Top 10 Guitar Harmonies



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Anyone seen one of the widely successful,(went comercial i know), roots of tandum axes AKA Judest Preist? I agree and include Big Eddie's band IM, please include Steve Harris who has as much drive as Billy Shehan, to make Iron Maiden a trifective. Although the Yankee rose concert was a pleasent surprise I might add,enjoyed over early sammy haggar and VH.
If we are talkin country rock how could you leave out Lynard Skynard pre-street survivors? Anyone heard a song recorded by Stratman Slow hand and a real paulman AKA Duane Allman(who had great paul/marshal sound)? This would't overthrow Boston's contribution, but it could at least be heard/played live without waiting for technology to catch up. This oldtimer who was there many times,could go on with more comparisons to ponder,lists,(unlist song lists to be played) are always a bad idea in my book. You have to speak up or I will just keep playing louder!Lets just bullit the list and include more bands who deserve to be recognised!


I agree that Iron Maiden HAS to be included-WTF!



an article on duel guitar harmonies with out mentioning Iron Maiden?? that is a sin that should get you cast into the deepest, fieriest pit of hell, also you didn't mention any power metal bands and they really capitalize on the concept of duel guitar harmonies, seriously, come on...



How in the world could you do a story about duel harmony guitars and not include the all-out masters of the sport: Iron Maiden? They ARE duel guitar harmonies personified. Everything about their sound could be described as having duel guitar harmonies. This is sacrilige to mention them. Shame on you...



And what about Cacophony ??? Or Jason Becker solo stuff ?

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