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Jeff Beck's Top 10 Studio Guest Appearances

Jeff Beck's Top 10 Studio Guest Appearances

08. Paul Rodgers, “I Just Want to Make Love to You” Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters (1993)

Beck’s evil tone on the intro riff alone is enough to earn this tune a spot on this list. It also represents the only slide guitar to be found among these choices. Beck appears on three songs on this Muddy Waters tribute album by the Bad Company and Free frontman.


07. Paul Jones, “The Dog Presides” Insane Times (1968)

Here’s the Jeff Beck Group-era Beck sounding very much like his former Yardbird self on this song’s opening riff, fills and solo. The recording even features another former Yardbird, Paul Samwell-Smith, on bass. That’s Paul McCartney on drums, by the way. No one seems to remember the barking dog’s name.


06. Narada Michael Walden, “Saint and the Rascal” Garden of Love Light (1976)

This catchy, funky instrumental with a strong hook can almost be considered an outtake from Wired, Beck’s classic 1976 album. After all, Narada Michael Walden played drums on Wired and wrote four songs on the album, including “Play With Me.” Beck returned the favor by playing with Walden.


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