UK Lottery Winner Wants to Reunite Original Guns N' Roses Lineup



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Don't waste your money, Axl wont show up.


As much as I'd love to see them reunite, I don't think they have the "stuff" to give the show people would want or expect. I saw them on the Metallica tour in the summer of 92. Even though Metallica's show wiped the floor with theirs and Axl spent a large portion of time trying to piss off every citizen of Indiana during the show, when they were "on", they were "ON"!!! It was a helluva show and would've been better if not compared to Metallica's 2.5hr killer show and and if Axl wasn't almost 4hrs late, it would've been one of the best shows I've ever seen. Back to the point, after watching video of all parties performing, Axl doesn't have the energy or the voice, Slash's playing is great but there's no stage energy, and only Duff looks like he could handle it. They were one of those brief shining stars that flamed out and everybody talks about how great they were. If you saw them then, consider yourself lucky...



148 million pounds is the equivalent of around 233 million US dollars, not a couple hundred thousand bucks.



If Van Halen could do it Guns & Roses can also make it happen.

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