Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath Opens Up About His Battle with Cancer and the Struggle to Make '13'



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Glad the band has brought things up and tried clearing the air. I'm sure it's uncomfortable to discuss this sort of thing but it is better that things are said openly then continue to let fans think all kinds of things in the gap in between.

Just love Tony Iommi, his magical fingers and mind have brought such a dimension to my life. Since forever (okay, since 1976, which feels like forever) I've loved Black Sabbath. They, -Tony-, produce the most perfect sounds of doom ^V^...\m/-O-\m/ ^V^

Long live Tony. Bless these men, and may their US tour and album sales surpass their every dream.


I can't wait either.....also the tab for perpetual burn will be killer!





Johnny Rhoads

Looking forward to New album from Sabbath :)

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