Ola Englund http://www.guitarworld.com/taxonomy/term/4189/all en Aristides 060 "Arium" Guitar — Demo Video with Ola Englund http://www.guitarworld.com/aristides-060-arium-guitar-demo-video-ola-englund <!--paging_filter--><p>GuitarWorld.com has posted several stories over the years about Aristides guitars, which are made out of something called "arium."</p> <p>Arium is a new material designed by Poort Artistides and Delft University in the Netherlands.</p> <p>While we don't know a lot about it, we know Aristides' arium guitars are formed in a mold. Arium has no fiber structure, which allows it to vibrate three-dimensionally, increasing an instrument's sustain and volume. Arium doesn't contain water, so it is more stable and requires less maintenance.</p> <p>According to Aristides, by creating a one-piece constructed guitars using arium, sound waves can resonate throughout the instrument without disruption.</p> <p>Anyway, although we have posted photo galleries of Aristides guitars (including <a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/aristides-introduces-seven-string-guitar-made-arium">THIS ONE</a> and <a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/aristides-introduces-bass-guitars-made-arium">THIS ONE</a>), we've never posted a high-quality demo video showing the guitar in action.</p> <p>Until now, that is. In this new clip, guitarist Ola Englund demos Aristides' 060 model. As always, check it out and let us know what you think on Facebook or in the comments below!</p> <p>For more information, visit <a href="http://www.aristidesinstruments.com/">aristidesinstruments.com</a>.</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0PHKPKH6c9s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/aristides-060-arium-guitar-demo-video-ola-englund#comments Aristides Ola Englund Videos Electric Guitars News Gear Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:22:41 +0000 Damian Fanelli http://www.guitarworld.com/article/21913 Two Notes Audio Engineering Introduces Torpedo Reload — with Demo Video http://www.guitarworld.com/two-notes-audio-engineering-introduces-torpedo-reload-demo-video <!--paging_filter--><p>Two Notes Audio Engineering, manufacturer of the Torpedo range of guitar amp/speaker simulation hardware and software, is now shipping Torpedo Reload.</p> <p>The Reload, the ultimate guitar and bass tool for studio and live applications, combines multiple routing and processing functions into a single compact, easy-to-use unit.</p> <p>From the company:</p> <p>Torpedo Reload performs four essential modern studio techniques utilized for capturing great guitar and bass tones: RE-ACTTM — a reactive loadbox with 150-watt capacity and multiimpedance selection, a Hi-Z DI for direct connection of your guitar/bass to a DAW or hardware recorder, and REPLAYTM and MATCHTM modes that provide state-of-the-art re-amplifying and level matching capabilities. These functions can be used individually or in any combination.</p> <p>The first 50 Reload Special Edition units are hand-numbered and include a complementary full license Wall Of Sound III plug-in. WOS III is the perfect companion for Reload, bringing Torpedo’s renowned convolution-based cabinet/mic simulation to all major DAW platforms.</p> <p>Torpedo Reload is now shipping with a MSRP of $995 and a $849 MAP.</p> <p>Below, check out Ola Englund's demo of Reload. For more information, visit <a href="http://www.two-notes.com/en/hardware/torpedo-reload/">two-notes.com</a>.</p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/BOb3BZq3Cis" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/two-notes-audio-engineering-introduces-torpedo-reload-demo-video#comments Ola Englund Two Notes Audio Engineering Videos News Gear Thu, 06 Feb 2014 21:30:15 +0000 Guitar World Staff http://www.guitarworld.com/article/20439 NAMM 2014 Video: Randall's New Ola Englund Signature Satan Amp — with Demo http://www.guitarworld.com/namm-2014-video-randalls-new-ola-englund-signature-satan-amp-demo <!--paging_filter--><p>During last week's 2014 Winter NAMM Show, the <em>Guitar World</em> crew visited the Randall Amplification booth. </p> <p>In our video, which you can check out below, we found out about the company's new Ola Englund signature model amp, the Satan. In fact, Englund — of Feared and the Haunted — tells us about the amp himself.</p> <p>“If there has been a guy I can fully trust with amps and amp design, it is Mike Fortin," Englund said in a press release about the new amp. "I’ve tried almost every metal amp out there, and playing one designed by Fortin is like coming home after years of tone searching.</p> <p>"After the Satan, I can finally stop the endless tone search. His creations have such a distinct character; it’s incomparable with other amps. He’s<br /> a master of his art, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s an super awesome guy and an extremely talented cook!”</p> <p>For more information, visit <a href="http://www.randallamplifiers.com/">randallamplifiers.com</a>. The website even has a downloadable "New for 2014" section.</p> <p><strong><a href="http://www.guitarworld.com/tags/namm-2014">[[ <em>Guitar World</em> at NAMM 2014: Gear updates, photo galleries, videos and more! ]]</a></strong></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="365" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/61FPSOMfkjo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> http://www.guitarworld.com/namm-2014-video-randalls-new-ola-englund-signature-satan-amp-demo#comments Feared NAMM 2014 NAMM 2014 Video Ola Englund Randall The Haunted Videos Amps News Gear Wed, 29 Jan 2014 15:44:07 +0000 Damian Fanelli http://www.guitarworld.com/article/20336