Tool Explain Why Their New 'More Metal Sounding' Album Is Taking So Long



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Let's see. On one side we have an artist saying he is due credit/cash for his work, whether true or not. On the other side we have Tool defending themselves at the cost of "millions.. of dollars" and the lost time to create the album.

The only people winning here are the lawyers.

It would be smarter to pay/credit the artist, whether he is owed the money/credit or not, than drag out a lawsuit that disrupts everyone's life and costs the band "an arm and a pecker". (old National Lampoon joke. There, see how easy it is to give credit where credit is due?)

In the future,Tool, make sure everything is in writing before anyone proceeds with anything.



Whatever happened to their He/She bassist? Didn't He/She have gender reassignment surgery? Dat chit freaks me out!


box of dope

so, in other words were making lateralus 3.

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