Tony Iommi Comments on Black Sabbath's Birmingham Show



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Was black sabbath with Ronnie James Dio still black sabbath?I didn't hear people bitching and moaning when he came or when Ian Gillan came etc.At least we get to see three of them!I seen them in 1982 and nobody was complaining then so why complain now?


Sabbath without Bill Ward.....IS NOT BLACK SABBATH!!! Blasphemy.



YES!!! Some love for Sabotage! If I had to place one record in a time capsule to show some future society what heavy metal is, it would be Sabotage. It's the heaviest album ever produced and the band should dust off Hole In The Sky, Megalomania and The Writ! (Not sure if Ozzy can sing those songs anymore, sadly).

All the best to Mr. Iommi, a pioneer, a legend and Riffmaster General in perpetuity.



Wow, check out the Ponch of Darkness!


XGC Polaris

Not really a complete Black Sabbath without Bill Ward. Glad Tony is doing well.


I'm so happy for Tony... Seriously. Black Sabbath will always hold a special place in my heart as the first concert I ever attended, a 14th birthday present from my brother in law, at the Toledo Sports Arena in the summer of 1975 for the "Sabotage" tour. Opening act, The Leslie West band. I remember it like it was yesterday, opening with a song I'd never heard before "Hole in the Sky"... through their encore... "Paranoid"... I was buzzing for a month afterwards from "The Thrill of it All". (which ironically, they didn't play...hahaha..)

You NEVER forget your first concert...I'll never forget mine. Good luck Tony. The love is there bro.



Thanks for the story. I am envious for the fact that 'Sabotage' is my favorite Black Sabbath with Ozzy release.

I am glad as well that the 'evil riffmeister' is responding positively so far to the medical treatment.

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