Video</strong></p> <p>We had the privilege of hanging with the supremely talented LP backstage at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco.</p> <p>And of course, we jumped at the chance to catch a live performance of her new, fabulous song, “Night Like This."</p> <p>From her new album <em>Forever For Now,</em> this song exemplifies the core of LP’s creative genius – equally superb as a solo ukulele performance or with full production.</p> <p>Check out our exclusive video here. And tomorrow, we’ll be posting a video that shows YOU how to play this song!!<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/7ij8kebPoMA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">iamlp.com</a></p> <hr /> <strong>Taylor Guitars' Andy Powers Performs "Light of Day" on Six New 800 Series Guitars</strong> <p>Taylor Guitars master builder Andy Powers is not only a revolutionary guitar designer, but a skilled player as well. </p> <p>Below, he demonstrates the unique sounds and textures of six new 800 Series models. </p> <p>While all 800 Series models share fundamental tonal qualities, according to Taylor, "each body style features unique design nuances that accentuate the guitar's sonic strengths."</p> <p>The video below is an ideal way to hear these nuances. While the 818e's Grand Orchestra shape offers a big, full sound for open chords, a model like the 812ce 12-Fret possesses a slightly darker, punchier quality that's well-suited for melodic work. </p> <p>Watch below as Powers demonstrates these models, as well as the 814ce, 816ce, 812ce and 810e. </p> <p>If you're looking to get your hands on one of Taylor's new 800 Series guitars, this video is a great place to start!</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/h-h2oJsAzKc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Find out more about the new 800 Series at <a href="http://www.taylorguitars.com">taylorguitars.com</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Jake Shimabukuro “Ukulele 5-0” and “Dragon” </strong></p> <p>You might think that ukulele is just a simple instrument perfect for strumming little ditties. I did.</p> <p>But Jake Shimabukuro proved me wrong!</p> <p>Perhaps best known for his renditions of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on ukulele, Shimabukuro can be described as no less than a master musician.</p> <p>Recently he released a concert DVD, <em>Grand Ukulele: Live in Boulder,</em> that showcases his live performance prowess.</p> <p>Recorded live at the Boulder Theater in Colorado, the DVD features material from Jake's 2012 album <em>Grand Ukulele,</em> which garnered praise for its “intricate originals and shrewdly arranged pop covers” (<em>NY Times</em>). I agree. After checking it out myself, I found it pretty fabulous.</p> <p>We were lucky enough to spend some time with Jake recently in the Acoustic Nation studio, where we talked, he played and we even jammed for a minute or two!</p> <p>Here, let Shimbukuro blow your mind with these incredible in studio live performances:</p> <p>Here he plays his original, “Ukulele 5-0”</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/rOndcw1XRz0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Check out his song “Dragon.” Here he uses some effects pedals and a looper. Incredible!<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/uPmu_EDdx-Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Shimabukuro is currently touring widely. Check out his tour schedule and more at <a href="http://jakeshimabukuro.com">http://jakeshimabukuro.com</a></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-top-twenty-acoustic-videos-2014#comments Acoustic Nation Command Sisters Eliot Bronson Fatai Guitar Republic Iron Horse Jake Shimabukuro Jinx John Butler Trio Kellly Zullo LP Luna Li Metallica Mike Dawes Rich Robinson Robert Trujillo Rodrigo y Gabriela semi precious weapons Stevie Ray Vaughan Taylor Guitars The Black Crowes Trevor Hall Blogs Videos Mon, 22 Dec 2014 02:20:01 +0000 Acoustic Nation http://www.guitarworld.com/article/23162 Acoustic Nation's Ten Top Releases of 2014 http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-ten-top-releases-2014 <!--paging_filter--><p>What do you like? Something rockin’? Sweet or introspective? Masterful or mournful?</p> <p>Whatever your preference, 2014 delivered.</p> <p>We’ve listened to a huge amount of music throughout the year, and picking favorites is hard.</p> <p>But we owe it to you to steer you toward some that stuck with us.</p> <p>Wanna hear some good stuff…read, and listen, on!</p> <p><strong>John Butler Trio - <em>Flesh and Blood</em></strong></p> <p>I’m not gonna lie. I am strongly biased when it comes to John Butler. His 2014 release <em>Flesh and Blood</em> maybe just be the perfect album.</p> <p>Masterfully written, and even more amazingly performed, <em>Flesh and Blood</em> showcases the unlimited potential of this fun-loving guitarist, singer and songwriter. </p> <p><em>Flesh &amp; Blood</em> is the John Butler Trio's sixth studio album, and you should listen. Really.</p> <p>I had the pleasure of interviewing Butler and of seeing him play live. Not only did he and the trio blow me away, they were just so incredibly in the moment, and willing to stick their necks out to go in new directions. </p> <p>More at <a href="http://johnbutlertrio.com">http://johnbutlertrio.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/TkAwkxaFROM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Beck - <em>Morning Phase</em></strong></p> <p>12 years ago Beck released his breakup opus with <em>Sea Change</em>. </p> <p>A set of heartrending songs written after ending a relationship up with his longtime girlfriend, the album is viewed as a classic in the Beck repertoire, and I wouldn’t be the first to call it the breakup album of the 00’s. </p> <p>This year, Beck gave us <em>Morning Phase</em>, the 2014 companion piece to <em>Sea Change</em>. Like its predecessor, <em>Morning Phase</em> hits hard emotionally, mixing dusty acoustic guitars with moody orchestral arrangements (contributed by Beck’s father, David Campbell). </p> <p>Having a bad day? It’s the perfect record to soak in at full volume while sinking into your couch. 12 albums in, and Beck’s output is as creative and honest as ever. </p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.beck.com">www.beck.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/WIWbgR4vYiw?list=UUXyrZim8CaYWYzR81FK7Opw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>The Belle Brigade - <em>Just Because</em></strong></p> <p>I was first introduced to The Belle Brigade through the track “Losers,” which if you haven’t heard, is a true anthem among anthems. </p> <p>A Simon &amp; Garfunkel-tinged folk/pop release, the band’s self-titled album was great, but their 2014 offering <em>Just Because</em> shows the breadth of this brother/sister duo’s ability to pen great pop songs and present them in sonically fascinating ways. </p> <p>A standout on <em>Just Because</em> is “Likely To Use Something,” a track that <em>should</em> be raking in the licensing dough for this band (I can imagine hearing it on pretty much any TV drama or movie these days). </p> <p>Simply put, <em>Just Because</em> is the sound of a band with intention. Every detail—from a chord change, to a distorted bass line, to a random percussion sound—is placed with the utmost thought and care. </p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.thebellebrigade.com">www.thebellebrigade.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/DzGHkAfZ5wc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Richard Thompson - <em>Acoustic Classics</em></strong></p> <p>Richard Thompson’s studio-recorded <em>Acoustic Classics</em> offers a wholesome compilation of newly recorded songs, which were carefully selected from Thompson’s 40-year repertoire to reflect the intimate nature of his live shows.</p> <p>The album features 14 tracks (all but one written by Thompson), with lilting guitar,<br /> a soothing sense of nostalgia, and songwriting that tugs at the heartstrings – all in true Thompson fashion.</p> <p><em>Acoustic Classics</em> is laden with gems, but tracks that stand out include “When the Spell Is Broken,” “Beeswing,” and “I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight.” Plus, how cool is that album cover?</p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.richardthompson-music.com">www.richardthompson-music.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/j0kJdrfzjAg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Rodrigo y Gabriela - <em>9 Dead Alive</em></strong></p> <p>Rodrigo y Gabriela’s <em>9 Dead Alive</em> is a well-thought-out masterpiece with nine tracks that each pay homage to a figure in history who has died, but whose legacy lives on in the 21st century (hence the name <em>9 Dead Alive</em>). </p> <p>That concept alone is fantastic, and when you listen to the music it only gets better. </p> <p>Packed with a punch, the album celebrates the lives of people like Spanish guitarist Antonio de Torres Jurado with track “The Soundmaker;” Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky with “The Russian Messenger;” and even animals and nature with “Torito.” </p> <p>This album is the perfect convergence of history and music, and certainly deserves a spot in your playlist – especially if you like rock-focused nylon string guitar.</p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.rodgab.com">http://www.rodgab.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0dN91dhERgA?list=PLDqWef1XEg422wE6xmVs3H_iVDiwokJmy" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Ed Sheeran - <em>X</em></strong></p> <p>Armed with tender vocals and his trusty Martin Guitar, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran offers nothing but raw talent in his second studio album <em>X</em> (read as multiply).</p> <p>Throughout the 12 tracks, Sheeran takes listeners through a wide range of styles including heartfelt ballads like “Photograph” and “One;” groovy hip-hop in “Sing” and “The Man;” and straight-out pop in “I’m a Mess” and “Tenerife Sea.” </p> <p>It’s truly like a box of chocolates because each song brings a pleasant an unexpected surprise and shift in styles.</p> <p>In <em>X</em>, not only does Sheeran display extreme dexterity on the guitar, but also a refreshing talent as a singer-songwriter - which goes to show he’s extraordinarily versatile and a veritable bad-ass worthy of all the recognition he can get.</p> <p>More at <a href="http://edsheeran.com">http://edsheeran.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/YYc9NPiVw7c" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>LP - <em>Forever For Now</em></strong></p> <p>Okay, so <em>Forever For Now</em> is not technically fully acoustic but since LP’s main instrument is ukulele, I say it counts.</p> <p>The petite LP is so full of talent and power, so smartly artistic, that you can’t help but be inspired.</p> <p>Her melodic direction is unique. And truthfully her monster range makes it hard to sing along, but so what! Plus, she throws in a tuneful whistle riff throughout. What can this woman not do?!</p> <p>Favorite cuts include “Night Like This,” “Into The Wild,” and the grand “Tokyo Sunrise.”</p> <p>Can’t wait to see where this artist goes next…</p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">www.iamlp.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/2yOTfs0s3f4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Alex Skolnick - <em>Planetary Coalition</em></strong></p> <p>You might have heard of Skolnick from his escapades with the metal band Testament and later with his jazz trio.</p> <p>Now Skolnick has gone in a new and exciting direction with his acoustic-focused project, Planetary Coalition. The collective’s first release, simply named <em>Planetary Coalition</em>, includes an impressive array of 27 musicians from around the world.</p> <p>Multi-cultural and incredibly musical, Skolnick has somehow brought together a variety of musical influences, interesting instrumentation and intricate rhythms for a wholly enjoyable experience.</p> <p>If you have a chance to see the Coalition live, grab it!</p> <p>More at <a href="http://planetarycoalition.com">http://planetarycoalition.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/xjmnE3sDpSc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>David Gray - <em>Mutineers</em></strong></p> <p>Somehow David Gray’s <em>Mutineers</em> made it into the iTunes library on my iPhone. When I plug into my car charger, his “As The Crow Flies” kicks off due to its alphabetical advantage. Masterfully written, this album is packed chock-full of original ideas interpreted in memorable ways.</p> <p>Gray seems to be comfortable reinventing himself and <em>Mutineers</em> is a worthy fruit of his disruptive methods. Smart and singable, what more could you want?</p> <p>From the ebullient single “Back in the World Again,” to the esoteric and gritty “Gulls” and far beyond, this well-rounded album is a worthy listen.</p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.davidgray.com/">http://www.davidgray.com/</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mBS6UgiYTr4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Better Than Ezra - <em>All Together Now</em></strong></p> <p>The single, “Crazy Lucky” off of Better Than Ezra’s release <em>All Together Now</em> was one of my favorite songs of the year and maybe of all time! Intelligently written, catchy as hell, and expertly executed. </p> <p><em>All Together Now</em> is the band’s eighth studio album that was produced by Grammy nominated mixer/producer Tony Hoffer (Fitz and the Tantrums, M83, Beck, Silversun Pickups). </p> <p>Themed around chance, the album spins out from the serendipity-marveling “Crazy Lucky” into reflective, if relatable, fare such as the vibratory, folk-inflected “Insane,” the falsetto-kissed “One Heart Beating,” and the more sprawling “The Great Unknown.”</p> <p>This video was constructed from fan submissions relating to their craziest and luckiest moments. Super cool all around.</p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.betterthanezra.com">www.betterthanezra.com</a></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/wbd9AfUS6Dw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-ten-top-releases-2014#comments Acoustic Nation Alex Skolnick Beck David Gray Ed Sheeran Flesh & Blood John Butler Trio LP Richard Thompson Rodrigo y Gabriela The Belle Brigade Blogs Videos Tue, 16 Dec 2014 03:43:30 +0000 Laura B. Whitmore, Tom Gilbert, Pauline France http://www.guitarworld.com/article/23116 Acoustic Autumn: Ten Tours You Should See in 2014 http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-acoustic-autumn-ten-tours-you-should-see-2014 <!--paging_filter--><p>Noooo! It can't be! Summer is just about over.</p> <p>But here's something to help ease you into autumn. It's ten great live acoustic tours that will be sure to warm your musical heart as the leaves change color.</p> <p>Are you looking for a raucous good time, or a meaningful musical moment? There's something here for everyone, I assure you! </p> <p>I'll be at most of these when they hit the Boston metro area, and I advise you to mark your calendar as well.</p> <p>So, get off your couch, put your laptop in sleep mode and get out there and see some amazing live shows. You won't regret it!</p> <p><strong>Jason Mraz<strong></strong></strong></p> <p>Have you checked out Jason Mraz's new album, <em>YES!</em>? Really great writing, fun to listen to, all the elements that lead to a great live show.</p> <p>Mraz knows how to do it!</p> <p>Since getting his start 15 years ago performing in coffeehouses in his adopted city of San Diego, Mraz has brought his positive message and soulful, folk-pop sound to rapt audiences around the world through his recordings, vibrant live performances, and philanthropic efforts.</p> <p>With <em>YES!</em>, Mraz has released his first-ever acoustic album, which he wrote and recorded with his friends in the L.A.-based folk-rock band Raining Jane.</p> <p>“The whole album is the product of yes,” says Mraz. “Whether it’s Raining Jane saying yes to our annual songwriting retreats, which led to this collection of songs, or my label giving us the green light to let them become my next album. If anyone on our journey had said no, we wouldn't be where we are. <em>YES!</em> really is the connector.” </p> <p>Here's "Love Someone" from <em>YES!</em><br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/J74Y6kDDTkM?list=PLAHwrrBPBeO4x6IZSb0HQoU1SxUk6F8lT" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Aug 26 Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco, CA<br /> Aug 28 Pantages Theatre Hollywood, CA<br /> Aug 29 Pantages Theatre Hollywood, CA<br /> Aug 30 Pantages Theatre Hollywood, CA<br /> Aug 31 Comerica Theatre Phoenix, AZ<br /> Sep 02 AT&amp;T Performing Arts Center Winspear Opera House Dallas, TX<br /> Sep 03 AT&amp;T Performing Arts Center Winspear Opera House Dallas, TX<br /> Sep 05 Cullen Performance Hall, University of Houston Houston, TX<br /> Sep 06 Tobin Center for the Performing Arts San Antonio, TX<br /> Sep 07 Bass Concert Hall Austin, TX<br /> Sep 09 FOX THEATRE Atlanta, GA<br /> Sep 10 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN<br /> Sep 12 Citi Wang Theatre Boston, MA<br /> Sep 13 Citi Wang Theatre Boston, MA<br /> Sep 14 The Bushnell - Mortensen Hall Hartford, CT<br /> Sep 17 Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts New York, NY<br /> Sep 18 Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, CUNY Bronx Bronx, NY<br /> Sep 19 Colden Auditorium at Kupferberg Center for the Performing Arts, Queens College Queens, NY<br /> Sep 20 St. George Theatre Staten Island, NY<br /> Sep 22 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY<br /> Sep 23 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY<br /> Sep 26 Royal Albert Hall London, United Kingdom<br /> Sep 27 Corn Exchange Cambridge, Uk<br /> Sep 28 Lowry Theatre Manchester, United Kingdom<br /> Sep 30 Casino de Paris Paris, France<br /> Oct 01 Carre Theatre Amsterdam, Netherlands Sold Out<br /> Oct 02 Alte Oper Frankfurt, Germany<br /> Oct 03 Laeiszhalle Hamburg, Germany<br /> Oct 07 Place Des Arts Montreal, Canada<br /> Oct 08 Massey Hall Toronto, Canada<br /> Oct 09 Massey Hall Toronto, Canada<br /> Oct 11 Benedum Center Pittsburgh, PA<br /> Oct 12 Academy of Music Philadelphia, PA<br /> Oct 13 Warner Theatre Washington, DC<br /> Oct 15 Palace Theatre Columbus, OH<br /> Oct 16 Peabody Opera House St Louis, MO<br /> Oct 17 Riverside Theater Milwaukee, WI<br /> Oct 18 State Theatre Minneapolis, MN<br /> Oct 21 Benaroya Hall Seattle, WA<br /> Oct 22 INB Performing Arts Center Spokane, WA<br /> Oct 23 Queen Elizabeth Theatre Vancouver, Canada<br /> Oct 24 Keller Auditorium Portland, OR<br /> Nov 05 Murat Theatre at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN<br /> Nov 06 Fox Theatre Detroit, MI<br /> Nov 07 Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL<br /> Nov 08 The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL<br /> Nov 11 Orchard Hall Tokyo, Japan<br /> Nov 13 Grandcube (International Convention Center) Osaka, Japan<br /> Nov 14 Forum A Tokyo, Japan</p> <p>More at <a href="http://jasonmraz.com/">jasonmraz.com</a></p> <hr /> <strong>Ani DiFranco</strong> <p>Can’t wait to check out the new album, <em> Allergic to Water</em>. </p> <p>Set for an October 14 release on DiFranco's groundbreaking Righteous Babe Records label, <em>Allergic To Water</em> was recorded at her Victorian home in New Orleans and at a larger studio in an old church.</p> <p>Throughout the disc, DiFranco, her small group and a couple prominent guests create melodies that are lilting and funky, imaginative and personal: so personal that she also took the lead in producing and mixing the record.</p> <p>Here's Ani's "As Is" Live<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/I0Ov9uZsDTE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Tue 10/14/14 Kalamazoo, MI State Theatre<br /> Wed 10/15/14 Chicago, IL Old Town School of Folk Music<br /> Fri 10/17/14 Madison, WI Barrymore Theatre<br /> Sat 10/18/14 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue<br /> Mon 10/20/14 Lincoln, NE Lied Center for Performing Arts<br /> Wed 10/22/14 Bloomington, IL The Castle Theater<br /> Fri 10/24/14 Kansas City, MO Uptown Theater<br /> Sat 10/25/14 St. Louis, MO The Pageant<br /> Sun 10/26/14 Tulsa, OK Cains Ballroom<br /> Mon 11/10/14 Brownfield, ME Stone Mountain Arts Center<br /> Tue 11/11/14 Brownfield, ME Stone Mountain Arts Center<br /> Fri 11/14/14 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg<br /> Sat 11/15/14 New York, NYTown Hall<br /> Mon 11/17/14 Washington DC Lincoln Theatre<br /> Tue 11/18/14 West Long Branch, NJ Pollak Theatre Monmouth University<br /> Thu 11/20/14 Boston, MA Berklee Performance Center<br /> Fri 11/21/14 Norwalk, CT Norwalk Concert Hall<br /> Sun 11/23/14 Concord, NH Capitol Center for the Arts</p> <p>More at <a href="http://www.righteousbabe.com/blogs/ani-difranco-news">http://www.righteousbabe.com/blogs/ani-difranco-news</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Brandi Carlile</strong></p> <p>Brandi Carlile’s concerts are always intimate affairs – even when she’s headlining venues like the Beacon Theatre, Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Chicago Theatre – but this fall she’s upping the intimacy quotient even further with the “Pin Drop Tour.”</p> <p>Carlile will be playing completely unplugged – no amps, no microphones – at small theatres that are uniquely suited to such performances. She will be joined onstage by The Twins (band mates/co-writers Tim and Phil Hanseroth) and cellist Josh Neumann.</p> <p>Dates are sold out but maybe you’re lucky enough to know someone with a ticket!</p> <p>Here's "Keep Your Heart Young"<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/fKvdFKNv6pE?list=UU8Xf09X-hwLJkpAZ_16LwbQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Brandi Carlile – “Pin Drop Tour”<br /> 10/1 – Portsmouth, NH @ Portsmouth Music Hall<br /> 10/3 – Cambridge, MA @ Sanders Theatre<br /> 10/4 – Philadelphia, PA @ Perelman Theater<br /> 10/6 – Vienna, VA @ The Barns at Wolf Trap<br /> 10/7 – Vienna, VA @ The Barns at Wolf Trap<br /> 10/9 – New York, NY @ New York Society for Ethical Culture Concert Hall<br /> 10/10 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Carnegie Lecture Hall<br /> 10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Old Town School of Folk<br /> 10/14 – Chicago, IL @ Old Town School of Folk<br /> 10/15 – Stoughton, WI @ Stoughton Opera House</p> <p>More at <a href="http://brandicarlile.com/tour">brandicarlile.com/tour</a></p> <hr /> <strong>The Devil Makes Three</strong> <p>There’s some bands that just have it. That unnamed something that makes for an amazing live show.</p> <p>Did they make a deal with the devil to get to that place? Who cares!</p> <p>Devil Makes Three will tour in support of their release <em>I'm A Stranger Here</em>.</p> <p>Part road songs, part heartbreakers and part barnburners, <em>I'm A Stranger Here</em> is described by frontman Pete Bernhard as a "very dark record thematically, lyrically and sonically."</p> <p>The Santa Cruz, Calif. by way of Vermont trio will surely show you a grand time. Check ‘em out!</p> <p>Here they perform "Hallelu" at the Fresh Grass Festival.<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/MFBksGAppLc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>09/13/2014 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion<br /> 09/14/2014 Burlington, VT Grand Point North Music Festival<br /> 10/02/2014 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club<br /> 10/03/2014 Charlottesville, VA Jefferson Theater<br /> 10/04/2014 Chattanooga, TN 3 Sisters Festival<br /> 10/07/2014 Charlotte, NC Visulite Theatre<br /> 10/08/2014 Charleston, SC The Music Farm<br /> 10/09/2014 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre<br /> 10/10/2014 Richmond, VA The National<br /> 10/11/2014 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel<br /> 10/12/2014 Knoxville, TN Bijou Theatre<br /> 10/15/2014 Columbia, MO The Blue Note<br /> 10/16/2014 North Kansas City, MO Harrah's Kansas City - Voodoo Lounge<br /> 10/17/2014 Tulsa, OK The Vanguard<br /> 10/18/2014 Ozark, AR Harvest Music Festival<br /> 10/22/2014 Jacksonville Beach, FL Free Bird Live<br /> 10/23/2014 Orlando, FL The Beacham<br /> 10/24/2014 Fort Lauderdale, FL CULTURE ROOM<br /> 10/25/2014 St Petersburg, FL State Theatre<br /> 10/28/2014 Gainesville, FL High Dive<br /> 10/29/2014 Athens, GA Georgia Theatre<br /> 10/30/2014 Birmingham, AL WorkPlay Theatre<br /> 10/31/2014 Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works<br /> 11/01/2014 Lexington, KY Cosmic Charlie's</p> <p>Find out more at <a href=” http://www.thedevilmakesthree.com/”> http://www.thedevilmakesthree.com/</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Dave Rawlings Machine</strong></p> <p>I'm not on the West Coast anymore, but if I were I'd be hightailing it over to check out the Dave Rawlings Machine.</p> <p>The Dave Rawlings Machine released its acclaimed debut record, <em>A Friend of a Friend</em>. (Acony) in November 2009, and it sounds as good today as it did then. </p> <p>This was the first record by Rawlings, the guitarist, producer, singer and songwriter best known for his work with Gillian Welch and Old Crow Medicine Show. </p> <p>Dave Rawlings Machine features Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, John Paul Jones, Willie Watson and Paul Kowert.</p> <p>Here they are performing "To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)"<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/dXqeIhMfE5Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>September<br /> 22 - Missoula, MT - The Wilma Theater<br /> 23 - Spokane, WA - Bing Crosby Theater<br /> 24 - Seattle, WA - Moore Theatre<br /> 25 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom<br /> 27 - Eugene, OR - McDonald Theater<br /> 28 - Arcata, CA - Van Duzer Theatre<br /> 29 - Grants Pass, OR - Rogue Theatre<br /> 30 - Redding, CA - Cascade Theatre</p> <p>October<br /> 1 - Santa Cruz CA - Cocoanut Grove<br /> 3 - Sonoma, CA - Gundlach Bundschu Winery<br /> 4 - San Francisco, CA - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival<br /> 5 - Santa Barbara, CA - Lobero Theatre<br /> 6 - Los Angeles, CA - The Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian Church</p> <p>Tickets can be purchased via <a href="http://www.daverawlingsmachine.com/tour/">www.daverawlingsmachine.com/tour/.</a></p> <hr /> <strong>LP</strong> <p>Ok, I might be a little biased about this one. I just think that LP’s 2014 release, <em>Forever For Now</em> is truly remarkable.</p> <p>The extraordinary LP has announced she will headline a series of West Coast dates in September, including a show at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on September 26th</p> <p><em>Forever For Now</em> was produced by Grammy winner and Warner Bros. Records chairman, Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Dave Matthews Band). </p> <p>Songs like "Heavenly Light," "Tokyo Sunrise," and "Into the Wild" (also heard in the Citi commercial) are brightly hopeful, showing the work of an artist always expanding and digging deeper.</p> <p>She’s fantastic live!! A don’t miss!</p> <p>Here's "Into The Wild" live:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/KOTGnowyYz8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Upcoming LP tour dates are as follows:<br /> 09/18 Seattle, WA Neumos<br /> 09/19 Vancouver, Canada Fortune Sound Club<br /> 09/20 Portland, OR Alhambra Theatre<br /> 09/21 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall<br /> 09/23 Santa Ana, CA Constellation Room<br /> 09/24 San Diego, CA Casbah<br /> 09/26 Los Angeles, CA Roxy Theatre</p> <p>More at <a href=http://www.iamlp.com>www.iamlp.com</a></p> <hr /> <p><strong>Shovels &amp; Rope</strong></p> <p>I just got turned on to Shovels &amp; Rope, and I’m betting they know how to treat an audience.</p> <p>Shovels &amp; Rope is the acclaimed award-winning husband and wife duo of Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent. Their new album, <em> Swimmin' Time</em> releases today.</p> <p><em>Swimmin' Time</em> is the follow up to the band’s 2012 breakthrough debut <em>O’ Be Joyful</em>, which received fantastic support in the press, from great reviews to major features to TV appearances to year-end lists. </p> <p>Shovels &amp; Rope took home two of the top honors, Song of the Year (“Birmingham”) and Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2013 Americana Music Awards.</p> <p><em>Swimmin’ Time</em> features 13 new songs that maintain a subtle aquatic theme throughout. </p> <p>Can’t wait to hear more!</p> <p>Here’s the first single off their new album, “The Devil Is All Around”<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/h1n7FAsiezo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Aug 27, 2014 WFPK Waterfront Wednesday Louisville, KY<br /> Aug 30, 2014 Sonic Boom instore - 3pm Seattle, WA<br /> Aug 31, 2014 Music Millennium instore - 3pm Portland, OR<br /> Sep 4, 2014 Amoeba instore - 6pm Hollywood, CA<br /> Sep 18, 2014 Ziggy's Wilmington, NC<br /> Sep 20, 2014 Jefferson Theater Charlottesville, VA<br /> Sep 22, 2014 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY<br /> Sep 23, 2014 Music Hall Of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY<br /> Sep 24, 2014 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA<br /> Sep 26, 2014 Royale Boston, MA<br /> Sep 27, 2014 Royale Boston, MA<br /> Sep 28, 2014 Corona Theater Montreal, QB<br /> Sep 30, 2014 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON<br /> Oct 1, 2014 St. Andrew's Hall Detroit, MI<br /> Oct 2, 2014 Vic Theater Chicago, IL<br /> Oct 3, 2014 First Ave Minneapolis, MN<br /> Oct 4, 2014 Turner Hall Milwaukee, WI<br /> Oct 5, 2014 Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI<br /> Oct 7, 2014 The Bluebird Bloomington, IN<br /> Oct 8, 2014 Bijou Theater Knoxville, TN<br /> Oct 9, 2014 South Carolina State Fair Columbia, SC<br /> Oct 10, 2014 Georgia Theatre Athens, GA<br /> Oct 29, 2014 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK<br /> Oct 30, 2014 Stubb's Outdoorsw/ Hayes Carll Austin, TX<br /> Oct 31, 2014 Fitzgerald's: Upstairs Houston, TX<br /> Nov 1, 2014 Untapped Festival Dallas, TX<br /> Nov 4, 2014 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ<br /> Nov 5, 2014 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA<br /> Nov 7, 2014 El Rey Theater Los Angeles, CA<br /> Nov 8, 2014 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA<br /> Nov 9, 2014 Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR<br /> Nov 12, 2014 Rickshaw Theater Vancouver BC<br /> Nov 14, 2014 Pink Garter Theater Jackson, WY<br /> Nov 15, 2014 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO<br /> Nov 16, 2014 Fox Theatre Boulder, CO</p> <p>More at <a href="http://shovelsandrope.com/"> shovelsandrope.com</a></p> <hr /> <strong>Trevor Hall</strong> <p>Trevor Hall surprised fans with the release of 2014’s <em>Chapter of the Forest</em>, and what a nice surprise it was!</p> <p>His upcoming “Small is Beautiful” tour should be incredibly intimate and exceptional.</p> <p>The “Small is Beautiful” tour will include stops in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston and New York City. See the full list of dates below.<br /> Hall just wrapped up a 30+ city amphitheater tour with Michael Franti’s <em>Soulshine Summer</em> shows.</p> <p>“This album is inspired by simplicity, by the roots of life, and by the beauty that one finds in solitude and in nature,” says Hall.</p> <p>Here's Hall's live "Wish Man"<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QIzF-8CM3g8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Check him out here:<br /> September<br /> 09 Portland, OR Aladdin Theatre<br /> 10 San Francisco, CA Slim’s<br /> 12 Edmonton, AB Kaleido Fest<br /> 13 Seattle, WA Nectar Lounge<br /> 14 Vancouver, BC Media Club<br /> 16 Missoula, MT Top Hat<br /> 18 Salt Lake City, UT The State Room<br /> 20 Ft. Collins, CO Aggie Theatre<br /> 21 Aspen, CO Belly Up Aspen<br /> 24 Lake Tahoe, CA Crystal Bay<br /> 26 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley<br /> 27 San Juan Capistrano The Coach House<br /> 28 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour</p> <p>October<br /> 7 Charleston, SC Music Farm<br /> 8 Wilmington, NC Ziggy's<br /> 10 Tampa, FL The Ringside Café<br /> 11 Orlando, FL The Social<br /> 12 Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live<br /> 14 Asheville, NC Grey Eagle<br /> 15 Atlanta, GA Eddie’s Attic<br /> 17 Ozark, AR Harvest Festival<br /> 18 St. Louis, MO Off Broadway<br /> 19 Evanston, IL Space<br /> 21 Cleveland, OH Music Box<br /> 23 Burlington, VT Higher Ground<br /> 24 Boston, MA Middle East<br /> 25 New York, NY Gramercy Theatre<br /> 26 Vienna, VA Jammin’ Java<br /> 28 Philadelphia, PA World Café Live<br /> 29 Fairfield, CT Stage One</p> <p>More at: <a href="www.smarturl.it/thtour">http://thevillagers.tumblr.com/tour</a></p> <hr /> <strong>David Gray</strong> <p>David Gray has been on tour in support of his new album <em>Mutineers</em> and he'll continue on traveling throughout the U.S. this Fall.</p> <p>The new album is super strong. The kind of music that sticks in your had long past the listening point. </p> <p>The collection finds the singer-songwriter steering into unfamiliar territory while cultivating a pugnacious but respectful relationship with his own history. </p> <p>Some of my favorites from the album include the lead single, "Back In The World," and the eclectic track "As The Crow Flies." Check it out and then go see him!!</p> <p>Check out “Back In The World”:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mBS6UgiYTr4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>28-Aug Oakland, CA Paramount Theatre<br /> 29-Aug Reno, NV Silver Legacy Casino<br /> 30-Aug Las Vegas, NV The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel &amp; Casino<br /> 31-Aug San Diego, CA Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre<br /> 3-Sep Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre<br /> 21-Sep Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre*<br /> 23-Sep Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre*<br /> 24-Sep Austin, TX ACL Live at Moody Theatre*<br /> 26-Sep New Orleans, LA Saenger Theatre*<br /> 27-Sep Houston, TX Bayou Music Center*<br /> 29-Sep Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall***<br /> 30-Sep Miami Beach, FL Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theatre*<br /> 4-Oct Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre*<br /> 5-Oct Wallingford, CT Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre*<br /> 7-Oct Toronto, ON Massey Hall*<br /> 9-Oct Louisville, KY Palace Theatre**<br /> 10-Oct Pittsburgh, PA Benedum Center**<br /> 11-Oct Columbus, OH Palace Theatre**<br /> 12-Oct Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre*<br /> 14-Oct Minneapolis, MN Northrop at the University of Minnesota**<br /> 15-Oct Kansas City, MO Uptown Theatre**<br /> 17-Oct St. Louis, MO Touhill Performing Arts Center**</p> <p>More at <a href="http://davidgray.com/">http://davidgray.com/</a></p> <hr /> <strong>The Stray Birds</strong> <p>Critically acclaimed trio The Stray Birds will embark on a fall US tour beginning September 18.</p> <p>The band will be touring in support of their second full-length album, <em>Best Medicine</em>, out October 21 on Yep Roc Records.</p> <p>I know you haven’t heard it yet, but take a leap of faith and check them out! From what we’ve previewed, it’s gonna be gorgeous!</p> <p>Formed in Lancaster, PA in 2010, The Stray Birds consists of Maya de Vitry (vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle, piano), Oliver Craven (vocals, guitar, resonator, fiddle), and Charles Muench (vocals, bass, banjo).</p> <p>The itinerary includes a stop in Nashville at the Americana Music Festival and Conference, in addition to appearances in Philadelphia, Duluth, Boston, New York City, and more. Full list of dates below.</p> <p>Hear new single “Best Medicine” below:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Kt-a8ZJ9mxM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>September 18 The Listening Room | AmericanaFest Nashville, TN<br /> October 3 Eastern Mennonite University Harrisonburg, VA<br /> October 17 WXPN ‘Free@Noon’ Philadelphia, PA<br /> October 21 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA*<br /> October 22 Campus Theatre | Bucknell University Lewisburg, PA<br /> October 23 World Café Live Philadelphia, PA<br /> October 24 Godfrey Daniels Bethlehem, PA<br /> October 26 Tellus 360 Lancaster, PA<br /> October 28 The Southern Charlottesville, VA<br /> October 29 Ashland Coffee &amp; Tea Ashland, VA<br /> October 30 ISIS Music Hall Asheville, NC<br /> November 1 Evening Muse Charlotte, NC<br /> November 2 Red Clay Theatre Duluth, GA<br /> November 12 The Ark Ann Arbor, MI<br /> November 15 Natalie’s Worthington, OH<br /> November 16 G.A.R. Hall Peninsula, OH<br /> November 19 Caffe Lena Saratoga Springs, NY<br /> November 20 One Longfellow Square Portland, ME<br /> November 21 Higher Ground Burlington, VT<br /> November 22 Circle of Friends Franklin, MA<br /> November 23 Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton, MA<br /> November 24 Rockwood Music Hall New York, NY<br /> December 2 The Southgate House Revival Newport, KY<br /> December 5 Music On Main Street N. Wilkesboro, NC<br /> December 6 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC<br /> December 9 8x10 Baltimore, MD<br /> December 14 Club Passim Boston, MA</p> <p>*Album Release Day</p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.thestraybirds.com">www.thestraybirds.com</a>.</p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-acoustic-autumn-ten-tours-you-should-see-2014#comments Acoustic Nation Ani DiFranco Brandi Carlile Dave Rawlings Machine David Gray Jason Mraz LP The Devil Makes Three The Stray Birds Trevor Hall Blogs Tue, 26 Aug 2014 15:14:28 +0000 Laura B. Whitmore http://www.guitarworld.com/article/22199 Lesson: LP Shows Us How to Play "Night Like This" http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lesson-lp-shows-us-how-play-night <!--paging_filter--><p>LP's new album <em>Forever For Now</em> is one of my favorites of 2014. </p> <p>That's why I was thrilled to have the chance to sit down with this amazing songwriter, guitarist, ukulele player and vocalist to try a lesson on how to play her new single "Night Like This" on ukulele.</p> <p>This soaring track is inspiring on the album, but it's equally fabulous on a solo ukulele.</p> <p>The fingerings are quite simple. And as LP told me, she prefers ukulele when she writes for its simplicity, portability and all around good fun.</p> <p>So grab your uke and give it a try!</p> <p>Here are the chord fingerings:<br /> <img src="/files/imce-images/lesson%20diagram.jpg" width="491" height="139" alt="lesson diagram.jpg" /></p> <p>Check out our instruction video:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HhuwEFF5ePY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Check out LP as she performs the song live backstage:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/7ij8kebPoMA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">iamlp.com</a></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lesson-lp-shows-us-how-play-night#comments Acoustic Nation LP ukulele Lessons Videos Tue, 10 Jun 2014 05:01:30 +0000 Laura B. Whitmore http://www.guitarworld.com/article/21504 Exclusive Backstage Video: LP Performs “Night Like This” Live http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-exclusive-backstage-video-lp-performs-night-live <!--paging_filter--><p>We had the privilege of hanging with the supremely talented LP backstage at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco recently.</p> <p>And of course, we jumped at the chance to catch a live performance of her new, fabulous song, “Night Like This” live.</p> <p>The first single from her new album <em>Forever For Now,</em> this song exemplifies the core of LP’s creative genius – equally superb as a solo ukulele performance or with full production.</p> <p>Check out our exclusive video here. And tomorrow, we’ll be posting a video that shows YOU how to play this song!!<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/7ij8kebPoMA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">iamlp.com</a></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-exclusive-backstage-video-lp-performs-night-live#comments Acoustic Nation LP ukulele Blogs Videos Mon, 09 Jun 2014 05:49:48 +0000 Acoustic Nation http://www.guitarworld.com/article/21490 LP Announces Tour Dates with Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lp-announces-tour-dates-with-phillip-phillips-and-oar <!--paging_filter--><p>LP has announced that she will hit the road for a summer tour with Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. beginning June 12.</p> <p>The LA-based singer and songwriter is touring in support of her debut album, <em>Forever For Now</em>, to be released by Warner Bros. Records on June 3. </p> <p>On hearing the music from the album, a friend of LP's — also a singer-songwriter — sent her a note summarizing her reaction.</p> <p>“She said, ‘This record is triumphant,’” LP says. </p> <p>“Then she wrote, again, in all capitals, ‘TRIUMPHANT!’ "I was really touched to hear it described that way. Sometimes you get worried when you have an album that's finished and you're showing it to your friends to see what they're first reaction is, especially a songwriter friend,” she says with a laugh. </p> <p>In a way, she agrees. “Every song goes for it for sure. I guess that’s just kind of my style.”</p> <p>The album's first single "Night Like This" can be heard <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yOTfs0s3f4">here</a>.</p> <p>View the album trailer below:</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/-1zUkvODDhI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>Tour dates:</strong></p> <p>6/3 Los Angeles, CA Sayers Club (Record Release Headline Show)<br /> 6/05 Baltimore, MD WTMD First Thursday's Concert Series<br /> 6/06 New York, NY WFUV NYC Marquee Member Event @ Rockwood<br /> 6/08 Nashville, TN WRLT / Lightning 100 Nashville Sunday Night Live<br /> @ 3rd &amp; Lindsley </p> <p>All dates below with Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. are below:</p> <p>6/12 St. Louis, MO Fox Theater<br /> 6/13 Kansas City, MO Crossroads<br /> 6/14 Morrison, CO Red Rocks Amphitheatre<br /> 6/15 Council Bluffs, IA Stir Cove<br /> 6/17 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion<br /> 6/18 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE<br /> 6/20 Cleveland, OH Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica<br /> 6/21 Chicago, IL First Merit Pavilion @ Northerly Island<br /> 6/22 Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill Amphitheatre<br /> 6/23 Grand Rapids, MI Frederik Meijer Gardens<br /> 6/27 Indianapolis, IN The Lawn at White River (No PP)<br /> 6/28 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center</p> <p>Check out more from LP <a href=“http://www.iamlp.com/“>here</a>.</p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lp-announces-tour-dates-with-phillip-phillips-and-oar#comments Acoustic Nation LP News Mon, 02 Jun 2014 23:11:42 +0000 Acoustic Nation http://www.guitarworld.com/article/21427 Exclusive Interview: LP Talks New Album 'Forever For Now,' Ukulele and More http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-exclusive-interview-lp-talks-new-album-forever-now-ukulele-and-more <!--paging_filter--><p>If there’s one new album you should listen to this year, LP’s <em>Forever For Now</em> is it. It'll be out June 3 on Warner Bros., so mark your calendar.</p> <p>I’m not just saying that because several of its amazingly well-written, hooky songs are forever stuck in head.</p> <p>It’s so much more. The gorgeous production with just enough quirky bits left into the polished perfection. The fabulous musicianship, including most especially the dazzlingly talented LP herself. We’re talking powerful vocals, super solid ukulele riffs, plus whistling, yodelly do-dos, big drums, hand claps and about a million other things.</p> <p>Did I mention I really like this album?</p> <p>LP didn’t just burst on the scene fully formed. She’s been tapped to write for major artists and projects, including penning such hits as Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to That)” and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful People.” She was also named as the first female Martin ambassador.</p> <p>LP had just about given up on being her own artist. But her triumphant spirit couldn’t be held down. Her debut album <em>Forever For Now</em>, was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and Warner Bros. Records chairman Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Dave Matthews Band). </p> <p>She’s also enlisted some of her favorite collaborators, including Isa Summers (Florence and the Machine), PJ Bianco, Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander, she has struck an inspirational tone. Songs like “Heavenly Light,” “Tokyo Sunrise,” and “Into the Wild” (also heard in the CitiBank TV commercial) are bursting with energy and ready for radio without a doubt.</p> <p>I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with LP and we’ll be sharing some live videos soon, too!</p> <p><em><strong>Congratulations on your new album. I think it’s just fantastic! </strong></em></p> <p>Right on. Thank you! I’m glad. Thank you so much. We were just talking about how we’re kind of insecure. </p> <p><em><strong>The way the arrangements were put together support the songs in a really great way.</strong></em></p> <p>Oh, good! We didn’t want to lose perspective. If it’s too stripped down, people are like, “Aww, I just wish that the music would match your voice.” And then if it’s really produced, people are like, “Oh, you know, I just wish that it was more toned down.” And I’ve heard it all, to be honest with you. </p> <p>We just kept putting shit on, because my vocals are kind of big, inherently large-sounding. And I belt a lot, so it’s only natural to want to girder them up with big, big music. But we didn’t go heavy on big guitars, really. We just did big drums. </p> <p><em><strong>I thought it was a nice balance of elements because there are things like whistling or claps, or other little embellishments that are kind of cool, and maybe a little unexpected. </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, there are a bunch of things like that running throughout, which is funny. It’s just funny to have a ukulele and a 24-piece orchestra in the same song. </p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/LP%20Forever%20For%20Now%20Album%20Cover.jpg" width="280" height="280" align="left" style="padding:10px 20px 10px 0;" alt="LP Forever For Now Album Cover.jpg" /><em><strong>I feel like ukulele is coming into its own as a respected instrument in popular music. What is your experience with that? </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, I think you’re right. I feel like I picked ukulele up about six months before the water broke, you know what I mean? I picked it up as a songwriter. My thing was, “I’m going to write songs with it.” I take it to sessions not even in the case. </p> <p>It was before I was an ambassador for Martin and I had a little tiny soprano ukulele, probably some Hawaiian brand, and I just kind of brought it in to sessions with me. It was fun to write lyrics ultimately at the end of the day with the ukulele and not be banging away with a track that we had created or using whatever was there. It was an organic instrument to take to a songwriting session. You go to a studio with a guitar, people are like, “Oh this girl’s going to write this song on a guitar.” Or wants to, or whatever. You go with a ukulele, people are just like “Eh, well, whatever.” They don’t really care. It’s a very non-threatening kind of instrument.</p> <p><em><strong>You were a guitarist then before that? </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, but I always wanted a ukulele and then I got one. I realized, “Oh, shit, these are all different chord shapes and everything.” I remember trying to learn them and I was hurting my brain. I was like, “You know what? This thing sucks.” And then I learned “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles and never put it down. I was addicted. </p> <p>I honestly thought in September of 2009, when I picked it up, that I had no desire of being an artist again. I really was a songwriter and that’s where I was going with my life. But it just honestly made me fall in love so hard with music. I think that’s why I’m an artist again, because it opened this door of joy for me.</p> <p><em><strong>And it’s so tiny so you can carry it wherever you go. </strong></em></p> <p>And the sound of it with just my voice, it goes good with ukulele covers. I know a lot of people do ukulele covers, but I remember doing them and it was interesting singing my ass off and just being accompanied by a ukulele. </p> <p>And it made me whistle because, again with the whole non-committal vibe. Singing is the equivalent to the guitar. But whistling is kind of an off-the-cuff thing I pretty much do all day, everyday. I’ll be in a store whistling. I’ll never sing in a store, but I’ll whistle. So the ukulele and the whistling kind of came together, and that’s what brought this new artist thing for me. </p> <p><em><strong>You’re that whistling-ukulele player. </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, exactly. And that’s how people some see me.</p> <p><em><strong>That’s not a bad thing. </strong></em></p> <p>No, lately I’ve been getting onstage and I swear to God, people are saying less and less about my voice. They’re like, “You are the best whistler I’ve ever heard.” I’m just like, “Oh, thanks!”</p> <p>Check out the official video for her incredible song "Tokyo Sunrise" here:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/zQqELpIUh0o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><em><strong>Let’s talk a little about your songwriting process and how you get that going, and how you did that for this album. </strong></em></p> <p>Well, I remember the first song that I wrote that was on this album is “Someday.” There’s another song before that for this batch that went on the EPs. It’s called “Wasted Love.” And then I wrote “Someday,” and then I wrote “Into the Wild.” </p> <p>I think in “Someday” it was me and Isa Summers, who’s a friend of mine. She’s in Florence and the Machine. We just decided to get together one day. It’s ukulele and piano. Then we put big drums in it. I wanted the juxtaposition of ukulele and big drums. I wanted this constant balance of delicate and strong. And the ukulele was really bringing out this delicate beautiful love that I felt, this rekindling of my love for music, especially my love for writing for myself. So I was trying to pair that up with big and little, the whole time. That’s how I think a lot of these songs. </p> <p>And then I think that really culminated with “Tokyo Sunrise.” When we got to that, I didn’t even know, that one just came. I try to go back and remember how that song came about and it’s really, really hard. Around the time “Tokyo” was getting written, I realized I really was in the zone, writing for myself. I just really let it all loose with that. I didn’t even know where to put the words for a while. I felt like, when I was doing those melodies, “Wherever are you going with this Tokyo thing? Am I really going to put fucking ‘Tokyo’ in a song? Is that happening right now?” </p> <p>I don’t know, but it was coming from this beautiful, big drums, organic, acoustic instruments (for the most part) sound. It was very inspiring. I think I had just taken such a break from myself that it was like getting reacquainted with actually writing for me again, which was fun at the time. </p> <p><img src="/files/imce-images/lp--photo-credit-amanda-demme-extralarge_1399599005889620280.jpg" width="280" height="421" align="left" style="padding:10px 20px 10px 0;" alt="lp--photo-credit-amanda-demme-extralarge_1399599005889620280.jpg" /><em><strong>That’s awesome. Speaking of instruments, tell me about your relationship with Martin and the instrument that you’re using now. </strong></em></p> <p>They’re great. They were very accommodating and said, “We’ll do whatever you want.” We designed my instrument together from their amazing already-existing parts. We really communicated on what I like. And I kind of made it like some guitars I love. You know? Ukuleles have very thin necks, and so we made this one with a fatter, rounder neck.</p> <p><em><strong>Yeah, ‘cause it’s harder to hold. </strong></em></p> <p>just felt like, “Ugh, it’s so cramped all the time!” When we meet someday, I’ll have to let you try it. It’s really beautiful. They put a little lightning bolt on it. Every uke has a lightning bolt on a different fret. They have friction tuners, peg tuners. I beveled the fret ebony board. And different woods. I want to start making them out of sustainable wood. </p> <p>When I was playing on a recording, people would be like, “That is the best-sounding ukulele, I think I’ve ever heard.” And it’s becoming more of a true instrument, you’ll see them in every studio now when you go to write, because there’s been a bunch of hits with them. </p> <p><em><strong>Do they install a pickup system in it? </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, they’ve got a Fishman pickup in there. It’s beautiful. It records really well. When we record it, I usually mic it and use an input. Sometimes we put them together, but I think a lot of times, we use the mic version. It just sounds really beautiful.</p> <p><em><strong>You know, I interviewed Jake Shimabukuro the other day and he’s got a whole pedal board that he uses with his ukulele. Have you explored that at all? </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, I do. I have pedals. I need to get some more. I have a reverb pedal on there. I have a DI with all these adjustments on top. But yeah, I want to get a delay pedal and a distortion pedal, because I have a few things that I need to do.</p> <p><em><strong>So, you’ve been playing these songs on your album. Some of them you’ve been playing live for a while, I think. Do you have a song or two that you’re just in love with playing live from the album? </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, I really like “Your Town” has been really fun to play live. And “One Last Mistake.” “Tokyo” is always great to play live, obviously. Of the new ones, definitely “Free to Love” is a really good to play live. “Night Like This” sounds really cool live, too.</p> <p><em><strong>That’s a great song. </strong></em></p> <p>Thank you. It’s all feeling really good. I think as we keep playing, it feels even better. We’re playing with a small, paired down band right now, because as an opener, it’s better. I think it’s kind of cool. It serves what I’m doing right now well. You don’t need 800 players up there to show these off just yet, I don’t think.</p> <p><em><strong>So you’ll be touring though this summer, yes? </strong></em></p> <p>Yeah, I’m doing a bunch of different stuff. It’ll give me time to get better!</p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">www.iamlp.com</a>. You won't be sorry!</p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-exclusive-interview-lp-talks-new-album-forever-now-ukulele-and-more#comments Acoustic Nation LP ukulele Interviews Blogs Wed, 28 May 2014 05:27:47 +0000 Laura B. Whitmore http://www.guitarworld.com/article/21361 LP Releasing New Track "Night Like This" on April 1 http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lp-releasing-new-track-night-like-this-on-april-1st <!--paging_filter--><p>Singer/songwriter/performer LP will release a new track, entitled "Night Like This," digitally on April 1st.</p> <p>This track is the first single from her upcoming Warner Bros. Records debut album. </p> <p>"Night Like This" was co-written by LP and Nate Campany, produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and WBR chairman Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Dave Matthews Band) and co-produced with Mike Del Rio.</p> <p>"It's funny because the song almost didn't make the album," says LP, who made her living writing songs for other artists like Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, before focusing on her solo career. </p> <p>"It was promised to a couple of major artists before I decided to keep it for myself." </p> <p>"Night Like This" is LP's first official release since last year's <em>Live at EastWest Studios EP</em>, which featured the memorable track "Into The Wild" (which was also heard in the CitiBank TV commercial).</p> <p>Take a listen to "Night Like This" below:</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/2yOTfs0s3f4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>In other LP news, the Los Angeles-based artist will perform "Slip Sliding Away" at the Paul Simon Tribute show "The Music of Paul Simon at Carnegie Hall" in New York City on March 31st. The show features 20 artists performing 20 Paul Simon classics to benefit youth-centered music education programs in New York City. Visit <a href="http://www.carnegiepaulsimon.com">www.carnegiepaulsimon.com</a> for more information.</p> <p>Additional LP information coming your way soon. Until then, check <a href="http://www.iamlp.com/">www.iamlp.com</a> for details.</p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lp-releasing-new-track-night-like-this-on-april-1st#comments Acoustic Nation LP News Thu, 20 Mar 2014 18:19:35 +0000 Acoustic Nation http://www.guitarworld.com/article/20779 Show Review: LP at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-show-review-lp-live-great-american-music-hall-san-francisco <!--paging_filter--><p>Singer-songwriter LP is certainly no stranger to live performance. </p> <p>Her only release, 2012’s live EP titled <em>Live and EastWest Studios</em>, is proof of that. </p> <p>But what I discovered a few nights ago at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, is that to really “get” LP is to see her show. </p> <p>After witnessing her fiery stage performance in person, the message was clear: she’s got a story to tell, and she’s meant to be on the stage. </p> <p>A few years back, the picture was a bit different. A New Yorker relocated to Los Angeles, LP (born Laura Pergolizzi) has played the music business game for years now, with songs picked up by the likes of the Backstreet Boys, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, The Hills and more. </p> <p>But now, with her Warner Brothers debut slated to drop in May, it seems that she’s poised for something more, and the show a few nights ago felt something like the calm before the storm. </p> <p>As she took the stage, it was easy to see why LP is gaining considerable buzz. Everything about her is memorable; from her restless vocals, down to her ukulele playing and Bob Dylan-esque hairdo. Supported by a drummer and guitarist, the band’s sound was full yet reserved, letting LP’s voice cut like a knife. </p> <p>A high point of the show was “Tokyo Sunrise,” an epic slice of Eastern-inspired acoustic pop that could almost pass as a Stevie Nicks b-side. Simply put, LP slayed the vocal, with one note in particular causing goosebumps (on my part) and vigorous fist pumping (by the audience member in front of me). </p> <p>LP and her band played every track from<em> Live and EastWest Studios</em>, plus some new songs and a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” If you spend any time perusing her videos on YouTube, you’ll soon discover her natural ability to transform covers of any genre into something of her own.</p> <p>As the set came to a close, I think the audience, and myself included, felt fortunate to have seen LP in an intimate setting, knowing that there are inevitably big things to come.</p> <p>Check out photos from the show at the bottom of the post, and below is a live video for “Tokyo Sunrise”:<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_Upd9BD9rSA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p>LP’s debut studio album will be out in May. Learn more at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">iamlp.com</a>.</p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-show-review-lp-live-great-american-music-hall-san-francisco#comments Acoustic Nation LP ukulele Blogs Tue, 04 Mar 2014 05:55:56 +0000 Tom Gilbert http://www.guitarworld.com/article/20633 LP to Hit The Road With Kodaline Beginning February 8 http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lp-hit-road-kodaline-beginning-february-8 <!--paging_filter--><p>Celebrated singer/songwriter/performer and ukulele player LP has just announced that she will hit the road with Irish rock band Kodaline for a winter tour, which kicks off on February 8th in Toronto and wraps up at Chicago's Bottom Lounge on March 7th. Click here to view a message from LP.</p> <p>LP is sure to reveal new tunes she has completed for her highly anticipated full-length debut album, which will be released next year. In April 2012, the Los Angeles-based artist released her debut EP for Warner Bros Records, a CD + DVD package titled <em>Into The Wild: Live At EastWest Studios</em>, which received rapturous reviews.</p> <p>Here's a song off that release, "Into The Wild," which might sound familiar. It was featured in a Citibank national TV ad campaign.<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/NRtWInxI1pg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> </p> <p>LP's tour dates with Kodaline are as follows:</p> <p>02/08 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre<br /> 02/09 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa<br /> 02/10 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa<br /> 02/12 New York, NY Webster Hall<br /> 02/13 Philadelphia, PA World Café Live - Downstairs<br /> 02/14 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club<br /> 02/15 Washington, DC 9:30 Club<br /> 02/17 Atlanta, GA Terminal West<br /> 02/18 Nashville, TN Exit In<br /> 02/20 Austin, TX The Parish<br /> 02/21 Dallas, TX House of Blues - Cambridge Room<br /> 02/25 San Diego, CA Casbah<br /> 02/26 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall<br /> 02/27 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre<br /> 03/02 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater<br /> 03/03 Kansas City, MO Record Bar<br /> 03/04 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry<br /> 03/06 Columbus, OH A&amp;R Music Bar<br /> 03/07 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge</p> <p>Find out more at <a href="http://www.iamlp.com">www.IamLP.com</a></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-lp-hit-road-kodaline-beginning-february-8#comments Acoustic Nation LP News Tue, 07 Jan 2014 16:57:34 +0000 Acoustic Nation http://www.guitarworld.com/article/20142 Video: Six Killer Acoustic Late-Night TV Show Performances http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-video-six-killer-acoustic-late-night-tv-show-performances <!--paging_filter--><p>No late-night show is complete without a special musical guest to close out the program. Typically filmed in small theaters, it’s an intimate gig to those in the audience, yet the artists must deliver a performance powerful enough to transcend to viewers at home. </p> <p>With millions of people watching, it’s one of the best ways to promote new material and gain a broader audience. Here are five acoustic performances from late-night television that stand out as special moments. Check 'em out! </p> <p><strong>Old Crow Medicine Show on <em>Conan</em> </strong><br /> Old Crow Medicine Show sparked an Americana folk revival in recent mainstream music inspiring mega bands like Mumford &amp; Sons with their homestyle sound. Watch them take their strings to late night with “Mississippi Saturday Night” from their latest album, <em>Carry Me Back</em>.<br /> <iframe width="640" height="415" src="http://teamcoco.com/embed/v/51417" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>Ed Sheeran on <em>Conan</em></strong><br /> British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran and his notable Little Martin LX1E guitar perform “Lego House,” the third single from his chart topping debut album, +.<br /> <iframe width="640" height="415" src="http://teamcoco.com/embed/v/47664" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers </strong><br /> Chris Cornell, along with Seth and Scott Avett, covered long time friends Pearl Jam to help promote their new album <em>Lightning Bolt</em>. Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron composed the music which was also used for the <em>Temple of the Dog</em> track “Times of Trouble”, featuring different lyrics penned by Cornell.</p> <p><iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/77539124" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>Rodrigo Y Gabriela perform on <em>The Late Show with David Letterman</em></strong><br /> The duo's first appearance on American television was this performance of “Diablo Rojo” in 2006. Their agile playing is mesmerizing as they effortlessly glide through this instrumental.<br /> <iframe width="620" height="465" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/27kKqwIfMC4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>LP on <em>The Late Show With David Letterman</em></strong><br /> “A ukulele and some whistling, that’s all you need” exclaims Letterman after this performance from L.P. of her breakthrough track “Into The Wild.” Watch her erupt into a thundering chorus giving strength to the tiny instrument and playful tune.<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/c7X2vvvs4pA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><strong>Bruce Springsteen And Jimmy Fallon Sing "Whip My Hair"</strong><br /> Fallon’s impersonation of Neil Young is impressive in itself, though he takes it up a notch blending two drastically different styles of music into one with this parody of “Whip My Hair.” Springsteen appears impersonating a younger version of himself adding his own vocals to the mix.<br /> <iframe width="620" height="349" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/9adAljIaKYc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/acoustic-nation-video-six-killer-acoustic-late-night-tv-show-performances#comments Acoustic Nation Bruce Springsteen Chris Cornell Conan David Letterman Ed Sheeran Jimmy Fallon LP News Old Crow Medicine Show Rodrigo y Gabriela The Avett Brothers Blogs Videos Mon, 16 Dec 2013 04:19:12 +0000 Melanie Gottshall http://www.guitarworld.com/article/20005