Total Recall: Five Essential Programmable Delay Pedals



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Really? No DL4?



Man, tough crowd here.


box of dope

most kids these days just use it to mask theire bad lead playing. you know those kids who never switch to another pickup, or know why theres a volume and tone knob.



"Essential" describes something one needs and can't do without. Breathing is essential. Owning an expensive effects pedal is never so. I have many fine delays and echos. None cost me more than $100, and most were far less. None were or are "essential."



I've heard you play. The only thing that's essential for your rig is the "off" switch.



Don't for get the Boss DD-20 ! It's amazing and a little better priced than the time line lol


Electric Ring

Totally agree on the article title, I actually clicked through to see what the article was really about. Any one of these delays should serve one well though.

Despite the poorly worded title, I think this is THE list of pedal delays for guitarists who are serious about delay. If the standard digital delays by the well known maker are limiting for your needs, you should try one of these.

I personally have had no desire to change delays since buying a timefactor several years ago. Delays and tones are spot on, even for the out of the box presets. Relatively easy to use for a pedal as well, does everything I want plus some. The computer software for managing your delay setting library is weak, but it is usable and works. Eventide did a wonderful job on the timefactor. For me that is the only essential delay pedal I need.



Not sure what your definition of ESSENTIAL is, but I certainly don't need $2000 worth of delay pedals.
Any ONE of those would be nice, but honestly, I don't NEED anything more than a simple Digitech/boss/ Behringer delay.

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