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Tones of the Beast: 10 Essential Heavy Metal Amps

Tones of the Beast: 10 Essential Heavy Metal Amps

Engl Powerball II

For maximum versatility in a metal amp, it's hard to beat the four-channel Engl Powerball II. Featuring clean, crunch and two lead channels, the Powerball II is the favorite amp of players like Jeff Loomis and Glenn Tipton.

What makes the Powerball II so appealing to gigging musicians is its range of features that make it perfect for the stage, from an improved noise gate to power tube protection. The Powerball II also lacks an impedance switch, cutting out a trouble spot familiar to most amp techs.

While most metal guitarists will be able to wring all the gain they need out of the "Soft Gain" channel, switch over to "High Gain" to over-the-top solo sounds and some of the most perfect black metal distortion sounds you'll find in a head.

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