Ted Nugent to Join Les Paul Trio at New York’s Iridium



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Yes, Two-Tone Teddy will be following in the footsteps of some great guitarists, but unfortunately, he's far from up to the task. Even Zakk Wylde, who is anything but in the spirit of Les Paul, is at least an amazing virtuoso worthy of respect. Ted's instrument is not the guitar, but his mouth. I can only guess what Lou Pallo, the incredible guitarist fronting the trio must think about having to suffer through so many sets with a guitarist who stands so far below average. To include him in the company even of other rock guitarists, not to mention truly gifted musicians like Jeff Beck and Sonny Landreth, is a complete travesty. I'm sure Les agreed to let the owners of the Iridium Club use his name, as he had a healthy respect for a free-market economy and commerce, but it's a disgrace that other incredibly talented musicians much more worthy of note aren't contributing to the legacy of Les Paul rather than a ham fisted three chord wonder like "The Nuge". I guess it's like Evel Knievel always said, "Nobody comes to see me jump the Grand Canyon, they come to see me splatter against the North Wall of the canyon." I can only hope that those who pay to see Mr. Nugent have the great good fortune of seeing him crash and burn to the amusement of such exponentially more gifted musicians and audience members.

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