Top 10 Big Screen Guitar Moments



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"Blow Up" - Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Telecaster, Hofner Senator smashed by Beck on Vox AC30 before Beck picks up a sunburst Les Paul. Classic.


Darth Compton

That, and the Marty McFly wankfest were my fave guitar moments on screen.



ditto: to what guitarladd said. For the record according to IMDb "Arlen Roth was Macchio's guitar tutor for the film and played many of his pieces in the movie. According to Roth on his site,, the final duel was arranged from parts played by himself, Vai, Cooder and Bill Kanegiser, who did the classical playing throughout the film. Roth wasn't credited for his work on the movie, due to a contractual disagreement. Crossroads was a given number 1 for this list.



I think guitarladd nailed it, " this writer is an. idiot." No further comment required



That was not Ry Cooder playing in the guitar battle. Steve Vai was the one playing Ralph Macchio's part on that. He was in a guitar showdown with himself. And Ralph Macchio did a pretty good job of faking it, I'm sure Steve worked with him on that. Ry Cooder was playing slide when Macchio was playing later after the guitar battle was over. The idea that Ry Cooder was standing just off camera playing that neo-classical shredding, just not his style at all. He's a blues slide player. And I'm sure the actual audio was recorded in a recording studio anyway, Vai was faking it on camera too. This writer is an idiot, doesn't even know who Ry Cooder is.



Yes, Roadhouse, when that comes on I watch the first part just to see Jeff Healey's scenes, couldn't care less about the rest of it. And Marty McFly got down on Johnny B. Goode. I can't believe you had no mention of Matt Murphy when talking about the Blues Brothers Band. Guitar is his middle name. This writer needed to do some homework.



What about Back to the Future? What's not to love about a suburban white kid influencing Chuck Berry?



+1 for Back To The Future. Marty McFly invented tapping in 1955!

That's the second movie I thought of, after Crossroads. Honorable mention to Matt Schulze in The Fast And The Furious for belting out a couple of power chords on a Zakk Wylde guitar.



AIC also performed "It Ain't Like That" in Singles. Great movie, if only for the bands.



I can't believe you forgot the legendary late Jeff Healey's performance in Roadhouse.

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