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The Top 10 Guitar-Playing Frontmen in Rock

The Top 10 Guitar-Playing Frontmen in Rock Steve Marriott with Humble Pie


Frontman: Jack White
Bands: The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, Jack White

It's pure magic when Jack White ascends to the vocal register of vintage Robert Plant—while adding AC/DC-style riffs with his depth-charge guitar playing.

“I always look at playing guitar as an attack," White told Guitar Player. "It has to be a fight. Every song, every guitar solo, every note that’s played or written has to be a struggle. It can’t be this wimpy thing where you’re pushed around by the idea, the characters, or the song itself. It’s every player’s job to fight against all of that.”

White, who now tours and records under his own name, was (of course) once the more vocal half of the White Stripes. In the July 2002 issue of Guitar World, he explained how stage presentation plays a major part in a band’s success:

“Anything involved in presenting yourself onstage is all a big trick. You’re doing your best to trick those people into experiencing something good, something they haven’t thought about before or haven’t thought about in a long time. I’m doing my best to be that vaudeville trickster, to help that happen.”



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