Tool Singer Maynard James Keenan Sounds Off on Piracy



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The key is just enforce music copyright and strongly as, say, movies. Just hire the movie lawyers, sue the right people and the problem will go away. Throw a few hundred downloaders / internet execs in jail for the weekend .... and the word will get out: No money ? no music for you!



I would have thought Maynard James Keenan, of all successful musicians, would have the wits to realize that this genie is not going back into its bottle. The paradigm has irretrievably shifted.

Songs now, like videos were, are vehicles for advertising the band: its concerts, the merchandise, and whatever other tangible experience that can actually be sold and not easily pirated. Today, pushing a new concept and making it available to the listening public is simple and cheap. "You think this Youtube video is something? Wait until you see us perform it live!"

Pop music has always been disposable, only now we aren't filling landfills and littering streets with gutted cassettes, scratched vinyl and broken CDs.



Album sales are only a small part of the money a band makes but the music is the most important part of the band. You wouldn't have concerts or any merchandising to make money off of without the band releasing music people like, and the music is seriously being unappreciated by the fans. And I think creativity is down not just from the heavy corporatization that suppresses it but because musicians have lost incentive to work harder with their music. It is like "Fuck. Why should we work on putting out a great album when our listeners obviously do not value our music enough to pay for it like they with their clothes, shoes, and high end electronic gizmos." And do not say that that artists should only be in the industry for the music because they all are. They just want to get paid for their craft the same way every person lucky enough to have their dream career does. And when you download music you aren't just taking music from the band but local music retailers and the AMERICAN manufactures that make the CDs and vinyl records. Physical copies of music are one of the few things still made in America. That is why I buy my music in physical forms at independent music stores every chance I get and refuse to own an MP3.

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