Photo Gallery: Top 10 Weirdest Custom Guitars



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Number 1...
has 4 strings with large tuners,
has large fret spacing and
huge strings...
not to mention he is holding it like
a bass.
Now for the band leader to ask him to play something low and growly...



Man I love the sound of 12 strings but absolutely hate changing their strings. Pain in the arse lol. This list makes my back hurt just looking at some of these monstrosities.



Vai had the heart guitar built basically as a prop for a David Lee Roth video. It wasn't until years later that he actually used it to record.



I never thought Prince's guitars were weird! His guitars are actually well designed pieces of art. But ya I agree the Steve Vai's heart and the Batio quad neck are ridiculous then there is Rick Nielson's ridiculous multi necked guitars. All neat in their own way but I think trying to play them from even any of the artists that had them made would be a tad difficult not to mention extremely heavy!


I find it so hard to believe there are no Salvadore Dali guitars! Theres a famous picture of Dylan looking at one in a store window in the early 60's



Honorable mention: the tackle box guitar.

I liked it so much I made one for myself.



In the future, my next guitar would be a double neck guitar by Gibson. But, some of these guitars are ridiculous. I can't imagine how can anybody play some of these instruments. A few years ago, I spontaneously met Steve Vai and I think that he is an OK guy. The heart shape guitar looks artistic but I can't find myself playing this instrument because I won't feel comfortable playing it. Linda Manzer Pikasso guitar really looks odd and it makes me think how it could be tuned properly. So, the strings don't interfere each other and how can anybody play this guitar. Plus, the more necks a guitar has; the more weight it would have and as well the harder it gets in playing the guitar. Michael Angelo Batio Quad-Neck Guitar is made for someone who is both left handed as well as right handed. I am right handed and I could only play right handed guitars. Mr. Deal’s Toilet Seat guitar took quite an imagination in creating this instrument from a toilet seat. Besides, toilet seats are made for the bathrooms. So, I I'll stick to my electric and acoustic guitars. Hopefully, I would own a 12 string acoustic guitar and a double neck Gibson electric guitar.

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