Tones of the Beast: Five Essential Heavy Metal Amps, Part 2



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brettmair amps in metal? For the elite only? The Dark Terror? That thing is too new with too little power to be in the "Best Heavy Metal Amps" list already. My list...
Sovtek Mig 100
JCM 800
Orange Rockerverb
Peavey 5150 (Original model)
Rivera Knucklehead Tré



So they don't think people would be interested in the output of the H&K, or what tubes it uses? Maybe just an oversight, or someone was lazy . . .



Hughes and Ketner was an amplifier I had some experience with and I think they're on to something. All these amps are elite amplifiers and a person should be elated with their purchase given the size of their investment, these aren't cheap.



Back in the '90's Aspen Pitman of Groove Tubes fame elected to build amplifiers, one of which was the GT Electronics Solo 75.

When tubed with EL34's tone is similar to a JCM 800 except way more gain onboard with great note to note clarity.

Fantastic feedback characteristics due to onboard oscillator.

Too bad they are out of production...



These are all great amps- in part 1 too- but so far no Randalls? Unless I overlooked one in there- I got my greasy mitts on a 1st generation Warhead, and I can say that it's such a great amp, I hope to have my ashes sprinkled inside of it when that time comes, just so I can continue to enjoy it's tone- if all the amps featured here are just newer models, I know there are some others that sound just as good- anyway, keep up the great work!

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