Stevie Ray Vaughan's Top Five Studio Guest Appearances



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And, everybody seems to have forgotten he played on James Brown's album Gravity, featuring "Living In America."

That tune was also co-written by the late former Edgar Winter Group wizard and bassist Dan Hartman.



How about the overlooked remake of "pipeline" with Dick Dale from 1987's "back to the beach"? both SVR and Dale tear that thing up... 3 minutes of pure go!



My favorite SRV guest appearance has always been on Jennifer Warnes' album Famous Blue Raincoat where he appears on Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan"


Montrose gave SRV Jackson Brown's studio to record Texas Flood and a guest appearance on the talent magnet Bowie's dance album. That booing bunch of drunks couldn't keep down the blazing lone star kid. Also glad SRV got off the bus to tour with Bowie. His relentless touring with double trouble gave us a lot of the video we now treasure of his incendiary performances..These guest appearances are such a credit to the generous and humble guy he was!


Without a doubt, "Cat People" is SRV's best guest spot! What a way to introduce yourself to the world! The song is a classic, swampy, dark, bluesy, and danceable all at the same time! Listening to it now, it sounds dated with the production values, but the song, especially Stevie's solos still holds up! Smokin'!!! I remember going to Bowie's concert hoping to catch the next best thing to Hendrix. Unfortunately, Stevie was not on tour, but Carlos Alomar had it down note for note!



Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you agree; I think most people expected to see "Let's Dance" in that spot ... but "Cat People" is much more interesting, guitar-wise.



always good to read about our favorite musicians, especially the ones who are no longer with us.



Thanks, GW, for sharing this. Stevie did more in 7 years than what most do in their lifetime. You can't print enough about him. Thanks for being the #1 mag and your commitment to great stories.



Awesome tracks thanks gw!

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