Two Amps, Four Guitars: On Stage or In the Studio, Guitarists Need to Be Prepared for Anything



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John and Roy,
Thank you both. Glad you enjoyed the read. I must say that I used to react to my dad the way Roy's friends do to him. When I was a kid, I though he was nuts! It takes time for those lessons to sink in, but by the time I was gigging around, they did. And still do.
Best to you both,



Well said George!
I've been gigging since when I was 13 (it means 8 years now), and I ALWAYS carry a spare guitar and and at least an amp simulator with me in case anything goes wrong. Believe it or not, everytime I play, my peers question why I bring two guitars. I always tell them "the audience doesn't come to the show to watch me change a string".

P.S. Bonnie Raitt's Road Tested is one of my favourite live albums... great playing! ;)



George.. It is so refreshing to hear that other people have work ethics that are set up to succeed. "Murphy's Law", as many people refer to it, can really zap the life and enthusiasm out of your performance and/or show. I have been playing music and performing live shows now for 49 years.I was also a Cub Scout that made it to Boy Scouts level. Their motos and the background information/support that you learn at an early age can change the course of your life forever. My father passed away when I was only 2 years old, however finding a positive role model and mentor is key to anyone's success. Your dad was obviously key in guiding you successfully through your adolescence years to adulthood. You wrote a fantastic article and I felt compelled to take a moment to thank you for reminding me that preparation in all areas of our lives is necessary and critical to achieve happiness and satisfaction at the end of the day....Thanks John



Thanx Ron!! Appreciate that.



Great BLOG GEORGE! I hear ya...This is an industry where backups need backups! Talent can only be heard if your gear is working for you! Keep thos tasty licks coming our way! AND EVERYONE should give your solo work a listen!
Ron Zabrocki

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