Ted Nugent Endorses Mitt Romney for President



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Why does Theodor endorse Mitt "The Twit" is he a "DRAFT DODGER" too??? Like most Reich Wangers 'Ol Teddy "Big Guns" Nugent dodged the Vietnam Draft. He defecated in his pants for three days to get out of serving his country. Then Bragged about it one of the Rock & Roll Magazines in the '70's. My Uncle served 2 Tours in 'Nam and I lost two friends to "Agent Orange" Exposure. I was a Big Fan of Teddy's until I read that. Now I have no use for him or any of his Draft Dodging Ilk. The way I see it Ted and all of his Draft Dodging Reich Wing Ilk can "SUCK MY GLOCK"!!!



Ted now has about as much rock and roll street cred as, well, Mitt Romney. Pathetic.


No one cares what this has-been, nut-job has to say.
Keep it to your self draft-dodger!



WAY TO GO SAL!!! It's nice to see somebody call Ted on his Hypocrisy.


I could say the exact same thing to you

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