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You are right about Ronnie Earl; one of the most polished, effortless, versatile blues guitarists I've ever heard play. The fact that he doesn't get more attention is almost criminal.

Check out the following discs:

Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters[edit]
Studio albums[edit]
1983 Smoking (Kim Wilson, voc.)
1984 They Call Me Mr. Earl (Kim Wilson, voc.)
1988 Soul Searching
1990 Peace of Mind
1990 I Like It When It Rains
1991 Surrounded by Love
1994 Language of the Soul
1996 Grateful Heart: Blues and Ballads
1997 The Colour of Love
2000 Healing Time
2001 & Friends
2003 I Feel Like Goin’ On
2004 Now My Soul
2005 The Duke Meets the Earl

Live albums[edit]
1993 Blues and Forgiveness – Live in Europe (also Blues Guitar Virtuoso – Live in Europe)
1994 Jimmy Rogers with Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters
2007 Hope Radio
2013 Just for Today



Jimmy is nothing without Stevie. Not much original talent. Just copies riffs and capo's when he can't reach them. Elder yes, statesman of the blues, not so much.


The Texas Flood video sounds cool, but two things I notice. One is that it is very repetitive. Maybe it's supposed to be. Two is that his fingers are flying everywhere. It doesn't seem very efficient. But he's better than me, so I guess that says something.

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