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Tones of the Beast: 10 Essential Heavy Metal Amps

Tones of the Beast: 10 Essential Heavy Metal Amps

Diezel VH4

Since 1994, the German-made Diezel VH4 has been the go-to amp for purveyors of many styles of hard rock and metal.

Perfect for that late-era Angus Young sound right through the grittiest of metal tones, the VH4 features four completely independent channels — clean, crunch, mega, lead — along with four individual preamps with gain and volume settings. While the clean and crunch modes are plenty pleasing to the ear, the "Mega" channel is where the trademark Diezel sound kicks in, providing all the wallop you'll need for Maiden-style gallops or slithering Drop-D riffs.

For a little added sustain and compression, just click over to the "Lead" channel for cutting, creamy lead sounds that should please shredders as well as the more melodically inclined metal player.

MSRP: $4,299 | MORE INFO


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