Tom Morello to Rush Limbaugh: "Hey Jackass, Stop Using Our Music"



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Jimmy Hendricks

"stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show."

so Tom Morello must only have a problem with the "right-wing" part since he's a regular and frequent guest on Bill Maher's racist, misogynist, left wing clown show.

What a huge phony Tom is. As if Tom Morello JUST discovered in March, 2012 that Rush Limbaugh has been using his music on his show. Rush has been using Rage's music for years and Tom Morello and his band mates have known it the entire time. You've got to be an idiot if you believe any of this fake, lefty outrage. What a farce. Go back to cashing your stacks of royalty checks while denouncing capitalism Tom, you phony. Apparently it's the worse thing in the entire world to call a DNC theater prop a "slut". Worse than murder, rape, arson, assault.



Half black/half white Illinoisian Harvard educated man that doesn't like Rush...

If that doesn't sound familiar.

Don't lump me in with Rush supporters either unless you are talking about the Canadian power trio. I am on THAT bandwagon.

Rush Limbaugh should only be allowed to play music from artists/bands that are in line with his beliefs/values. You know, like Anita Bryant,and all bands that have members that are addicted to pharmaceutical/prescription drugs....

We can only hope that Rush finds his true calling/true love in that men's room stall in a Minneapolis airport like all latent homosexual Republicans dream about...


Jimmy Hendricks

True to form, another "open-minded", "tolerant"(LOL, yeah right) lefty who tries to tar people he hates as homosexual. Lefties publicly claim they think homosexuals are super-duper awesome, until you don't fall in line with their group-think. Then the left tries to brand their enemies as homosexuals. So really, you lefties hate and despise gays, you just use them as pawns come election time.


Danny Boy2

This is incredible! I had no idea they were still publishing Rolling Stone!!!



"The Constitution is the Constitution, and thank goodness for it. They do have a legal right to stand up and make as much noise as possible about how appalled they are."
...and I completely support Morello, or the band Rush or anyone else, making as much noise as they want about it. I'd be appalled if that bloated asshat used my music too.


It's funny how the "revelutionaries" like Morello preach against they don't hate it when they take that royalty check to the bank....

I love how Morello has expanded the diversity of the guitar, but can't stomach his condescending attitude and bigoted social and economic views.

I prefer my music without the adolescent activism.

Grow up, Mr. Morello.



I wonder if Morello is pissed at Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a C.unt. I doubt it! True colors really showing here.



I'm not concerned about the rantings of a communist. Who cares what he thinks? Tom Morello has the right to believe anything he wants and to express those beliefs. He has no credibility since he used capitalism to become fairly wealthy, but denounces it at the same time.

As to the controversy regarding Sandra Fluke, she is no poor little innocent 30 year old law student being attacked by an evil right-wing talk show host. She is an so-called "activist". (If she were a conservative she would be called an extremist.) Tuition at the Georgetown law school is about $47,000 a year. Nope, I don't feel sorry for her at all.



All of these bands that want to pull their songs from Limbaugh's show ought to think of the fight for creativity that they themselves had to go through..IE fighting big music corporations that wanted to own and control them, Rush L. has had to fight all his life to speak what he's wanted to say F'nn what if he slipped up and said a wirty Dord. "Let he who is without fault cast the first stone!" UHHH Freedom of speech Tom? You'd want that? I hope! for you and others.....or has your hand in the political fire caught you fighting the wrong battle. I love Rage and have bought much off Itunes...but all of these Bands need to look in the mirror before they jump on the bandwagon of censorship of Rush L.


Lee Fox

"" which also includes more than 50 advertisers pulling spots from his show, and at least two radio markets ceasing to carry it ""

Mr, Hart, please list all the sponsors and markets in question that have dropped Rush.

You can do that, right?



These bands don't want their music associated with Limbaugh; simple as that.



Sheesh. I love RATM as much as the next guy, but as others are saying, how "hip" of him to jump on the anti-Rush bandwagon.

He's a fantastically creative player, though not in any top ten list I can think of (other then "Top Ten Guitarists For Bands That Are Annoyingly Outspoken For Their Skewed Political Beliefs").

And almost as sad is Guitar World more or less doing the same thing. I registered today just to post this, and Guitar World, if you're trying to get page hits *and* lose followers, it's working.


They sure did make a buck. RAGE is at best a footnote in the annals of music. They have never been more than an ignition point for political discourse. Tom is NOT the best guitarists....give me a EVENTIDE and some LOOPS and PHASERS and I can make those noises.

Whatever bumper music RUSH plays, I don't care what political bent you hold too, you are getting paid and your music out there. There is a fine line between the bands "BELIEFS" and the almight Buck....most the time, the buck wins...and if they get upset, they start making the news about how they want a cease and dissist order against someone....again....$$$$$$ is falling into there pockets. You know there are people out there saying "Wow, Who is the Rage Against the Machine and what is there music about?". They might not download music, but, they go there name out there.

I think RAGE has every right to allow or not allow there music to be used against anything they don't agree with....but, stop whinning and give the money back or to a charity.


Danny Boy2

Thanks for seeing it the right way.


Danny Boy2

What a pantload. First off, whether you agree or not, Morello supports Communist dictators anywhere they are. So it's no shock he doesn't like Rush. The guy politicizes EVERYTHING HE DOES, whether it be on his hat or guitar. He comes from a very upper middle class background (Libertyville, IL, ironically), and got forcefed Harvard's propaganda BS. He's made too much money to still adhere to that nonsense, but he needs to maintain his cred, so pick on a fat guy who dared to call out an activist he disagreed with. We can all agree the discourse on radio and TV is too nasty. But the hypocrisy of those calling out Rush while silent on the worse nastiness from the Left is un-frigging believable. But it's also no shock.

I'll admit I love(d) Rage's music for its musical value. And Morello is a talented musician, though hardly at the highest eschelons of guitar. But it's also damn hard to listen to both Rage and his solo stuff when it is a constant barrage of preaching. Give me a break. We get it. You hate the country that has made you millions. You're so "occupy." You're also full of shit, Tom.

But the biggest irony here is Rush telling Limbaugh to stop using their music. Rush, the band that supports individual liberty. The band that believes in the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I sense they thought they could capture a moment of relevence here by piling on Limbaugh. Same with Peter Gabriel. Guys, you all look foolish, and it will only become more so over the next days, weeks and months.

I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh much at all. Occasionally when in the car, but I doubt I've heard a word for at least 6 months. But I do support his right to speak. What he called Ms Fluke was wrong. He admitted as much repeatedly, and gave one of the best statements of any celebrity in memory when called out for speaking innappropriately. The same can not be said for Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, Ed Shultz, Mike Malloy or half of the Obama administration.


Danny.....can I just copy what you wrote and use it. You said it more perfect than I attempted.

RAGE has every right to license their music in any way they want, but as you illuded too....don't bite the hand of the country that made you MILLIONS. If he and the rest of RAGE don't like it...hmmmm, CUBA or Hugo Chavez will accept you.

The double standard is what bothers me....Rush says something....and he is the VOICE of the Republicans....Bill Maher, Lewis C.K. says stuff about Sarah Palin and they are "just being comedians".

I agree that Tom is a good musician but a "legend"?, untill you have lasted as long as the stones or innovate like Eddie or Yngwie...then Tom can get back to me.


Danny Boy2

Be my guest.



Let's be honest...the band did all of this to make the almighty buck as well........

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