Three Steps to Shred: Fundamental Daily Practice Techniques in About 15 Minutes



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the third exercices is a torture god i feel like i will lose my left arm


Steve is an awesome instructor I highly recommend his products. He makes learning the guitar very easy . He never stops amazing me with how easy his approach is in learning the instrument. Out of 5 stars I give him a 10 .



Great tips, thanks very much. I do find it interesting, though… with the higher gain setting that Steve is using there also comes compression, which tends to even out your overall sound.

Would it be wise to advise students to use lower gain settings that what is demonstrated here so that they can hear any inconsistencies in their playing?



I think it's beneficial to play exercises like these with both high gain and low; it's easier to hear flaws in the attack with low gain and flaws in the release with high gain.

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