Thieves Steal Several Guitars from Home of Rob Zombie Guitarist John 5



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What a shame.Stealing a mans tools of his trade.Hope they are caught,better yet hope some of your fans,self included,catch up with the punk/punks an teach em a real lesson.Gotta be real scum to do shit like that.Sorry for you lose man,i know how it feels.
A fan



John 5, I am very sorry to hear about that.
I hope you get all your stuff back soon.



I hope the assholes get caught right away. Sorry for your trouble, John5. If I knew who they were I'd turn them in without hesitation. Did Guthrie Govan and the Aristocrats recover any of their stolen gear? I recall someone broke into their stuff and stole a lot of it.


box of dope

prolly why ya shouldnt tweet everything ya do, leaving the house at the moment. messed up though, we know he can afford new gear but the sentiment in a guitar makes it basically priceless.

Reyna Taylor

Oh No!!!! I hate when robbery happens :( Hope the robbers get caught soon!!!! Sorry for your stolen items John 5 :(

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