Tony Iommi and Eddie Van Halen Discuss Their Careers, Friendship and the Past Three Decades of Our Favorite Instrument



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LOL- Eddie is such a dick. He supposedly has other music that he won't give us because he's afraid it won't get a review, or people won't like why bother. Afraid to fund his own creations. He tagged a few new songs onto a rehash best-of, and expected the world to stop turning. He gets mad because people are begging him to be relevant again. He compares Ronnie joining Sabbath with his boy joining Van Halen? WTFF?

Appreciate what you did Eddie- great. But you might want to take some life lessons from the likes of Alex Lifeson or Steve Morse.



Two masters of their own domains, *beyond original* talents who have contributed to the whole of rock and roll like not too many before or after them surprise that they're good friends and have such a high personal regard for each other! I've always had a world of respect for Tony, and after reading this I have even more respect for Eddie than just my regard for his immense playing. There is no way to give proper thanks for everything you've both contributed to the music I love so much, and for inspiring me to keep playing 40 years down the road even though "success" has eluded me. It's all about loving what you do, and I certanly love heavy music more than anything! Thanks again and much love and respect to Eddie and Tony, for the massive riffs and endless inspiration they've both given us over the years!


box of dope

would be awesome to have more articles like this, 2 great dudes i look up to who are indeed great people.



Eddie nailed it... "For some reason people love to complain about everything. The internet has made it easy for people to do that. Shut the fuck up and get a life, or show me how good you can do it. "



i think that iommi and evh should make an album together. that would be the epitomy of awesomeness



both gentlemen have contributed to the world of electric guitar playing .... ironically, i was just playing along to "paranoid" .... great song .... great guitar .... and i want to learn "hot for teacher" ....

personally, i want to thank both men for showing the rest of us how it's done.... rock on!

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