Johnny Winter, Texas Blues Icon, Dead at 70



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I'd like to thank the staff for their choice of the Highway 61 Revisited video. It captures JDW at his best.



My condolences to his family and friends also and the staff past and present at guitar world. I am sure a tribute issue is already on your minds. R.I.P Johnny...


What's not to like ? He played great and was a gentleman.I loved seeing him live playing Rock and Blues in Toronto. He will be missed. He's up there now in Heaven jamming on blues with Mike Bloomfield.



Saw him at the Dallas Palladium in 1977, most awesome display of slide playing I have ever seen. Went with a my family, sisters and brothers-in-law. My youngest sister was only 15 but a Johnny Winter fanatic and we had to talk them into letting her in. I just got through sending her a text.



I was in Edinburgh in 1971 as a 13 year old boy shopping with my mother. I wanted to buy an album, it was my first ever and I picked up one that was a double album that only had 3 sides you could play!! It was cheep and I could afford it. I didn't know who Johnny Winter was but that blue and white album cover, and the price, made me get it! Shear luck introduced me to a great player and from what I have read over the years, a nice man. I would not be the person I am today if I had bought another album. Thanks Johnny and rest in piece. Your influence will live long. Still Alive and Well is still at the top of my all time list.

My heart felt sympathy goes out to his wife and family.


One of my favorite Bluesmen. He will definitely be missed for years to come. I just recently got back into his music. I had a couple of his albums years ago (Before iTunes) but now thanks to music downloads I have about 15 of his albums on my iPod. My favorite Johnny Winter song has always been "Highway 61" I was looking forward to his new record being released in September. I am still going to buy this record when it is released but it will hold a whole new meaning for me now. RIP brother, from a big fan of Texas Blues and a big fan of Mr. Johnny Winter



And I didn't think yesterday could have sucked more. Heaven got another fine guitar picker. RIP Johnny.



Another shooting star trails past the horizon. God bless Johnny Winter .



Man that sucks!!! He was a true original like SRV Hendix. RIP brother see you soon



Damn it all to hell!!! I'm speechless.


A sad day for the blues. If you love Johnny, you'll go home tonight and play Captured Live as loud as you can stand until the cops get there. If you don't love Johnny, you have no soul. Johnny Winter RIP!


I agree with you, anybody reading this is probably a guitar player. If you play guitar and don't like/love Johnny Winter you indeed have no soul!

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