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Stevie Ray Vaughan's Top Five Studio Guest Appearances

Stevie Ray Vaughan's Top Five Studio Guest Appearances


04. Bennie Wallace, "All Night Dance," from Twilight Time (1985)

Here's Vaughan guesting with another sax player—this time Bennie Wallace (with Dr. John)—on another blues-based instrumental, a lengthy shuffle called "All Night Dance" from Wallace's now-out-of-print 1985 Twilight Time album. The song also was featured on the Bull Durham soundtrack album in 1988—and even that's out of print (Good luck finding it for less than $60 on Amazon Marketplace or eBay!).

Stevie's guitar solo starts around 3:24, and he really pours it on, dialing up his Soul to Soul sound and including several signature SRV motifs and bends.

Like a great songwriter who sometimes relegates jaw-dropping tunes to the cutting-room floor or non-album B-sides, Vaughan recorded this brilliant guitar solo one random day in his career—and then just moved on to the next gig, never really looking back.



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