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Tones of the Beast: 10 Essential Heavy Metal Amps

Tones of the Beast: 10 Essential Heavy Metal Amps

Let's face it: There are a lot of distortion pedals out there aimed at metal players, But if you don't pick the right amp, you'll probably always be chasing that holy grail of perfect tone.

That's why we're providing you with a shortcut!

A group of Guitar World staffers, including Technical Editor Paul Riario, sat down to come up with the cream of the crop when it comes to some seriously sinister guitar amps. We looked at power, versatility and stage-worthiness, narrowing down our picks to 10 amps that will have you ready to seek and destroy straight out of the box, no pedals required!

Bogner Uberschall Series 120W

A lot of metal tones are all about mid-range attack, but if you need some serious low-end for that menacing Drop-B riff you've been working on, you can't do much better than the Bogner Uberschall.

German for "super sonic," the Uberschall features a two-channel, all-tube design that's stylishly backlit by fiber optics. Powered by an EL34 output section, the Ubserschall also features a tube-buffered effects loop with a mute feature that makes for an ultra-quiet rig.

Utilized by everyone from Avenged Sevenfold's Zacky Vengeance to Six Feet Under's Rob Arnold, the Uberschall is sure to deliver for any brand of metal guitarist. And if you're having trouble deciding what to pair the head with, look no further than the Uberschall 4x12 straight speaker cabinet to round out your setup.

MSRP: $3,049 | MORE INFO


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