Testament Streaming New Song, “True American Hate”



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Really firepig you're not spending your money on this "rubbish" because "the lyrics of this new song are just pathetic, ignorant and totally unnecessary."? Get real. They have had songs like The Greenhouse Effect that are left leaning in their lyrics. These lyrics are not blatantly right wing. If you were a true Testament fan you wouldn't care about what political view you think the lyrics are. I do not agree with liberals but yet I still like Rage Against the Machine's music and they are about as left wing as you can get. And by the way, if it weren't for rednecks you wouldn't be able to drink your latte every morning.



These guys are amazing musicians. Growing up in the Bay Area, they where always a favorite of mine. I've supported them for years. Unfortunately, the guys in the band seem to have been brainwashed by Fox Newz right wing propaganda machine. The lyrics of this new song are just pathetic, ignorant and totally unnecessary. I imagine rednecks in their gigantic pickup trucks flying huge tattered American flags listening to this kind of cave man bullshit. The mentality is retarded junior high school football. I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I live in the real world and base my beliefs on the facts. This kind of "us versus the world" thinking is never going to move our country forward. Sorry guys, but I'm not spending money on this rubbish.



Not bad. I wouldn't want to spend money on it. Id rather listen to there new order album. Sounds like testatment evolved from 80s thrash into early 90s death metal but its not the best death metal Ive heard. I would recommend you check out Eric Peterson's side project that put out two really good albums instead of getting psyched about this material. His side project band is called dragonlord. They put out two really good albums and were almost done with a third but there record company didn't want to help them finish it.


i cant wait another month for this killer cd \m/ testament rulz



Skolnick is one of my favorite players, but let's not forget Peterson, without either of them, Testament is not the same. And Chuck....damn, he knows how to do the metal vocal. Can't wait for this album.


this could easily fit in on any classic Testament album except for the different vocal approach used by Chuck. I love his voice, doesn't matter if it's the new material of the old, he's got something unique about how he sounds. Just like how I'm so glad that Alex Skolnick rejoined the band. He has a unique sound and the band was not the same without him.

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