Twisted Sister: An Unpublished History



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lol, I used to enjoy reading his Rock Climbing columns "in a leading magazine" A LOT. While other columns were teaching you the latest gee-whiz scales he was always talking about the non-glamourous, but far more essential, stuff like touring, handling a rough crowd, not letting a step in the pro direction go to your head, etc. Given the story from this article, dude definitely knew what he was talking about.

By the by, I grew up around the time of Stay Hungry. It was good for its time, but with the whole video schtick around them at the time its not surprising they fell apart 3 years later. At least they had their time in the spotlight. These days the current bands don't even last 3 years past their heyday. They almost immediately get sent to the Best Value bin!



These boy's are not even worthy of a story. Guy's that dress like transvistits. If you have to look like a woman to get noticed. Then... YOU ARE NOT METAL!! You are a PHONY!!!!!!! FU@#$% You DDD<<

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