Thirty Years After 'Texas Flood,' Guitar World Celebrates the Phenomenal Rise of Stevie Ray Vaughan



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...Obviously there is nothing I can say that has not already been said about the magnitude this man commanded over us and the music world...but what I can say is that like many before him, Clapton , Page, all of my favorites...Stevie was true inspiration for me, I enjoyed the band so much that in 1985 had a good friend who built guitars... made me a 'sorta like' SRV Strat that I still play to this day...though I can't touch his talient with a ten foot pole I do love his Texas shuffle and years ago I created a song in retrospect to my understanding of Stevie, the track titled "What a Shame". Honorably so...he is the Best of the Best, still in memory but certainly dearly missed. Thank You Stevie Ray!



gnri and chktek004. You are both douches and have confirmed your ignorance by your posts. You really don't have a clue. If you even own a guitar, sell it and take up the flute. There is no hope for you.



SRV was a Albert King and Jimi copier, a good one, but still not an orginal.



I have only seen a handful of live performances with this much power and emotion.
chktek004 He was great and this proves it!



Stevie Ray Vaughan..... What Can I say, Well to start just slightly
better than average guitarist,Song writing sucks and his vocals are just horriable...Enough Said!



You sound like you have pick envy...seriously, are you so talented with an ax to capsulize an icon with such harsh words? Be sure to inform us when you finish with your world wide tour ... in your mind.


roy conner

I saw Stevie Ray once. In 1980 at Blossoms Downstairs in Fort Worth,Tx. A $2 cover and did he ever tear it up.



You paided $1.95 to much


I will not forget my initial disapointment at not seeing SRV with Bowie back in 1984. I was looking forward to hearing him burn up "Cat People"! His guitar is what made the song so powerful. I do have to give Carlos Alomar mucho props for coming close to what Stevie did, but it did not have the same fire. It was an excellent concert despite his absence. When I finally did see Stevie, it was for "Couldn't Stand the Weather". Well worth the wait! One of my all-time favorite concerts!

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