Unreleased 1968 Jimi Hendrix Track, "Somewhere," Streaming Online



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Jimi was a Master Artist!! One of a Kind !! He was blessed with a magnificent talent, that we love!! I think it is wonderful to hear anything Jimi did, and anyone he did it with. I have a partner that I niknamed Blondie, who is his greatest fan of all time!! He knows everything about Jimi, and his home is all Jimi everywhere. He is the #1 Fan, I would bet on it!!! I don't bet unless I know I will win. lolol....... Play it Jimi, from the Heavens above!! We love you!!

Much Love & Respect............



I hadn't heard this version of the track before,excellent version,naturally,the full title released an a quite rare album I believe called 'Crash Landing' was 'Somewhere over the rainbow', shortened I imagine to avoid confusion with the earlier song.



JH launched 4 studio albums in late 60's... Afther that all those dicovered hidden tapes are just archeology good for floatting minds, lambs & for sure the producers' pokets... Enjoy it!


I don't care if it's "cashing in" "selling his legacy out" or whatever your opinion happens to be. I love Jimi's playing. I love reading about how he evolved over the few years the Earth was blessed with his playing. I love to think about where he would have taken his music had he lived. I treasure trying to learn his songs on guitar because they are challenging and fun.

It would be different if this wasn't Jimi Hendrix playing and singing and was labeled as if he were, but he IS playing and singing. So I'm going to listen to it and enjoy it. You should too.


Any unreleased material by Jimi is a blessing to my ears! I'm digging the track, however this sounds like something off the "Blues" disc released in 1994. That was an okay disc, but nothing really mind-blowing. Actually, sound quality wise, this streamed track sounds better. I am hoping it's the original tracks cleaned up digitally, versus having some cats come in to lay down additional parts to freshen it up. I'll probably be in line to buy when it comes out. Thanks for sharing!



That's kind of seeing the glass half-full. I think it's just great to have any kind of new release from Jimi Hendrix in 2013! If YOU don't want it, then don't buy it. 'Nuff said!



You are an idiot.Janie may not have known Jimi but I assure you she loves his music. Since the Hendrix family got control of Jimis portfolio they have presented us with a wealth of his material unlike the syndicate who previously owned it. They cared nothing for Jimi and did little to promote him. The Hendrix tour last year was presented by Janie. It was great !! The Hendrix website is awesome They are selling a book of Jimis' written lyrics that is sensational. The price is $35. It is a hundred dollar book. I don't see how they got it published for that price much less sell it for that. Thank god the Hendrix family finally got control after a thirty year fight in court. Because of that we will have Jimi front and center forever. If you don't like the Hendrix family having control of jimis' works then go back to the Jangles where you are probably more at home.



Stills on drums? I'd like to hear the raw tape of this. How many studio musicians did 'EH' use to complete this? I hate when dead people keep releasing new material, so the living can cash in. If this is just what Jimi recorded, not changed, edited, or completed in any way, then GREAT! If that is in any way not true, this is a travesty.

Can anyone answer my questions on this?



Janie Hendrix is a fraud and represents everything Hendrix despised. She is just profiting off her half brother that she never really knew.



Well, she is not a blood relative through Al Hendrix and the Cherokee/Irish grandmother in showbiz from Vancouver, but she was adopted by Al and loved by him and Jimi. Jimi's only blood heir from Sweden got a settlement from Experience Hendrix LLC. Al's only child, genetically, was Jimi, even though he was a nice guy and raised Leon, then Janie. Sure, the releases are rehashes of stuff that came out before. Eddie Kramer and Janie tried to make them more like Jimi would have wanted, and at least Eddie would know, and Janie would feel. I don't think either one of them really needs the money. The song renamed "Somewhere" was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from "Crash Landing" 1975. It is close, but a little more complex than that issue.
Personally, I have been relatively disappointed in all the reissues. Some of the songs were interesting takes. Experience LLC is a little pricey sometimes, but does have relative bargains, too. I'll probably get the CD because I loved Jimi, too, and he certainly affected my guitar playing more than anyone by far.



You know janie hendrix personally and she verified her motives for you? Or did you pull that opinion out of your ass? I suspect the latter.



Why don't you do some research. Her initial claim was that she was Jimi biological sister-Not true. Wrestled control of her STEP-fathers share of the company, and changed her childrens last names to Hendrix-Wright. She absolutely needed the money as she was a failed hairdresser. The songs being releaed may or may not actually be Jimi. Many are unfinished and have been completed "as she thought Jimi would have finished them. And yes very pricey.

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