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The Top 10 Drinking Songs of All Time

The Top 10 Drinking Songs of All Time

Revelry and music go hand in hand.

Having the best musical selections for an evening of imbibing—be it for your next party, the juke at your favorite watering hole, or your bar band’s set list—is as essential as knowing what hors d’oeuvres to serve. At the risk of over-intellectualizing the topic, our list was compiled through hours of pseudo-scientific research—the details of which we won’t disclose—among loosely assembled focus groups.

But we will say this: The presence of both a singable chorus and a memorable guitar riff certainly won points.

So, as the stars of the cult movie Fubar are apt to say, “Give'r.” Just remember, Bukowski, drink responsibly. And if you’ve had one too many, don’t crank up the amp and roll tape. You’ll be sorry.

10: “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers,” ZZ Top

Just how does this Texas trio keep their beards from being infested with froth? Billy Gibbons’ searing blues leads and proto-metal riffing on this song inspires two things: merriment… and wreckin’ shit up. Stay away from the lousy drunks when this one comes on.


9: “Alligator Wine,” Screaming Jay Hawkins

At some point of the evening, lyrics like “Take the blood out of the alligator/Take the left eye of a fish/Take the skin off a frog/And mix it up in a dish” will seem hysterically funny. Don’t let anyone’s sobriety ruin the joke.

8: “Night Train,” Guns N’ Roses An ode to dirt-cheap wine should be uncorked when nobody present at the festivities can utter anything more insightful than “YEEEOOOWWW!!!” This one is only for people that can hold their rock ‘n’ roll.

7: “Cold Gin,” Kiss Gin is the devil’s gasoline. Kiss are Knights in Satan’s Service. Get it? Any intellectuals on board should have an ironic chuckle when teetotaler Gene Simmons sings Ace Frehley-penned lines like “It’s cold gin time again/You know it’ll always win.”


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