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The Top 10 Guitar-Playing Frontmen in Rock

The Top 10 Guitar-Playing Frontmen in Rock Steve Marriott with Humble Pie


Frontman: James Hetfield
Band: Metallica

Well, we mentioned Hetfield in the intro to this story, so his inclusion can't be much of a surprise, can it?

Besides supplying the instantly recognizable voice of one of the most accomplished heavy metal bands in history, the Metallica frontman has always been lauded for his hard, fast and precise rhythm playing, a style that has had a massive impact on several generations of guitar players.

Hetfield, who often is said to have the best right hand in metal, once told Guitar World, “I’d much rather talk about guitar playing. I hate it when people ask me about my lyrics. I always feel like telling them to just go and read them.”

And who can resist a mid-song Hetfield grunt?



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